Clickfunnels vs GetResponse: A review on best marketing tool in 2023

How to choose best marketing tool for your online business

When it comes to online marketing software, click funnels and getresponse are the most used and popular, due to their reliability, affordability and online problem solution management and features they provide.

Clickfunnels and getresponse are two different marketing software. Although, the two platforms possess similar services that they provide, each of them have their own area of expertise and features that they possess and provide more than the other.

So, if you are new to online marketing and you are wondering which platform to use for your online marketing. Keep reading!

I will give you in details the similarities, qualities and features of both, so as to help you have a clear insight on whether which of the platforms will give you the kind of services you want.

Clickfunnels and getresponse are marketing tools designed at their best, to provide a smooth and pleasant avenue for online marketing.

This services are very easy to access and use because they are designed in a user-friendly system. They provide services that help open a gateway for the online presence and availability of their users and also optimize the performance of their businesses.

Like we said earlier, both clickfunnels and getresponse provide similar services. But the common major service they provide are:

1). Marketing funnel

2). Email marketing and management

To understand marketing tools better, you will need to understand what the above tools are:

What is Marketing funnel?

Marketing funnel is simply the process of nurturing a customer and converting them from awareness, or a mere browser, into a paying customer.

A funnel is the set of steps that a customer needs to go through before they can reach the conversion stage. while conversion is when you persuade your website visitors to do something you want them to do, maybe you want them to make a purchase, sign up, or fill out a form.

All these actions your website visitors take is known as the leads/conversion.

4 stages of marketing funnel

Awareness stage: –  This is the first stage of the marketing funnel. This is the stage; where people get to know the existence of your service or product.

This stage is carried out by spreading brand awareness and drawing audience’s attention. Awareness can be carried out through a lot of mediums like the Facebook ads, social media marketing, advertising, trade shows, blogging content, infographics, webinars, newsletter and even through email marketing, etc.

Interest: – this is the stage where your audience develops an interest over your product or services. At this point, proven strategies must be put into action in order to entice and persuade the customer on the reasons why they should try your products or services.

Your goal at this stage should be to motivate them with your product’s features and benefits upon its competition. And if possible, compare them, stating out clear facts of how your product is of more advantage.

Desire: – This stage involves the persuasion and guidance of your customer towards your products and services. Somehow similar to the interest stage.

It is where the real conversion begins. At this point of the funnel, the information you need to provide should include solutions that best fits what your customers are looking for. You must clear all forms of obstacles that might stand on the path to purchase.

Action: – At this stage, the audience is convinced that your product is the solution for the problem that they are looking for and so, he makes move for the purchase process.

What is email marketing?

This is a digital marketing approach that helps you achieve your target by sending a bulk email to active or potential customers, subscribers or any group of people with the sole aim of soliciting sales, advertisement, business request, donation, company news, or any kind of information that is related to the business growth and progress.

Businesses use email marketing to achieve three main objectives. To promote brand awareness, to build trust and enhance loyalty between them and their audience.

Email marketing is said to be 40 times more effective to reach out to target audience than social media. Most businesses use marketing funnels to track the stages of the groups and send them the most relevant content using an email service provider.

Clickfunnels vs Getresponse (unbiased review)

Clickfunnels is a user friendly tool that is designed for agencies or marketers who build funnels for clients, they have an inbuilt marketing automation and affiliate marketing tools and functionality. Their platform is self-explanatory and it helps their users that are just beginning to start from scratch.

Getresponse was initially designed to help users with email marketing and other related services, however, it began to expand its services and integrating marketing tools into the platform.

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Now! Getresponse possess similar features and services with clickfunnels, they design webinars and create landing pages, etc.


Clickfunnels pricing 

Clickfunnels plans is a little pricier, it has three payment plan.

