Getresponse Review: Supercharge your email marketing in 2023

Compared to other email marketing softwares, Getresponse’s features set is one of the most complete and worth trying. Getresponse does include everything you would expect from an email marketing platform: newsletter placement, templates, autoresponders, analytics.

However, Getresponse recently extended the functionality to the core. It has become a complete marketing and e-commerce solution.

The question is whether all this makes the product compatible with all professions . To understand better, let’s take a look at the main features.

Take your time and go through this blog post as we have detailed information on Getresponse for you!

Auto responder

An autoresponder is an electronic newsletter sent to subscribers at regular intervals. For example, you can set up people who subscribe to your mailing list to receive welcome messages from your company.

After a week, you can get discounts on some goods or services and as well inviting them to follow you on social media. Getresponse is a key selling point offering the most complete autoresponder available.

You can send messages based on time or activity, time-based parameters include loops as in the example above, while task-based messages can be triggered by user actions for example; Click, Subscribe to a specific list, Change contact settings, Completed transactions appointments, Birthday, Change user details and more.


Email marketing

Marketing automation

Getresponse recently launched a new version of its new autoresponder feature called Marketing Automation. You can use drag and drop constructors to create automation workflows.

Basically, you set up an “automation scheme” that tells Getresponse what to do when a user opens a specific offer and clicks on a specific link.

These types of features goes well beyond what autoresponders usually offer and allow you to experience something better.

Getresponse Email Newsletter Templates

The situation with Getresponse templates has changed somewhat as a new version of Getresponse Email Composer is currently launching and there are two sets of templates, one for the old email editor and one for the new version.

The quality of the new template is much better than the old one. 220 fewer than some competing email marketing solutions (especially Aweber, which has around 700) but different in nature and very modern design.

Templates are divided into several categories focused on main goals (promotion, education, sales, etc.). The “old” templates have a lot more choices – over 500 – and they all fall into the industry category, but I would honestly avoid them unless you need to use them as part of an automated marketing campaign.

Responsive email design

Both new and existing Getresponse templates are responsive . This means it automatically configures itself for whatever device you view your email newsletter on, be it a mobile device, tablet or computer. However, the old Gmail mobile app template is a little awkward in this regard.



Getresponse offers a variety of analysis and reporting options. Sure, you can get all the basics like disclosure, clicks, unsubscribe, and more, but there are also some really good reporting features worth mentioning.

1. “Segmentation in one click”: the ability to identify people who are not interested in electronic. This is a bulletin board sent and assigned to a segment of customers that can be emailed to a different version of the electronic newsletter.

Time Metric: Know when subscribers will respond to emails and use this information to determine an upcoming broadcast.

Email ROI: You can see how effective it is to add tracking code to your website’s aftermarket page.

Mailchimp and Aweber offer similar reporting capabilities, especially when it comes to tracking sales. But Getresponse’s reporting tool is by far one of the most comprehensive.

Split testing

In split tests, you can send variations of your e-newsletter to multiple people on your mailing list, track the performance of each, and submit the “best” version down the list.

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Traditionally, Getresponse is much better in this area than some of its competitors because it allows you to split the test into 5 different posts (using topic title, field, content and airtime as variables).

Major competitors can usually work with two or three. Unfortunately, this A/C functionality is currently limited by the functionality of the new Getresponse template.

You can test up to 5 messages against each other, but you need help with other specifications.

Landing page

Online landing page ad campaigns typically generate more leads when users are directed to an informative website, as well as an attractive “condensed page” with clear information and well thought out and accurate data collection form.

Getresponse offers a really useful feature in this regard that many of its competitors lack. Their landing page builder are also mobile friendly.

Not only can you use it to create compressed pages, but you can also test the conversion rates of those pages against each other in real time and ensure the best possible performance.

These products often require the use of third-party targeted page building tools such as Unbounce or Instapage in order to perform this function.

Mailchimp recently released several landing page features, but Getresponse is very advanced. Getresponse’s landing  page features are available on all plans. There is a significant savings considering the basic Unbounce and Instapage landing page tools cost at least $99 and $199 per month.

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However, there are some issues with creating the landing page that need to be flagged. Firstly, the user interface is not very intuitive. This is actually very difficult. Secondly, you usually need to create separate versions of your landing page for desktop and mobile.

In other way, this is good because it allows you to hide parts of the landing page that you don’t want mobile users to see. But this is an arbitrary process.

The Facebook Pixel allows Facebook cookies to be used on Getresponse landing pages, but they are not GDPR compliant. In order to comply with EU GDPR requirements for cookies (and some US privacy laws), you must provide users with a clear mechanism to enable or disable cookies.

Conversion funnel

Conversation funnel

Conversion Funnel Getresponse recently introduced a new “Conversion Funnel” feature that shows significant variation in a product.

This is because, to some extent, Getresponse is evolving from an email marketing platform to a platform that you can use to run your e-commerce business.

The idea behind this feature is that you can do the following without leaving the Getresponse environment:

  • Setup a product catalog
  • Build and run a Facebook ad campaign
  • Design a landing page and add customers to an autoresponse.

Getresponse creates a sales funnel that doesn’t require any other application at all. We want to give you a simple tool for that. There are many templates available for this.

However, as the name suggests, Getresponse is committed to providing you with a simple tool that lets you create a sales funnel without any other application.

There are many different templates to help you with this. You can access this feature from any package.

However, in the basic version, you can only create a funnel and not use the cart restore feature (which automatically sends an email to the person who added the item to the cart to prevent the purchase from completing).

If you wish, you can include third-party platforms in this function. Also, you can integrate Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Etsy together.

This feature is best suited for those who need a one-stop option to build a direct sales funnel for their customers.

If you’re using any other email marketing software a part from Getresponse, don’t forget to share your experience with us in a comment box below. Love this post? Share with your love ones on Facebook.

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