Interview with Adogbeji Lisa, young fashion model in Lagos State

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As we promised to keep you updated with the “My Weekly Entrepreneur” program today, our interview landed in Lagos state, Nigeria. Miss. Adogbeji Lisa is here with us to share her wonderful journey to the promised land as a fashion model. Let us get some inspiration from Miss Lisa.

Miss. Adogbeji Lisa thanks for having you on board. Before we get started, please can you quickly introduce yourself to our lovely audience?

Miss Lisa, fashion model in Lagos state
Credit: Miss. Adogbeji Lisa

Her Humble Beginning

Miss. Lisa: Actually, I’m very much happy to conduct my first interview with campus entrepreneurs hub (cehub). Indeed, it’s a big opportunity. My name is Adogbeji Lisa. I’m a fashion model and I’m 19 years old from Delta State but based in Lagos State.

I started Modelling in 2018 but professionally started in 2019. Modelling has always been a passion for me since when I was little, it makes me feel really happy when I’m doing it.

I love food (smiles), Music, loves to hangout, dancing, I can be the most serious person in a room and I can be very annoying (laughs).

Wow! It’s nice knowing that you discovered a wonderful personal branding at your early age. Perhaps, they must be someone behind this amazing life decision. Can you please tell us why you decided to be a fashion model and what really encouraged you to keep the ball rolling?

Lisa Adogbeji's quote

Miss. Lisa: My pursuit for Modeling started the first time I looked at fashion magazines in junior high school and I loved the way the models were looking elegant in the magazine. Since then, I told myself that I would be like them someday. I can still remember the time that I disclosed my interest in modeling to my mom but unfortunately she didn’t like the idea. Then, I took it upon myself that I would start when I’m ready.

A transformation of her dream to reality

Impressed! I like your mindset. Probably, you don’t express yourself to Mom very well because, sometimes, our parents prefer a ‘roman definition’ when ever we try to make them understand something..Lol.. Anyway, How do you struggle to make your dream come true despite the fact that your Mom gives you less concern on your journey to become a fashion model?

Queens of model Nigeria
Credit: Queens of Model Nigeria

Miss. Lisa: Well, my major attempt into the Modeling industry was in 2019. I entered the Queens of Model Nigeria (QOMN) contest in 2019 but unfortunately I didn’t make it to top 10. Then I went ahead that same year in 2019 and entered people’s catwalk by Fashion Finest Africa (FFA) and also, I didn’t qualify for top 10. Then in 2020, I entered Face Of Ebony Nigeria and I qualified for top 24 (Smiles).

A spark of challenges on her fashion model career

Hmm…Miss. Lisa I can see that you seriously mean business and you have a powerful spirit towards your ambition. Can you tell us your biggest challenge as an upcoming fashion model?

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Miss. Lisa: My greatest challenge as a model is, I usually get negative comments because in Modeling you have people saying different things about your appearance either too tall or short. I’ve been told severally that I’m too short, fat and I have a big butt to be a model but I don’t let all that get into me. I just had to be really confident in myself because most times I will feel so bad and want to give up. But one thing they people say about me (that encouraged me) is, I have an amazing skin, hair and face (smiles). I had to work hard to lose weight. I’m 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet tall.

As an upcoming model, did you enroll in any modeling school or undergo part-time training to keep your modeling career squared and professional.

Miss. Lisa

Miss. Lisa: Actually, I’ve had several catwalk training and coaching at modeling schools and it’s helping me alot. I also have a Model Coach venance chieopodeo, she has made a big impact to my Modeling career.

The role model

Miss. Lisa you earlier mentioned that you were attracted to fashion models you saw on a magazine and since then your model journey has been cruising. This shows that you find it easy to get attracted to people that are doing what you love. So, can you please tell our audience your role model in a fashion model?

Miss. Lisa: My inspiration is myself and my role model is beyoncè, she gives me this fearless vibe and makes me have so much confidence in myself. Although many other black women out there inspire me a lot. I have been able to have the opportunity to meet different people and attend events which has contributed to my growth as a model. I try to do my best and if my best is not good enough I still keep trying until the world sees me. Prayers have really helped me alot in my modeling journey, it’s all God this far.

God is your strength my dear. Eventually, what is your advice to young ladies out there that have the same dream to become a fashion model?

Miss. Lisa: To young girls out there aspiring to be models in the future, you should stay true to yourself, be confident, hardworking and most especially be patient so you don’t fall into the wrong hands. You will experience lots of NO’s in the Modeling industry but you have to be strong and accept it with grace, be positive, be open to corrections, be prayerful and the world will notice you.

Thank you so much. Lisa for your wonderful contribution. We look forward to getting in touch with you in the near future. And the team at cehub wishing you a successful journey in life.

Miss. Lisa: It’s my honor and gratitude sir. I feel overwhelmed for being able to express myself on your platform. May God bless your team and everyone that comes across this piece and those that are yet to join this amazing entrepreneurial hub.

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