All You Need to Know About YouTube Marketing in 2023

23 Scalable YouTube Marketing Tips for Beginners

In this post, you’re going to discover 23 scalable YouTube marketing tips for beginners, best YouTube video editing softwares, youtube profit blueprint and how to easily create YouTube channel in less than 5 min. using your smartphone.

As we land in 2021 it’s the right time to challenge yourself and start online business to make money online from home if you’re ready to put in the work. Before we get started, let us quickly discuss all you need to know about youtube marketing and how it was started.

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YouTube marketing for beginners

What’s YouTube?


YouTube is the largest, top online video sharing platform and the second largest search engine in the world after google. Youtube was created in the early February 2005, by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen, former employees of PayPal, an American e-commerce company.

The platform allows you to upload videos, stream that include amateur film, music video, homemade videos, marketing videos, educational, instructional and how-to do videos, news, trendings, amongst others.

Also allows you to watch videos uploaded by other users and rate them with likes and dislikes. You can also comment on the videos, subscribe to their channels, report them if you find their content offensive as well as share videos and add them to playlists.

YouTube started as a dating site called “tune in, hook up”, where they provide online dating services to their customers. But it eventually failed, although their video and uploading category was superb.

After the incident of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident, they couldn’t find the video anywhere and so they came up with the idea of changing their site into a video uploading and sharing platform, what we know today as YouTube.

The idea was bought by sequoia capital where they invested $3.5million for the series A round.


First person to start YouTube

Who is the first person to start YouTube?


Jawed Karim is the first YouTuber (someone who creates video content for the site), with an 18 seconds video called “me at the zoo” in April 2005. It was the first video ever on YouTube.

After a beta testing period of the site, receiving about 30000 daily views by December 2005. They launched out of beta and made it accessible to the public receiving about 2million daily views, with a Nike commercial video becoming the first video to reach 1million views.

At the series B round in 2006, two venture capital firms (Sequoia capital and Artis capital management) invested 8million dollars to YouTube making it a total of 11.5million dollars investment.

Since after it’s launch, YouTube have been progressing very fast surpassing a lot of TV stations and other media markets. By January 2006, the number of views increased to 25 million and as of March 2006, the number of videos that can be viewed on the site exceeded 25 million.

More than 20,000 new videos are uploaded daily. In the summer of 2006, YouTube streamed over 100 million videos every day. The massive increase in YouTube’s traffic has drawn a lot of attention.

And coincidentally, at the same time In 2005 Google launched its video service “Google video” but was unable to deliver the traffic needed.

In November 2006, Google was ordered to acquire YouTube for $ 1.65 billion. Making it Google’s biggest subsidiary and has since then continue to run the sites separately while improving their features and quality.

Under Google’s leadership, YouTube has grown from a home of amateur videos to a world of creative content, and a starting point for new superstar brands like PewDiePie and Smosh Brothers.

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What is YouTube channel?


A YouTube channel is a user’s personal section of YouTube. From your YouTube channel, you can group the videos you make and upload them. Make list of your favorite videos and the videos you watched and liked by organising them in either subject, date, or type.

When someone subscribes to your channel, it means they’ve agreed and chose to receive contents from your channel. Every channel have a web address, which you can use to share contents on your other social media platforms.

Your YouTube channel will contain your bio and the description of your channel on your profile and also the thumbnail of the videos you have uploaded. Videos you have selected as your favorite, channels to which you subscribed to, comment etc.

How to start a YouTube channel


Upon the 2 billion daily viewers of YouTube, only a few million have an active YouTube channel. Most people visit YouTube to watch their favorite TV shows.

While most people have the perception that YouTube channel is difficult to create and manage and many YouTube users don’t know how to create a profitable YouTube channel, and without it, you have no public presence on YouTube and of course, you can’t make money on youtube.

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It is the gateway to uploading video contents and making playlists. You can use both your computer and mobile phone to create a YouTube account. Below are the step by step guides on how to create a YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes.

Note! You must have a Google account in order to create a YouTube channel


How to create YouTube account using smartphone


  1. Sign in to YouTube

With your Google account, the first step is to sign in to YouTube, and if you don’t have a Google account, sign up for it first. You can do this from your computer or mobile phone. Then, log in with the Google account you would want to be using.

