10 Free And Paid Online Courses Platforms (Recommended)

Online University Courses For Students And Young Entrepreneurs

Starting new businesses or being an entrepreneur requires having skills that will help you manage and make your business successful. There are a lot of free and paid online courses platforms that are recommended by entrepreneurs.

But, before we dive in, learning to code and use new and existing programming languages is becoming relevant to more careers than ever before. As an increasingly desirable skill in the competitive job market, coding isn’t just for developers in training.

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Therefore, if you consider coding as side hustle (profitable skill) to venture into, futurelearn offer Coding & Programming courses led by leading tech experts. They help learners build their skills in programming online to gain a better understanding of how websites and apps are designed and developed.

A lot of initiatives out there provide high-quality educational resources. Although they can be costly, on campus entrepreneurs hub we provide you with 10 best free online courses platforms that are entrepreneurial driven. Some with certificates.

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Below is our list of  recommended online universities for you

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform for freelancers (marketplace) in which you may buy and promote services. It is one of the world’s biggest marketplaces for digital marketing that has a database of more than three million gigs.

The platform has been in the marketplace as far back as 2010. Created and developed by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, it was released in February 2010.

The founders portrayed the idea of a marketplace that could provide a two sided platform for people to shop for and promote a variety of virtual services typically presented by way of freelance contractors.

It is a totally famous platform that offers numerous virtual marketing freelance services. Fiverr works much like some other marketplace.

Sellers listing their services (gigs) and consumers who are interested by those offers ask questions and if they’re happy with the answers given, they then purchase them.

Fiverr works like an intermediary making sure each party is satisfied with the result of the transaction made. Withholds 20% of every transaction.

Once the seller added the gig and the purchaser showed the shipping, Fiverr will pay the vendor inside 2 weeks (quicker if you are a trusted member).

It has recently brought a testing system for sellers, and you can see whether or not they handed it well. This makes it a lot less complicated to distinguish between sellers and discover an expert supplier.

2. Udemy

Udemy is the world’s leading education and learning platform that connects millions of students with the skills they need to succeed.

Being the world’s leading education and learning marketplace, Udemy brings together students and top educators from around the world to help people reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

The platform was created in 2010, it has been a digital key learning platform that has grown up to 50 million college students globally.

It is an open marketplace, a place where absolutely everyone can instruct something and charge for their courses. Their courses cost start as low as $10 for new users. Considering certificates in advertising and marketing?

The online platform, Udemy, offers over 65,000 courses on a selection of subjects, professions, and talents. It’s a highly recommended place to further your training on any task skill, interest, or private hobby.

Udemy offers deep discounts often at 90% markdown on their guides nearly every month, making the platform very cheap.

The most costly courses on Udemy are not more than $199.99, although you can often locate coupon codes online with savings of up to 90%. You can pay in your own currency, which may also minimize the price further.

Students take a great interest and boost their talent while improving job-related skills. Udemy has made a one of a kind effort to attract enterprise trainers in search of coursework for personnel of their company.

As of 2020, there are more than 130,000 publications on the website. In Jan 2020, the platform had more than 35 million college students and 57,000 instructors, instructing courses in over sixty five languages.

There have been over four hundred million path enrollments. Students and instructors come from 180 international locations and 2/3 of the college students are located out of the U.S.


3. Code Academy

Code academy is a famous online studying platform. is almost a free platform, instructing courses and publications for a variety of programming languages.

It makes learning coding and website design cheap, easy and interesting. They teach a whole variety of programming languages easy to access and grab, which include JavaScript, CSS, Python, and so forth in Code academy.

Particularly, all of the guides are simple and there is no overhead of a time schedule, class reservation and excessive charges.

The academy is set up to offer aspiring coders with easy right of entry to low cost and fine programming training. In view of its inception, Code academy has applied essential adjustments and enhancements in its coaching style, to maintain the changing era and industry goals.

4. Shaw Academy

Shaw academy is a worldwide online education organization which offers interactive classes, designed to allow students to research at their very own pace.

It was established in 2013 by James Egan and Adrian Murphy. Shaw Academy gives licensed distance learning publications from a variety of disciplines along with pictures, finance, advertising and brilliance.

Shaw Academy offers free access entry for the primary 4 weeks so you can revel in the extent of professionalism you can assume for their classes.

You can then hold your learning through paying the monthly fee and earn yourself an internationally acknowledged certification in order to use resources for your career development.

Shaw Academy gives courses ranging from business related subjects along with virtual advertising, social media marketing and internet improvement to well-being programmes including fitness and health and sports.

publications are brought with recordings of live presentations. college students can go browsing to a web portal to complete assignments, assessments, overview modules, replay lectures, and think about additional content.

Academic and technical aid groups also are available to students. Inside the cutting-edge process market, the chance of accomplishing a well paid job that suits your pursuits is low while not having some skills or knowledge at the back of you.

