Failproof strategies to build high quality backlinks

How to boost your DA to 50% in 7 days!

Don’t get lost in asking questions like How do you create a backlink strategy? Or How do I create a backlink for my website? Take a seat as I will ride you on a backlink building strategies with the best link building type.

Today, I want you to focus on scaling up your domain authority (DA) and daily website traffic with my step-by-step-guides to a successful backlink building.

The more traffic you generate the more money you will make from your website. So, the question here is, how do you go about building a quality backlink to your website?

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Before we dive into backlink building strategies, it’s to be noted that building a white-hat backlinks takes time.

We often undergo thorough research (for our content creation), case studies and, of course, implement the strategies to see how it really works before we share and recommend our blog readers to use.

If it doesn’t work properly, probably not the way we expected, I promise you, you won’t ever come across it on this entrepreneur’s hub.

Let us take a ride on how to build a high quality backlink that will scale up your domain authority and blog posts to google first page (SERPs).

What is a backlink?

A backlink can be called an external links. Take for instance, when you write a new blog post and you link to a website or a blog (that has a post related to your topic) so that your blog readers can quickly hover to the website to read related info about the content you provided for them in your website. The link building method is what we called backlink and it can be a do-follow backlink or no-follow backlink.

An external link is also called off-page SEO and it’s a WIN-WIN to both of you and your blog readers. While serving your audience with quality and informative contents, you also add more value to your content and optimize your blog post at the same time.

Now, guess what?

Both you and your audience only enjoy 50% out of 100% benefits of external linking or off-page SEO while the remaining 50% benefits goes to the website that you linked to.


Every single backlink you get from another website or a blog comes with 50% benefits while the website that linked to you enjoy 25% and the remaining 25% goes to their blog readers.

Backlink building strategies

Whenever you optimize your off-page SEO you’re giving a free backlink worth 50% efforts to another website or blog.

Now, the reverse is the case. How to make authority websites link to your affiliate blog or company website?

Is this link worth building and why bloggers build backlinks to their websites or blog?

Then, what is the best backlink building strategy?

Rest your case as I will take you IN on low-key!

Benefits of quality backlink building to your website

This one will be more elaborative. I believe you heard about Domain Authority (DA) before. According to backlinko, Domain Authority is the third ranking factor that google algorithms used to push any of your blog posts to the first page (SERPs).

There is one secret about scaling up your blog traffic or post to google first page that pro affiliate marketers don’t want you to know.

The more your blog posts ranked first on google first page (SERPs), the more high quality backlinks you will get from authority websites and all for FREE!

Why? Because other authority websites with high DA will find your blog post and link to it in their subsequent contents.

But, unfortunately you need a high DA to fly your contents to google first page and you need a quality backlink to get high DA.

Let’s do some maths on this!

A high quality backlink is directly proportional to high domain authority (HQB = HDA)

High Domain Authority = More Organic Traffic

More Organic Traffic = More Lead Generation ($$$)

Therefore, high quality backlink building is, sometimes, necessary to run a successful affiliate websites. Building backlink is not as easy as the name implied. You need a powerful and actionable backlink building strategies to scale up your website traffic like mad!

Following are the common strategies used by bloggers and affiliate marketers out there. But, this is not what I’m going to teach you here. I’m going to show you my personal backlink building blueprint.

3 common backlink building strategies


  1. Quest post.
  2. Sponsored post.
  3. Blog comments.

These have been the old methods of backlink building which come with a lot of challenges. Oh! You wonder how right???

Let’s breakdown the few challenges of these backlink building strategies.

1. Quest post

Have you once written a guest post for other authority websites or a blog?…how many weeks or months does it take to see your guest post live on their website?

I guess, a month or even more. I personally find it difficult to write a guest post because of the following reasons:

  1. Not getting my guest post published on time.
  2. Submitting more than 100 blog posts to 100 websites only to get 5 or 10 approvals.
  3. Chances of getting no-follow backlink is higher than getting do-follow backlink. With all the efforts you will put in creating evergreen contents.
  4. Most bloggers that accept guest posts don’t have high Domain Authority (DA). Meanwhile, they also want to stand out.
  5. Most of the authority websites with high DA gives only profile backlink which is not enough to scale up your blog post to google SERPs.
  6. I personally prefer backlink within a post content with target keywords which is hard to get sometimes.

These 6 reasons can forever make me not want to publish guest posts on other websites or a blog.

2. Sponsored post

Publishing sponsored post for backlink building purpose has more benefits than publishing guest post.

The only challenge here is that, it requires a lot of investment to practice this link building strategy.

Sponsored posts on authority websites like Forbes,, business insider and etc, will cost you hundreds of dollars to accomplish your quality backlink building goals.

3. Blog comments

Who else does this? I can justify that this backlink building strategy is almost dead.

And don’t even try it if you don’t yet build a relationship with the blogger as they will view your comments as spam.

Google may penalize your website once it tracked your link as a black hat backlink.

Nowadays, almost 60% out of 100% websites uses akismet anti-spam plugin to auto-filter and moderate comments.

Therefore, the chance of you getting a high quality backlink of your dream is very low and, however, I personally don’t recommend using this link building strategy.

Let us go into the real game. You now know the 3 common backlink building strategies used by affiliate marketers and we have explained a little bit on their challenges.

So, now here is my powerful and actionable backlink building strategies that you can use to build sweet and stup*d backlink to your website or business blog.

Note that I will also use these strategies to build backlinks for this baby blog and I will surely share the result with you once I’m done following the strategy.

