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Bilal Abdullahi success story, CEO campus entrepreneurs hub

Bilal Abdullahi Success Story

Bilal Abdullahi is one of the fast rising professional bloggers in the West African Region. He is Nigerian, the founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub ( an inbound online platform that helps individuals to maximize their full potentials to become successful entrepreneurs and bloggers.

He is an SEO experts, and also holds certificates in 3 different courses (Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing and Graphics Design), he is also a professional writer and content creator. He is currently working with six trained and dedicated team members who share the same vision and likewise passion.

Bilal Abdullahi also known as Bilblogger, just 24 years of age has received multiple awards as well as accolades from different individuals and reputable organizations.

He gained admission into Bayero University in Kano State in the year 2015 where he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture in the year 2020.

He has always been someone who has passion for blogging, and in the year 2016 during his 200 level days in the university he got on to blogging full time. He started off on a free platform but eventually moved on to hosting his own platform online which is known Campus Entrepreneurs Hub (CEHUB).

Bilal never fancied the conventional 8am – 4pm job, he always believed that with his passion to blogging and everything he has read online about people making a living out of blogging, he was soon going to earn big in the blogging sphere and yes he achieved that.

In 2019 Bilal gained more grounds growing his net worth and also coming up on in the spot light, and that fueled his passion, dedication and commitment to training young aspiring entrepreneurs what blogging is really about and how important it is for them to use the internet and social media to promote their business to gain more grounds than their competitors.

Bilal spotted a problem and crafted out a solution. He noticed that upcoming entrepreneurs needs to be grounded with vast information on different skills and businesses as well as opportunities to channel them in the right path to succeed in their ventures hence the creation of his platform.

He made his platform so simple that people that are not savvy tech can navigate through the platform and also he made it in such a way that everyone can contact him easily and he in turn responds and sort that whatever problem they face using his platform.

I had a privilege to talk to Bilal about his success story, how he managed to build up a successful blog within a short period of time and what he plans on achieving in the next few years.


I got into the blogosphere around 2016, I was literally searching for ways I could actually make money online. I glanced through many articles I could find online, mostly written by Nigerian bloggers. Many of the articles I came across, were pointed towards the direction of blogging, sharing tips on blogging and explaining why blogging is one of the legitimate ways to make money online from home.

There were many questions hovering around my head, it was hard to believe that Nigerian bloggers could make so much online. I turn on to Google to search the names of Nigerian Bloggers that were earning big from blogging and I saw the likes of Linda Ikeji who was at that time having a net worth of 14.5 Billion Naira, Makinde Azeez, Uche Pedro and many others who I can’t just start listing here.

The whole Linda Ikeji and Harsh Agrawal (Indian pro blogger) success story inspired me greatly I had to do a lot of research to get on the right track.


The truth is that I got on for the wrong reasons, I was desperate to make money online. I didn’t give it enough time to study, to really know what blogging is all about. I started using a free platform because there was no money back then in 2016 and to add I was not a tech savvy. I launched my blog on blogspot platform (can’t remember the URL though) but I later had to quit because it wasn’t really yielding any positive results as expected.

At the time the major challenge I faced was the knowledge part, I had zero knowledge on the whole thing and also the aspect of financial resource. I didn’t have enough money to pay for a hosting plan.


Well, I realized that if I want to succeed in the business of blogging I need to first commit myself to learning full time. So eventually I learnt so much, did lots of research, attended webinars, got some paid online materials, courses and eBooks to broaden my knowledge on the whole blogging business. In short words, I was fully prepared and ready for the blogging world and I took every lesson serious.


After a series of courses, I was sure that I was ready to kick start, so in 2018, I launched a tech blog ( because of the study we did at that time. (Many bloggers were of the opinion that tech niche is a lucrative one to get into) The truth is the success of any blog niche be it Health, Travels, Lifestyle, Education, Entertainment depends on the target audience.

