5 best affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria

Best affiliate marketing program to register in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is a business model whereby the individuals who engage in the business are called affiliates. And the best affiliate marketing platform is a marketplace where the affiliates can promote different varieties of products and services for companies through the use of blogs, social media and websites, thereby generating traffic and leads to the products and services for the companies.

And in return, the affiliates get compensated for their effort with a certain degree of percentage from the money earned via their affiliate link or referral.

Why you should start affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has recently thrived to become one of the fastest and most effective ways for brands, products and services to create awareness, and get a reasonable number of clients and customers while still generating traffic to their websites.

And this is done through the thousands of affiliates who are always ready and willing to promote products and services to different targeted audiences around the world.

What are the types of affiliate marketing?

Well, affiliate marketing is very versatile and there are millions of people around the world that earn a living with affiliate marketing or a source of extra income by leveraging other people’s products.

Most at times, these affiliates create content around the product or service they are promoting but you never can tell if the affiliate has used the product he’s promoting or he’s just doing it for the sake of making money.

For you to get more clarity, here are the three (3) categories of affiliate marketing.

  1. Unattached affiliate marketing
  2. Related affiliate marketing
  3. Involved affiliate marketing

Unattached affiliate marketing

This is a type of affiliate marketing where there is no connection between the affiliate and the customer. Affiliates mostly don’t have authority on the niche of the product they are advertising or promoting, and as such do not necessarily need to build any relationship with their target audience.

This is mainly for affiliates who are there to make a little income for themselves. And this method is not suitable for effective affiliate marketing.

For instance, when Russell Brunson launched, thousands of digital marketers promoted the software by driving highly targeted traffic to the sales page using their affiliate link.

Although, they don’t use the software but they make money selling the software to thousands of audiences globally.

Some popular affiliate marketing platforms don’t support this method of recommending their products to your audience.

Hence, we want you to get clarity so that you won’t make mistakes while trying to partner with any affiliate platform of your choice in Nigeria.

Related affiliate marketing

In this type of affiliate marketing, the affiliates promote products that they do not use but the products are usually related to their niche.

These types of affiliates usually have a lot of influence and audience which makes them a trusted source of recommending products even when they have not tried them.

For instance, an e-commerce affiliate marketing platform can partner with social media influencers to promote their products with an agreement of a commission.

I believe that you must have seen some influencers displaying products on their social media page.

Don’t get confused here, some of these products are promoted through influencer marketing not affiliate marketing.

But in a situation where you see an influencer asking his fans or followers to use their link to get a discount on the product they’re promoting, that influencer is definitely an affiliate partner of that product.

I hope we’re on the same page right? Owk.. Let’s move on to the next step.

Involved affiliate marketing

This is the most suitable type of affiliate marketing where affiliates only promote and recommend a product and services that they have used and believe in.

Audiences in this category trust the affiliates and find their recommended products authentic.

This type of affiliate marketing takes time to build trust and credibility with your audience and is the most suitable form of affiliate marketing amongst all the three categories.

To be successful on any affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria, your audience needs to connect with you and learn more about the product that you’re promoting to them.

As an affiliate, you must make sure that your promotion is targeting the right audience so that you won’t waste your time marketing to the crowd.

Now, we have understood what affiliate marketing is and its types right. Kudos!

So in case you are curious as to where to look for products and services to promote and earn a commision, here is a list of our 5 best affiliate marketing platforms in nigeria.

  1. Stakecut
  2. Expertnaire
  3. Learnoflix
  4. Selar
  5. Digitstem

In Nigeria today, there are numerous different kinds of affiliate marketing platforms to join and earn in dollars, but here in this blog post we have narrowed down your search to the 5 best affiliate marketing platforms for you to join and start promoting affiliate products once you claim your membership account today.


Stakecut platform

Stakecut – Best affiliate platform for beginners

Stakecut is first on our list because it is totally a free affiliate platform in Nigeria, yet it comes with a lot of potential and features that some paid affiliate platforms in Nigeria do not have.

It’s an affiliate platform that allows you to promote products and services for vendors and earn a reasonable commission after a client or customer has successfully completed their transaction through your affiliate link.

Stakecut allows you to open a dual account either as an affiliate or as a vendor.

Meanwhile, you can sell your own products on the platform and also promote other people’s products at the same time.

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Stakecut has the simplest sign up and registration process which requires just your email, bank details, phone number and password.

