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“My weekly entrepreneur” is a program initiated by the Campus Entrepreneurs Hub to target young entrepreneurs who were able to start and manage a successful business. We at CEhub intend on creating an entrepreneur based platform for students and young entrepreneurs by bringing to our subscribers interesting and well documented interviews with young entrepreneurs from various regions across the country.

Our interviews cover various businesses, where we discuss issues on how they started their business, their business description, why their choice of business, where they got the business idea from, challenges they faced and overcame, their marketing strategy, mission and vision, and finally their advice to young entrepreneurs out there who want to start a business and how they should go about it.


  • Introduction
  • When and why your business choice
  • Challenges you faced and how you overcame it
  • Your marketing strategy
  • Mission and vision
  • Advice to upcoming young entrepreneurs and word of encouragement
  • Farewell
  • Business location, contact & social media handles  


  • Article must be well crafted and curated
  • Article must sound politely
  • Minimum word length (600words)
  • Maximum word length (1,000words)
  • Attach with founder/CEO profile picture (studio photo recommended)
  • Minimum of two products sample (branded photos)
  • Business flyers (2 maximum)




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Campus Entrepreneurs Hub (cehub) is the right place to breastfeed your business and give your start-up more exposure. Honestly, we have a targeted audience mostly young entrepreneurs, small business owners and internet hustlers.

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  • Content must be well crafted and curated
  • Minimum word length (800words)
  • Maximum word length (1,500words)
  • Product pictures (for product review)
  • Business flyer (for banner Ad)
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NOTE: We would review your application within the next 3 business days before publishing. However, we update our audience and subscribers on every Thursday about MWE. Therefore, the article submitted on Friday will be scheduled for publication the following week. For sponsored post, banner ad & products review, client and customers should specify publishing date and time at your convenience. Thank you!

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