  1. Standard plan: – this plan costs $97 per month, it is the cheapest plan in clickfunnels, with this plan, you get to create 100 pages, 20 funnels, and host up to 20,000 people on your funnel.
  2. Etison suite plan: – this is the second plan in clickfunnels, it costs $297 per month, with this plan, you get to create an unlimited funnel, landing pages, and host an unlimited number of users.
  3. Share funnel plan: – this plan is for affiliate funnels. It costs $19 per month.


Getresponse pricing 

Getresponse has four payment plans:

  1. Basic: – this plan costs $15 per month. With this plan, you are limited to 1000 subscribers on your email list, with an unlimited number of emails to your list
  2. Plus: – this plan cost $49 per month, with this plan, you get to host 1000 subscribers, host webinars and all the features available at the basic plan.
  3. Professional: – this plan costs $99 per month, it gives you access to host paid webinars, with 300 attendees, plus all previous features.
  4. Enterprise: – this plan costs $199 per month, this plan gives you access to more than 100000 subscribers to your email list, you get an account manager and all available features in the previous plans.

Do clickfunnel and getresponse have a free trial?

Clickfunnel offer a 14-days-free-trial for every plan you subscribe to. And within these 14 days you can cancel your plan if you are not certified with their services.

Getresponse offers a 30-days-free-trial, you can also cancel the plan within the 30 days of your registration.

Funnel creation tool for both getresponse and clickfunnel

Funnel creation tool is one of the most important tools in a marketing software, while both getresponse and clickfunnels have this tools. Which platform their service is more reliable than the other?

 Let us analyze now!

Clickfunnel marketing tools:

Like we said earlier, clickfunnel was designed to help businesses build their sales funnels. It has a variety of prebuilt funnels that you can choose from. There are three categories of the funnel, occasion funnels, lead capture funnels, and the sales funnels. Each of them comes with its own set of templates and layout, which you can edit to your custom needs.

Getresponse funnel tools:

Getresponse conversion funnel is getresponse’s funnel building tool, it is also known for providing excellent services like increasing sales and conversion rate, building landing pages, social media campaigns, and promoting sales. It is user friendly and very easy and quick to setup.

Despite this features, the comparison between getresponse’s autofunnel and clickfunnel’s funnel builder is still having a lot of controversies, but clickfunnels is the most rated funnel builder due to their excellent funnel building capabilities.

Templates, page editors and customization

Customizing page and dashboards to look like what you want them to look is also an important tool to consider when choosing a marketing tool.

Clickfunnels customization:

Clickfunnels page editors include a pop-up editor, drag and drop editor and a landing page editor. With the drag and drop feature, you can use your mouse to drag tools and elements from the pre-built templates and position them where you want.

The pop-up feature can be used to see how your page will look like when a particular feature is applied. they are user-friendly and with them, you can customize any kind of properties to the design you have in mind.

Getresponse customization:

Getresponse also have an editor to which you can use to customize your templates, meanwhile, the editing feature of getresponse are restricted to some certain degree. So the level of your customization might not be able to reach the kind of design you want.

Customer support for both marketing softwares

Getresponse has an excellent service when it comes to providing customer support. They offer a free 24/7 support services in seven different languages, including a live chat. They also have a learning and help center through where questions can be forwarded through. In their help Centre, they have a series of FAQs, video tutorials, handbooks, webinars, etc.

Clickfunnels support team provide a very helpful services to their clients, their messaging feature makes it easier for their clients to ask for help from them. 

Clickfunnel have a help button within the builder which will direct you to their help book or chat with their agent in case you are lost, confused or there’s a problem.


From the above features and qualities, we have presented regarding clickfunnel vs getresponse, it is left onto you to decide which one is better and will serve your needs. There is no doubt that both of them are great at what they do.

like we said, clickfunnels specializes on creating marketing funnel for clients, while getresponse specializes on email marketing management, and campaigns.

Choose wisely!

Ahmed Haruna Tanko

A social entrepreneur and a potential Engineer who is passionate about making positive development to his community through solving problems in a creative and effective manner. Currently studying computer Engineering at Bayero University kano.

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