Shaw Academy objectives to provide you with the skills and knowledge you want to move forward along with your career and circulate up to your enterprise.

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5. Upwork

Being an American freelancing platform, Upwork is an online course website where organizations and individuals come together in order to run a business.

It was founded Few years ago by two popular online freelance platforms Elance and oDesk who merged to structure Upwork. According to the company:

It is the premier freelancing website for pinnacle companies to rent and work with the world’s most proficient impartial professionals

While digital freelance job sites like Upwork have performed a big position in assisting organizational groups and humans find gifted impartial workers, the sheer size of freelancers bidding for a task make it very challenging to separate the professional from the quacks.

With the advent of ‘gig economy’ the place human beings are leaving the safety of full time jobs to pursue different opportunities in the structure of impartial work, many talented authorities are signing up on digital marketplaces like Upwork to provide their services.

The platform says it has over 12 million registered freelancers and about 5 million registered clients. It posts 3 million jobs annually and does $1 billion worth of work on an annual basis.

6. Skillshare

Skillshare is one of the first-class online studying platforms for those who need to learn new abilities or improve existing ones.

It was launched in 2012 with just 25 courses. The platform is constantly growing and now they have got hundreds of lessons in exclusive niches.

Skillshare gives their participants limitless admission to lessons for a month-to-month subscription price, plus they also provide a variety of simple classes.

It’s publications are not accepted and also you might not get any certificate on the quit. You will get something better although – capabilities that can be implemented in real lifestyle.

The platform gives you the necessary equipment you need to assist with your career profession improvement.

Skillshare’s primary goal is to deliver high-quality records to their college students and make certain their entire practical assignments and practice new abilities to real situations.

7. Open culture

Open culture offers free online lessons and the best educational environment. They explore into the world of audio and video lesson guides, find the media particles that make learning dynamic, productive and fun, and then systematically present them.

This website brings together a variety of educational materials including free audiobooks, foreign language lessons, free college courses, a smart YouTube collection, films, e-books, and more.

The content is seamlessly completed and looks very rich in free online courses and tutorials. The directory is very diverse and contains resources from different areas of the Internet.

The site was founded in 2006 by Dan Coleman, director and vice president of continuing education programs at Stanford University.

Providing information and resources that affect almost any knowledge base. Although it was founded by a Stanford director, open culture has nothing to do with Stanford, but it seems perfectly appropriate to be smart and relevant.

8. Khan academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organisation with a mission dedicated to providing free, world-class education to everyone around the world.

It is a free online educational platform and organization that has created over 6,500 video courses with the institution.

On the foundations of mathematics and natural science. It was founded by Salman Khan, an American educator.

In January 2020, Khan Academy’s YouTube channel had over 5.6 million subscribers and Khan Academy videos have been viewed over 1.7 billion times.

In 2012, Khan was named in the annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Their module contains exercises, quizzes, and unit tests, as well as course assignments that cover skills throughout the course to help demonstrate students’ understanding and track their progress.

Studying at Khan Academy is always free!

It’s entire library of videos, articles, practice questions, and compliance guides is completely free for anyone who wants to use it.

9. Iversity is a European online learning platform that allows universities to share their diverse courses with students from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to earn accredited degrees from anywhere in the world.

It is an online educational platform based in Berlin. The university has specialized in providing online courses and lectures in higher education, especially Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

They work closely with teachers, universities and knowledge-based companies to deliver high quality courses that are immersive, interactive and entertaining, while providing students and teachers with unparalleled opportunities.

These courses are free and open to anyone who can register and take part. Most of them are taught in English or German, as well as in other languages.

10. Udacity

Udacity is an online educational platform that was born out of a Stanford University experiment in which Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig offered their free online course Introducing Artificial Intelligence.

They have over 160,000 students from over 190 countries. Udacity’s mission is to create a global workforce for the future.

All industries are influenced by modern technology. Also, put in a lot of effort into hiring people with technical skills to help you achieve your goals.

They work with the world’s leading technology companies to deliver these critical technology skills through a powerful and flexible digital education platform.

Udacity offers about 200 courses that are completely free (but do not provide certifications). These courses are created as part of a paid microloan offered by Udacity under Nanodegree.

In recent years, Udacity has hosted most of the courses at Nanodegree for free. As well as significantly reduced the number of free courses it offers.

Several of Nanodegree’s programs offer the unique opportunity to test your Udacity learning experience before paying for the program. You can access videos, tests, and tutorials to see if the program is right for you.


In conclusion, There are many free and paid online courses platforms that can help entrepreneurs build bigger and better businesses. But there are other websites that waste your time and money with little or no value. Above are some of the legit platforms that offer online university courses.

Ahmed Haruna Tanko

A social entrepreneur and a potential Engineer who is passionate about making positive development to his community through solving problems in a creative and effective manner. Currently studying computer Engineering at Bayero University kano.

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