5 Disadvantages of social media marketing (The Bad & The Worse)

Personal branding is a lifetime hustle, is a lifetime investment and a lifetime income stream. So, why take a risk to build a brand on a platform that might be shutdown in some days or working tirelessly to build followers on an account that can easily be hacked by some street hackers out there.

In our previous interview with Bashir Kasali (SEO BK premium shoes), Mr. Bashir lamented how he struggled to build followers after his previous Instagram business account was hacked. 

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And this is why I picked my pen today, to share important things you should know before starting a social media marketing. In fact, to tell you 5 disadvantages of social media marketing which I called “The Bad & The Worse

Let me tell you something my friend, as a social media strategist, I do a lot of research to know how social media could balance the equilibrium of digital marketing.

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Today, I would like to tell you this SECRETS. Now, do you know how many tech gurus like Mark Zuckerbarg working day-and-night to launch the next big thing in technology

Give me a chance to remind you of this, some years back, do you ever think of Instagram and WhatsApp?

Do you know how many Facebook pages with thousands and millions of followers were ignored as a result of the invention of Instagram?… You may ask why do they ignore these vibrant Facebook pages???

The reason why is because, their customers and clients have moved to Instagram and these brands had to work hard and start building followers on Instagram from the scratch to regain their customers and clients.

Try not to doubt me, the same thing would happen if these tech gurus invented a new platform that has more user experience, functionality and customer engagement than Instagram. By then, your brand name is “Rest In Peace”

Besides, don’t you think your account might be hacked at any time. Just like the same thing that happened to Mr. Bashir Kasali???

It doesn’t end here!

5 Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing (The Bad & The Worse)

1. Firstly, the scam rate is very high on social media: unlike your personal or business blog. It’s very difficult to build trust, business personality, business identity and business authority on social media.

But you can achieve this 100% from your business blog. Without these three principles (business personality, business identity, business authority) you will die trying. Remember people don’t patronize ghosts!

2. There is a lot of distraction on social media: Imagine spending money on flyers for social media ads and a single “flip” on user’s feeds will disappear your advert.

Blog user feels comfortable while reading your post or advert and engaging with your products and services. From this you will understand that the possibility of making sales on social media is very low unlike in your personal or business blog.

Don’t you feel comfortable while reading this content. Did any ad or useless post disturb you here. I hope you understand what I am trying to explain here.

3. Getting followers is becoming difficult on social media: Time will come when people will ask you to pay them before they follow you…lol.

Something similar to this, is happening now. You have to run a different giveaway to get more followers. You must spend a lot of money to get followers.

If you don’t want to give out giveaways, you have to pay for social media influencers to promote your products with a 0.9% conversion rate.

Do you know why? Because, their followers knew that the product is been promoted and they don’t know you or your brand, they only know the person they are following (your business personality and identity is hidden).

4. Payment difficulty on social media: My friend, I personally hate this statement when I want to buy something on social media “send money to my account and send a screenshot on WhatsApp for payment confirmation before delivery“. In short, it makes me to feel sick sometimes…LOL…

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It sounds unprofessional. This is too odd and a lot of marketers are losing customers as a result of this.

5. You must sell something or coaching students before you can make money on social media: While in the case of blogging you must not have a product or sell something before you make money from your blog.

I believe you have a skill or services that you want to get paid while providing the services for others. Maybe you’re a graphic designer like me, fashion designer, creative writer, comedian, artiste, event planner, architect, electrical engineer and lot more. A blog can help you to explore beyond the horizon. 

Example: take a quick look at Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in Nigeria and see how much they are making online. You will feel “WOW” my friend.

You can also join affiliate programs and make passive income online without selling anything in your blog. I don’t even talk about crypto, ethereum and bitcoin.

Hey! Here is Google AdSense. With Google AdSense, all you need to do is publish articles in your comfort zone while making money from your blog traffic.

Meanwhile, google shows ads in your blog and they pay you per each view and clicks made by your blog visitors.

That is why you see a lot of startups launching their websites and business blogs everyday. Because, they have total control on their websites and business blogs, brand and customers.

In fact, they are the inventor of their platform just like Facebook and Amazon. Don’t you want to be the inventor of your own platform and brand?

YES! I know you would like to!!!

Before building your website or business blog, let me quickly shed more light on the difference between a website and a blog (you will learn more from this free blogging eBook).

Niche rocket

Difference between blog and a website

Here is a simple explanation for you. A website can represent your brand and services online, it can be used to tell your customers and clients the products and services you offered.

But you have to go in-depth to explain these products and services to your new customers and clients, hence a blog is required to do the job. This is why most companies have a blog section in their websites.

A blog can help you to share and optimize your contents to target audience (traffic) to your products page or website, which you can later turn these audiences to loyal and hungry customers.

Blog can help you to tell your regular customers about a new product launch. And also, a blog can help you to create engagement and build trust between you or your brand and your customers.

It’s a tool that can be used to send a signal to new customers on how valuable and useful your products are when customers start to share their opinions in a comment section of your business blog. This shows customers (new-catch) that you’re their first option and you have a solution to their problems.

Is a blog necessarily to run a successful business online?

A successful product website mostly has a blog section. I was expecting you to ask something like; do I need both a blog and website for my personal branding?

The answer is NO!

However, this depends on the type of business and services you will offer to your customers but it’s to be noted that you can, as well, run a successful personal brand with a blog.

This my free blogging eBook will guide you more on how to build a successful business blog, how to launch, nurture and grow your personal brand.

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What marketing strategy do you use to grow your business? What is your opinion on these 5 disadvantages of social media marketing? Please kindly drop your opinion in a comment section below and don’t forget to share with good friends on social media. Much love!

BIlal Abdullahi

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