Who will forever forget the year 2020.

It’s a historic year in more than one way, especially for all who survived the pandemic that put the whole world in a coma.

I write to tell my story in a few words because the year 2020 was very generous with all sorts of surprises.

I have been working down in Nigeria and learning how to make money blogging since 2016.

Everything seemed well with me until the day my safety net was threatened, 26 March 2020.

A total lockdown was introduced as a way to control and prevent the C0vid-19 pandemic which had become an uninvited guest at a wedding ceremony.

The regular life of going to work was put to an end, something unusual was in the making.

A new normal way of living our lives without the routine cycle of going to work, there were many questions unanswered.

At first we looked to the employer, who could not afford a tangible offer as a bailout package.

There was a need to revisit our way of life, our way of planning, our future, as the business showed little care to us, as they put their interest first.

Something was to give in, change was the new normal, it was not an option but survival.

As the news of the pandemic “K0R0NA” took over our TV sets and Radio stations.

There was hourly to daily updates on the statistics of new infection, followed by de*ths as they were happening.

What a terrible time to live, fear was never a visitor as in the time before “K0R0NA”.

De*th was smelling if not knocking on our doors as the News across Italy, Spain, USA, Europe etc was being shared on our airwaves.

Months went by now staying indoors, being fed by voluntary organizations and well wishers.

Things were terrible because we never knew what it is to be fed by volunteers, it’s a crisis we witnessed more on TV in war torn zones.

This was a new way, yes there was a need to adjust and live life in the present moment.

It was until June when the government announced the relaxation of lockdown laws, our minds felt the relief too.

Hope was re-ignited, I believed that we were winning against this monster.

On social Media there was so much emphasis on “stay at home“, same with all the airwaves.

This was good, but there was a need for a way to find balance so as to avoid starvation.

There was no income, surviving on well wishers and donations was not easy.

Now I have seen Toyin Omotoso on Twitter. I have been following him since 2018 on my old twitter account, but I never trusted his word.

He once spoke of affiliate business as a side hustle, but I did not pay attention.

I needed to hear how it was a side hustle, which he claimed to pay the bills such as Rent, Phone, Fuel, Food etc..

I decided to pay attention to his TL; I came across the 72IG Program who was inviting Affiliates at a fee of 40k back then.

Click here to read my honest review on the 72IG program before you register.

It was too much money considering the state of affairs on that day.

I needed to give it a try, affiliate business, it was a journey into the unknown.

I borrowed the money, paid it to join the 72IG program, that was my best action that changed my situation.

It was a risk, yes but I had to work hard to learn and find sales.

I needed to prove to my friends that it was a genuine thing by results, they were suspicious of being sc*mmed.

I remember five days into June, I made my first sale, it was N22k commission from Expertnaire.


It hit me in a special way.

Click here to read my interview few months after I started affiliate marketing on Expertnaire in 2020

Now my risk has paid off, it was something I can do regardless of my location.

I told myself, “I will repeat and rinse the same process that had paid me first money”.

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I doubled the effort, learning and engaging everyday. More sales started to come in.

And I purchased more courses to have a diversity in my portfolio and knowledge of what I was going to affiliate.

From that time I grew daily and everyday it was becoming my passion to make sales. In one week I had made N350k/Month, wow!

More than the salary of an average Nigerian working for a month.

I felt the air of freedom, I believed that I deserved more and I tripled my efforts.

Not all days were great days, I remember I once went 16 days without a single sale, I refused to quit and to be absent.

I knew patience and consistency was the currency needed to survive in this niche.

As of September, 2020 I have made more than 2 Million Naira in affiliate sales. Just few months I started affiliate marketing.

I grew my income from 5, 6 to 7 figures consistently and I’m on a journey to teach 10,000 young Africans like you to start their own affiliate business and make money online.

Anyone can do this, I remember when I started I knew nothing and there was literally no competition.

Sales were easy to close even without having a sales funnel and marketing skills.

Fast-forward 2021-2022, thousands of Africans have discovered affiliate marketing.

Young entrepreneurs across African countries started registering on Expertnaire as an affiliate.

Experts were crushing it while newbies were struggling to make sales due to the competition on the platforms and their lack of high income skills.

Those who are serious with affiliate marketing couldn’t afford to pay for the 72IG program which was selling for N62,500 in 2022.

Eventually, Mr. Czar Nnamani and Joshua Mba launched the Stakecut affiliate platform and gave free access to aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa who want to make money online.

When I discovered Stakecut in 2022, I was really impressed with its new features. Especially the international payment option. Meanwhile, you can sell to anymore in the world and receive payment in your local currency.

In one of my blog posts, I also shared the reasons why I prefer Stakecut over the Expertnaire affiliate platform despite the fact that I have made millions selling affiliate products on Expertnaire.

Click here to read my honest review on Expertnaire Vs Stakecut before you join any of the platforms

Because of that, I decided to focus on promoting Stakecut after products on my blog and teaching my students how to earn in dollars on Stakecut.

Within 7 days after I joined Stakecut affiliate platform in 2022, I made my first affiliate sales which was $53 dollars.

Click here to decover how I made my first affiliate sales on Stakecut in 7 days.

Unfortunately, some students who also registered on Stakecut were finding it difficult to make sales.

Some of them think that by having Stakecut account they should start generating sales not knowing that there are skills required to sell affiliate products online and earn a commission.

These skills are what you will be learning in the ultimate affiliate marketing program after you created your Stakecut account and claim your access to my mentorship.

According to Mr. Joshua Mba, he created the ultimate affiliate marketing program to help struggling affiliates that are using his platform to start making money on Stakecut affiliate platform.

Mr. Joshua and Mr. Czar Nnamani built Stakecut for Africans not just Nigerians.

They make all possible analyses to spend their resources to build Stakecut, one of the greatest passions they have in common is to help Africans create an income stream with just their smartphone and internet connection.

In the past 8 months, Mr. Joshua Mba has been able to help thousands of Africans achieve this.

He launched Stakecut and made it free because he wants you to get started without any membership barriers.

After he launched Stakecut, he went ahead to prepare some basic education for people with zero knowledge on affiliate marketing to get started.

Click here to learn more about Stakecut University and access free video training materials. 

So far, the Stakecut mission is manifesting and the platform have been able to pay out thousands of dollars to Africans who have used stakecut to build an income stream.

However, Joshua Mba, has even opted to help further by providing a perfect program with a special community mentorship for those who want to become exceptionally good at using stakecut to make more money.

That’s why he created the PROGRAM called: The ultimate Affiliate Marketing program.(UAMP).

Some top affiliates on stakecut today are students of this program. We have documented over 300 beautiful testimonials from this course alone in the past months.

But I fully appreciate that you are likely skeptical, as the internet is full of phony “gurus” who sell you nothing more than empty promises.

So I don’t expect you to blindly take my word.

Instead, I want you to learn more about Mr. Joshua Mba and his true life story before he launched the Stakecut affiliate platform in 2022.

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