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Dear affiliate…. Thank you for making a wonderful decision on your affiliate business. Well, as we're looking forward to building a strong business relationship, I will dedicate my time to provide all the necessary materials you need to promote the SPP FORMULA and make some cool cash for yourself. Therefore, here is my powerful "plug and play" email series that has generated 7-figus in commission for me doing Expertnaire affiliate marketing. You can also use them for your Stakecut affiliate promotion. Note, you're not allowed to use this email copies to promote any product other than SPP FORMULA. Here's a quick tip: When writing your own personal sales copy or email series to promote the SPP FORMULA, make sure your marketing message focused on only "intermediate" Expertnaire, LearnOflix, affiliate marketers and only "newbies" Stakecut affiliate marketers because they are your primary target audience. Click the link below to download the email series.

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