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Campus Entrepreneurs Hub (cehub) is a digital marketing institute dedicated to finding and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, founded by a young entrepreneur and digital marketer, Bilal Abdullahi, featured on PrimeTimeNews, Afrikprenuer, Bloggerpoint, Africa Centre for Leadership and Development and author of DIGITAL LIFESTYLE: A complete guide on how to transform yourself from a job seeker, street hustler, to online marketing entrepreneur.

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With 6 dedicated team members presently, CEHUB is determined to train and promote entrepreneurs with a clear mindset to succeed.


We believe that entrepreneurship is the key and solution to economic growth and job creation. The team at CEHUB are ready to show you and guide you into entrepreneurship. Now more than ever, people need more ways to make money, CEHUB will provide you with the ideas and the skills needed to conquer business success.

Campus entrepreneurs hub staff

CEHUB is categorized into 4 sections packed full with rich information


1. Business and skills

The team at CEHUB are dedicated to providing the best information for aspiring entrepreneurs. We are consistent in providing all the information needed for you to kick start your business.

And expose you to the best business and marketing strategies. We also give you information from pros in the business industry who have tons of experience.

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This mentorship provides a mindset reset and business clarity for aspiring entrepreneurs. You’ll learn what is entrepreneurship, how to validate your business idea, business funding, and most importantly, how to start and scale your startup company.

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2. Success Story

At CEHUB, we believe that the best way of learning is through people’s success stories, struggles and experience. However, CEHUB will be featuring entrepreneurs in different fields to share their story, their humble beginnings, struggles, challenges and most importantly their advice.

With this, we believe entrepreneurship will be discovered and aspiring entrepreneurs will be motivated and learn different ideas, tactics, marketing strategies from the expert, which of course, will help young entrepreneurs to skyrocket their businesses and startups to the next level.

3. E-resources

CEHUB promised to ensure that young entrepreneurs have the best resources to learn from. In the e-library section, ebooks, videos, and podcasts will be made available. (Free and paid) in different fields.

4. Opportunities

We realized that funding is a major problem in entrepreneurship. Therefore, we focused on bringing to you the latest grant and loan opportunities, as well as any other source of funding. CEHUB will do its best to make sure all opportunities are legit.

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