Blogging Business: 7 Benefits of Blogging

Today, we want to share with you 7 benefits of blogging to your online business. In our recent post we shared with our audience 5 proven disadvantages of social media marketing.

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Benefits of blogging to business

Blogging is very important to businesses regardless of the size of the business as far as it is meant for greatness, here are some killer examples for you.

A lot of companies now have changed their advertisement strategy using a system where customers are now coming to seek information from them rather than spreading the sales through outbound strategies like newspaper and television stations to create awareness about their products.

Although it requires dedication, because being lazy might derail you from the business in general. Blogging, creating brand contents and write-ups are amongst the key drivers of businesses that attract Customers to your site through the shared contents of that product which you have written about.

Amongst the opportunities you stand to benefit from blogging for your business is the sharing of your contents to other online platforms which is like a free advertisement and gaining popularity at the same time.

Every time you write a web content, it’s one greater listed page in your website, which means it’s one greater opportunity for you to be exposed in search engines like google and drive traffic to your blog site in natural search.

In this post, we would present to you some of the most important benefits of blogging to business, and why you should consider starting a blog for your business.

If you’re interested in learning how to blog like a business, a great course to check out is Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine.

Builds trust between business and customers

This shows that you’re an expert in your industry. Your blog’s looks and writing style can match your personality or brand voice. These will help to make your blog stand out from the rest.

Blogs are also a great way for businesses to share knowledge about their industry or other important areas of interest with their clients. Successful companies regularly publish articles on their blogs, claiming to be industry leaders and experts in their field.

SEO benefits of blogging

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than just rankings. This is a long-term tactic to shock your competitors in search results. There are several ways to do this. One way is to write a blog post using the keywords your customers are ranking for.

Make sure you’re posting relevant content so that when google bot scans, it discovers that the blog has used popular keywords multiple times.

to increase the ranking of your blog post in search results page. There are many customizations both on page and off page SEO, but this is one of the great benefits of blogging to business owners.


Email marketing

E-mail advertising and marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategy recommended for small business to use online in order to generate leads and conversion.

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The use of newsletter to attain your customers is a way of keeping your audience around your blog. Business owners can use blogs to collect emails from interested potential customers, asking site visitors to subscribe to their blog post updates.

You can then add these users to your marketing channel. This gives you opportunity to send more messages and promotions to your customers. The more contacts you have with customers, the higher your chances of directing traffic to your site and increasing conversion.

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Attracts new customers

One of the pleasant ways to be successful with blogging is to share high-quality content on it frequently. If your social media content material is not motivating people in your website, then your social engagement isn’t always profiting your enterprise.

Pulling your target audience to your blog through the social platform is a profitable way to increase brand engagement and conversion.

Useful and informative content will give people a purpose to go to your business blog whether there are existing visitors or returning customers.

The more people engage with your blog and find it interesting and benefit from it, the much more likely they can easily converted into sales, and possibly become regular customers.

Link building

If you have good content material on your website online, different websites would like to hyperlink to this content in their own work. It’s reported that organizations who run business blog acquire as much as 97% more hyperlinks to their website than those that don’t.

However, once you begin constructing up hyperlinks from your blog it’s essential to perform hyperlink audits to ensure any pages you link to and those that link back to you are deemed as appropriate classical resources. Search Engines like google will then be capable to see that other pages are linking back to your blog, that’s likely to impact favourably to your ranking.

cross selling

Facts have proven that a customer tends to buy more than the product they first of all deliberated on shopping when they are well serviced.

Over 50% of customers exceed their initially budgeted goods, when they are well presented with accessories that their eyes can’t withstand. A good blog allows you to achieve this.

Up selling

A blog also benefits from an approach known as up promoting. This is when you persuade your online reader to buy an extra high-priced version of the product you’re providing to them via your blog.

Over the course of your commercial enterprise operations, you would have a chance of showcasing new offerings. Apart from the benefits of getting an active blog, it serves as a medium of introducing your new items to your readers.

It also allows you to share your unique offers to your audience and explain to them the blessings to be derived out of your new idea.


In conclusion, Sharing your area of knowledge via a blog will permit you to construct credibility along with your target audience thereby improving your sales and products value. Writing enlightening contents will be useful to your audience.

In turn, this easy movement will permit you to be referred to as an industry expert. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to share with your massive followers on social media and please do let us know your marketing strategy in a comment box below.

Ahmed Haruna Tanko

A social entrepreneur and a potential Engineer who is passionate about making positive development to his community through solving problems in a creative and effective manner. Currently studying computer Engineering at Bayero University kano.

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