I later moved on to create another platform for aspiring young entrepreneurs, the CAMPUS ENTREPRENEUR HUB (CEHUB) which focuses on finding and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. I didn’t just perceive the need to guide young people, I was also passionate about it. I believe that entrepreneurship is the key and solution to economic growth and job creation.


Yes, it has been. Because I made my first 1 million naira from blogging just 4 months after my graduation. To me, the money is quite tangible because this is my first time to hit such amount of money. 


Well…Eventually, I was shortlisted in batch B on 6th November, 2020. So, I’m presently undergoing camp orientation training in port harcourt, Nigeria.

Bilal Abdullahi


It was on my platform ( when I started making money and advertisers saw my blog as a channel through which they can advertise. I charge nothing less than $100 (N35,000.00) for a single sponsored post. I can boldly tell you that in the year 2020 I was already hitting a six figure amount from my blog. 

Apart from selling information products online, my second high paying income stream is expertnaire affiliate marketing. Meanwhile, I recommend digital products that I have used and benefit from to my lovely blog readers and social media followers.


Blogging is a serious business and you treat it as such, dedicate your time to learn it and understand everything there is to know, buy materials, take courses on your area of interest, such as blogging, affiliate marketing, copywriting, graphic design, web design and many more. After which you can decide on a niche which you would want to go into, before choosing a profitable niche, you need to ask yourself some certain questions, like; who are my audience? Who do I want to reach? What value or in which way would I impact positively to the people that I want to reach. And of course, you must not be a blogger before you can make six figure online. You can train and nurture yourself on a particular skill and market it online and on social media. Recently, we shared 9 profitable site hustle for people like you, people that want to venture into online businesses with little or zero capital. I’m exposing this secret to you today, you can spend years without knowing this. It happened to me before I discovered how to leverage social media and the internet to drive passive income online.

Few pro bloggers will tell you how to go about it or what decision you should consider as to choosing the right niche. Whatever you are blogging about if you target the right audience, you will surely generate huge income from your blog. Think of local business, the first thing to do is deciding the best location to site it. Why? Because you are targeting a specific set of people that will patronize the business which in turn will generate profit for you because you are solving their problems.

My last advice to Nigerian youths is, firstly, believe in yourselfknow your worth and what you’re capable of doing. These two phrases is what you really need to define yourself and know the person you want to be in life. Also, seek for opportunities (and when you see it grab it). Lastly, think outside the box and focus on your GOAL(s).

One of my mentor (koji Agudah) stated and I guote:

“The quicker you realize that there is no shortcut to where you want to go, but all that is needed is actual hard work, the faster success comes for you.

‘LUCK’ is a word used by those that are unsuccessful. Successful people find it insulting if you tell them that they got to where they are because they were ‘lucky’.

Any meaningful thing you want to do will work you silly. Those that gave up on their goals or something they were passionate about, ask them how far? Their answer will soon become your REALITY if you decide to follow same path”.

When I started blogging, my friends were like “oh Bilal you’re studying a professional course why wasting time on what you’re not even sure that it would pay off”…I used to laugh at them 😂 because the more they says that, the more I see the opportunity of making money online. Why? Because, probably, they are yet to discover the benefit of information marketing which I was opportune to grab before them…LOL..

You see my friend, information marketing is super lucrative and that is what online business is all about. There are millions of people (if not billions) searching for a solutions to their problems online. If you can package these solutions into a digital product (e.g ebook, video courses, webinars etc) or physical product and market it to them you will surely make millions of $$$ from your living room. Eventually, studies has proved that information marketers are the second richest people in the world.

There is a whole lot I would like to share with you at CEHUB which I believe will be of a great help to you if you are considering a career path in blogging or any other online businesses. All you need to do is to get on to and subscribe just to make sure you get regular updates from us, not just in blogging but also business tips. Thank you!


Farouq Dabo Hammad

A computer scientist, CEO DIIDOL and web technician at CEHUB. Bridging the gab between human and technology.

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