They also give you a leverage to take affiliate orders in dollars from major countries of the world and also get paid in different currencies through their currency auto-generate option.

Stakecut gives you a chance to learn affiliate marketing for free through their community called ’Stakecut University’ where you can have access to all you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

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Though Stakecut has not been in the system for long, the platform is still trying to gather as many members as possible, we strongly recommend Stakecut to beginners who don’t have a big budget to pay for programs and membership.


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Expertnaire home page

Expertnaire – The mother of affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria

Expertnaire is one of the major key players of affiliate marketing in Nigeria. It is a platform that promotes and connects digital product creators to audiences and customers within Nigeria and some parts of the African countries.

They have a very large number of high performing affiliates who use their sales funnel, social media, YouTube Channel and blogs to promote and advertise their affiliate products to customers.

To be an affiliate on Expertnaire you have to pay an annual fee of N10,000 Naira while to be a vendor, you have to pay a non-refundable annual fee of N25,000 Naira.

The membership fees are due to changes at any moment as started by the founder of Expertnaire, Mr. Toyin Omotoso and his team.

You can also join the Expertnaire affiliate platform via 72IG Program. As at the time of writing this blog post, the program cost N62,500 Naira and the registration fee is also due to changes.

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72IG is a WhatsApp marketing course that gives you access to mentorship and materials that you need to promote and sell affiliate products and make money on Expertnaire.


LearnOflix affiliate platform

Learnoflix – Best platform for foreign affiliates

Learnoflix is a Nigerian based affiliate marketing platform that teaches people digital skills and affiliate marketing, the platform connects you with the people that need your product as a digital creator and gives you a commission when you join as an affiliate and recommend your audience to buy any of their digital skills training and courses.

Membership on leranoflix is not free, you can only get access to online courses that you can promote as an affiliate when you pay your membership fee: N10,350 Naira.

Learnoflix is an affiliate platform although they have just a very few courses for now but they are more like an online university where you get to learn different digital marketing skills.

They have a lot of lessons and live classes, multiple support channels, advanced affiliate training and many more.


Digitstem home page

Digitstem – Fast-growing platform in Nigeria

Digitstem is open to other African countries and they pay affiliates on Saturdays either in dollars or local currencies. Their commission is up to 40%-80% on some digital products.

There are two ways to join digitstem platform.

The free 1 year account: This plan costs N5,000 Naira only, and with this plan you will have no mentorship, and your commission as an affiliate is within the range of 20% – 25%.

The mentorship account: The other way to get access to Digitstem affiliate platform is through the ultimate money making machine course. This method costs N15,000 Naira and gives you lifetime access to a mentorship program.

With the paid plan, you will earn a commission of 50% and beyond and affiliates will also qualify for all the ‘sales challenges’ on the platform.


Best affiliate marketing platform

Selar – Best affiliate marketing platform for Ebooks & Membership

Selar is a Nigeria e-commerce store that allows people to sell and monetize their knowledge and skills via digital products and membership.

Vendors can sell e-books and courses, physical products, music, digital and online training.

The company was founded in 2016 with just 3,000 members. Since then, Selar has grown with a lot of progress and now has 40,000 members.

It’s operating in more than 10 African countries that include Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda, Senegal, Kenya, Cameroon, etc and are still expanding their horizons.

Selar allows digital marketers and small business owners to upload physical products which also means that location for pickup of the product must be included.

You can also set multiple different delivery locations and the price for each location.

Selar in-house affiliate membership registration is N2,000 Naira only.

Also, vendors on the platform can directly recruit their students to promote their products for them as an affiliate.

With this, you have to connect with the product owner before you can become an affiliate.

For instance, I personally recruit some of my students who bought my premium SPP FORMULA to promote the blueprint and earn 50% commission off their efforts.


Affiliate partner


Rapping up on 5 best affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways for people especially youths with little digital knowledge to earn at their comfort zone. Especially with the rising level of insecurity in the country.

As people are becoming more and more interested in digital marketing, you can find a flexible affiliate platform to join and learn high income skills so that you can stay relevant in a competitive market while promoting your affiliate products.

In this list of 5 best affiliate marketing platform, I will personally recommend Stakecut affiliate platform for someone that doesn’t have the required funds to get started.

As you grow your income on Stakecut, you can decide to invest in any other 4 affiliate platforms in order to build more income streams and generate more revenue overtime.

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