  1. Go to YouTube settings

After signing in to YouTube, you will see your profile at the top right corner of the screen, click on the icon, and among the list click on “create a channel

  1. Create your channel

Next, fill out your details including the name of your channel and verify your account. Then click done, and your YouTube account is created. And you should note that your YouTube account lies within your Google account and it can be managed from the Google settings.

5 best YouTube videos editing softwares for beginners

YouTube has now grown to s stage that people are making a full-time career from it through making videos that generate a very high traffic with a lot of views and likes.

While people produce YouTube videos for money others do it for fun. Either way, editing videos like adding titles, graphics, music and effects is very important as it brings out more creativity and beauty in your videos. Below is our (recommended) 5 free YouTube videos editing softwares for you!

  1. Wondershare filmora video editor

Wondershare filmora video editor is one of the best YouTube video editing software for beginners. The software can work on windows and mac platforms.

It is designed in a user-friendly interface, with big icons, such that beginners can edit it without much stress. Filmora contains all the tools and features you will need to create and edit a video with quality effects.

It’s features include video trimming and cutting tool, denoise and video stabilization, color enhancements, text and image overlays, animation, beautiful and fashion effects, royalty music, sound effects, etc.

To use filmora for free, your edited version of the video must have their watermark, or you will have to pay to remove the watermark from the free trial version.

  1. Virtual dub

Virtual dub video editor is one of the most popular video editors in the late 2000, the software is available in both windows, mac and linux.

Though they haven’t released a new version since October 2013, and their video editing capacity is limited. Their features includes footage capturing, editing, or Cutting, resizing or trimming video clips.

  1. Imovie

Imovie is a mac video editing software for beginners, it was released in 1999 and since from2013, it has been updated and include in all version of mac.

Their videos editing features includes croping, triming, Adding titles, applying visual effects or editing audio files. They also allow their users to share videos with 4k quality to YouTube and facebook directly.

  1. Blender

Blender is a multipurpose editing software that provide services like video editing, modeling, animation, rendering, VFX or game creation.

It’s video editing features allows you to trim videos, insert transitions or apply filters with audio mixing, 3D graphics and waveform visualization.

It also allows you to add unlimited video, audio, and image files. The software support both windows and mac.

  1. YouTube studio video editor

When it comes to editing YouTube uploaded videos, YouTube studio video editor is the best software for it. It allows users to edit video even after uploading and posting it.

It is a web application software and so it can support both windows and mac, depending on the OS they use to visit the site. It’s features include trimming, cutting, blur faces, and screen templates.


YouTube marketing

23 scalable marketing tips to make money on YouTube


Now that you know how to create YouTube channel and the best youtube video editing softwares it’s time to look into our 23 YouTube marketing tips before monetizing your youtube channel.

With a scalable youtube profit blueprint you can easily mastered the best YouTube marketing strategy and make money from your YouTube channel in less time. Before you monetize your YouTube channel do the following:

  1. Have a niche for your YouTube channel
  2. Know your target audience 
  3. Do things in your own style and standout from the crowd
  4. Create high quality video contents
  5. Over deliver information (high impact)
  6. Be consistent and have patient (nothing comes easy)
  7. Be straight forward and prioritize transparency
  8. Stick to what you know best and learn more from experts
  9. Show your expertise and build authority 
  10. Create network with other youtubers in you niche
  11. Don’t mind praising your competitors 
  12. Engage with your subscribers (via comments)
  13. Invest little to boost your visibility using ads
  14. Promote affiliate products that will add more value to your audience 
  15. Reach out brands in your niche and convince them on how your channel can help them to get more sales or reach more audience
  16. Leverage social media channels to promote your videos for free
  17. Always schedule your video publication and keep the promise
  18. Take advantage of podcast to get featured on popular YouTube channels
  19. Launch a webinar
  20. Launch a challenge 
  21. Collect email subscribers
  22. Leverage email marketing to promote affiliate product to your subscribers (BONUS)
  23. Analyse your traffic source (Most Important)


Apart from affiliate partnership and mentorship program, you can also monetize your YouTube channel with Google Adsense when you start generating massive views/traffic.

But, as you’re getting started (before or after getting the promised 1000 subscribers) you can focus on affiliate marketing.

Remember to always recommend products that will add more value to your customers. If you find this post very important don’t forget to share.

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