Best backlink building strategies that will boost your DA!


1. Create a presentable infographic

Infographic plays a vital role in quality backlink building and may need a thorough research and unbiased justification.

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Most authority bloggers that we are always hungry to get a do-follow backlink from them love infographics with in-depth information on a topic they have for their audience.

Infographic doesn’t only add value to a content but also increases content SEO. You can use surveymonkey to dig down your survey and fetch out The required information that will help you to come up with a perfect and presentable infographic.

After you’re done with your infographic, start reaching out to authority websites that have written and published a blog post on a topic you created infographic.

Finally, throw a cool email to them explaining how valuable you find their content and confidently present your infographics to them explaining how it can add more value to their content.

Most of these authority bloggers spend a lot of money to hire an expert to do case studies and design infographics for them.

So, they will even thank you before they hook up a do-follow backlink to your affiliate website.

2. Launch a free eBook that worth dollars

If you want people to praise you and talk about you or even fight for you unconditionally. In fact, if you want to WIN people’s hearts, give them what you know that it would cost them a tangible dollars to afford it.


Think of authority bloggers like Nail Patel and successful affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn that were busy running a webinars.

Most of them don’t have time to create online courses. Networking your eBook will give you tons of quality backlinks and also improve your brand visibility.

Imagine publishing your eBook on a platform with over 500,000 to 1,000,000 monthly traffic and out of this massive traffic, a minimum of 10,000 audience will read your eBook.

There is a probability of, at least, 5,000 audience (out of 10,000 readers) will quote or recommend your eBook on their personal and business websites.

In our recent Nigeria at 60 blog post, my team member (Adama Ayuba) quoted Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Author by Robert Kiyosaki and sold over 32 million copies in more than 51 languages across more than 109 countries, being on the New York Times bestsellers list for over six years.

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate partners we earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links and we may earn a little commission when you make a purchase at no cost to you. However, the little commissions is what we use to keep this blog up and running while serving you much better. Please read our affiliate terms and conditions.

32 million copies!!!… Books/ebooks have been a powerful tool or medium of communication for the past decade.

Impacting on people positively and giving them what will make them more productive is quite one of the success mysteries.

Today, I have revealed the mystery and it’s time for you to do the best of your ability.

3. Organize a seminar that will drive other bloggers attention

Have you will ever tried to make a sh*tty piece trend on social media?

Have you ever tried to put words in people’s mouths that will make them turn your name or brand into a topic of discussion when they are online and in a physical world?

Let me tell you the trick behind this and how it can help you build a backlink to your affiliate website.

Nail Patel, the mad marketing scientist (as they called him). Nail Patel spent over $57,000 on a single month of instagram marketing and bought an existing Instagram account worth 131,000 followers.

He changed the name of the account to @whoisnailpatel and paid an influencer to promote the account.

Who is Nail Patel


The Instagram handle drove the attention of her followers to the extent that some of them have to visit Nail Patel’s blog just to know more about him.

After going through his blog contents, those who find his blog very interesting started quoting his name and linking to his contents in their personal blogs.

But, I don’t mean you should do something crazy like this…LOL?

Actually, to grab people’s attention you must do something extraordinary, maybe, a second to madness…LOL?

You can run a simple contest or webinar using  easywebinar platform that will get other bloggers talking and linking to your blog. Facebook group masterclass is also a good tool for newbies to network with other digital experts for a medium-size contest.

But, it’s absolutely more preferable to collaborate with a blogger (in your niche) that has massive audience base to run a webinar that will attract more participants.

Look at this email (below) that I received from a friend (Emenike Emmanuel) just this morning. The masterclass was hold on facebook.

Facebook live streaming


Emenike didn’t stopped there, he also went ON introducing Crissy Conner to me. Eventually, the contest was overwhelming and educative to the extent that I have to share with you here.

So, you can see how powerful a webinar/contest is and how it can get other bloggers talking about you and linking to your affiliate website.

More quality backlink building strategies (BONUS) for you!


1. Link reclamation

You can use this method to find out websites or blogs that mention your brand in their blog post but don’t link to your site.

During my research, I came across a post where Brian Dean (founder of was mentioned in the blog post but the author doesn’t link to his site, asking the author to link back to your site is what we called link reclamation.


Backlink building type 1


You can quickly contact the author(s) from their contact page and ask them to link back to your site.

You can simply use tools like brandmentions to find out websites or blogs that mentioned your brand in their blog post and ask them to hook up a link to your site.

2. Help a reporter

Use HARO to find out which reporter is on board looking for a quotes. You will get a maximum of 3 emails per day from reporters looking for sources like the one below:


Back link building type 2


There are reporters asking for help from different fields or niches like news, business, finance, health and more.

Just choose the topic that blends with your niche and respond with helpful tips with your credentials.

The reporter will hook up a sweet high quality backlink to your website. Make sure you include your website URL and Social profiles.

Conclusion: Backlink building has a greater advantage to your website. High quality backlinks don’t only boost your website DA, but also, increases your brand visibility and gets more chances to connect with your prospective customers.

Remember! Like I mentioned earlier, backlink building really takes time and you need to be patient. Well, at your busy schedules, you can hire an expert to help you handle the job.

Don’t forget to share and shout out this blog post in your subsequent content with a sweet and cool link. And finally, I would appreciate it if you can share your thoughtful comments on your backlink building strategies for your affiliate website as it would help me to quote them (with a sweet link to your website) in my next blog post. Thank you!

BIlal Abdullahi

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