How I made my first affiliate sales on Stakecut ($53)

How to make your first affiliate sales on Stakecut

Have you tried all your best to make your first affiliate sales on Stakecut, Expertnaire, LearnOflix or Selar but you’re still not getting your desired results?

Are you starting out today but you want to be sure on how to make your first affiliate sales before you jump into the affiliate business?

I could remember back then in 2016, I used to surf the internet and read people’s stories on how they make their first $10 from blogging and affiliate marketing.

NOTE: This post may contain my affiliate link and I may earn a little commission (at no additional cost to you) when you make a purchase via my recommendations. 

Now, in Nigeria even a secondary school students can make $10,000 per month with the affiliate business model. What a big opportunity for my country people.

Why affiliates are struggling to make first affiliate sales?

What’s paining me is that, despite all these opportunities available to us BEREKETE, some lazy Nigerians are still looking for Ponzi Schemes that can make them successful overnight.

Those who are serious with the affiliate business are struggling to make their first affiliate sales because they lack proper mentorship.

While some are still battling with “growth mindset” in their life.

Meanwhile, they simply don’t want to invest in themselves to learn and implement affiliate marketing strategy effectively.

Well, in this blog post, I’m going to show you how I made my first $53 on Stakecut in the month of July, 2022. Within the first week that I joined Stakecut affiliate platform.


My first affiliate sales on Stakecut
Screenshot of my Stakecut affiliate dashboard.

How I made $53 on Stakecut in less than 7 days?

I know $53 is nothing compared to what you’re spending daily to buy a bottle of water. But, I’m sharing this for you to understand that if I can make $53 within 7 days on Stakecut, it’s also possible for you to make your first affiliate sales and build a $10,000/Month affiliate business.

Since I started affiliate business on Expertnaire in 2020, I have done crazy numbers in affiliate sales and my decision to move to Stakecut affiliate platform is another great level in my affiliate business.


Expertnaire payment
One of the screenshots of my Expertnaire sales


Before you ask me why I moved from Expertnaire to Stakecut, check the screenshot below:

Expertnaire Vs Stakecut
My Chat with a prospect discussing the benefits of Stakecut over Expertnaire (September, 2022)


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Stakecut was launched on 25th June, 2022 and I came across the platform on 20th July, 2022.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feeds and I saw Mr. Joshua Mba (Stakecut Co-founder) posted about the grand launch of the Stakecut affiliate network in Nigeria.

Stakecut grand launch

As a smart guy, I quickly searched for Stakecut on Google to find out more about the platform and I registered my Stakecut affiliate account in less than 5 minutes.

Within 2 days, I used my Expertnaire affiliate marketing skills to make $12 dollars on 22th July, 2022 after I joined the platform.

Stakecut affiliate income

The $12 dollar (N7,128) was automatically credited to my Bank account on 25th July, 2022.


Stakecut bank alert


So, I was totally convinced that, YES, Stakecut is “here to stay” and I’m going to birth millionaires on Stakecut in my Facebook community created for Stakecut affiliates.


Sale of Amazon KDP by Abraham


My first mistake while trying to help my students make their first sales on Stakecut

The first challenge I had was recommending a product that I bought on how to close high ticket affiliate sales which I thought would help my students to also make their first sales on Stakecut.

Mr. Adamu was the first prospect that bought the product based on my recommendation and complained that he cannot implement the strategy without having a website.

Adamu review
Mr. Adamu feedback on WhatsApp

Why, because the product is an advanced affiliate sales closing course for Super affiliates while Mr. Adamu is a total newbie in affiliate marketing.

So, from his feedback I realized that it would be very hard for a newbie to get started with such a program.

To figure out this issue, I poured down all my affiliate marketing strategies and sales closing in my SPP FORMULA (worth $35) and I gave Mr. Adamu free access to learn and implement effortlessly.

Are you interested in the SPP FORMULA?

I have made it available for you to download (using the opt-in form below) and receive a free copy directly in to your email inbox. This guide is for you if you’re a newbie and you’re struggling to make your first affiliate sales in a competitive market.

Because of this unsatisfactory review from Mr. Adamu about the product that I recommended to him, I stopped promoting the product to my audience who are still beginners in affiliate marketing.

Earn $1k - $5k Per Month With Affiliate Marketing And Escape Jobless Lifestyle!


Register For My Mentorship Program And Start Earning 50% Commission As An Affiliate.

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And I focused on researching the best affiliate products that would take you from a total newbie to becoming a “PRO” in affiliate marketing through a comprehensive mentorship program.

A program that will help you to understand how to make your first affiliate sales and how to automate your affiliate sales process.

I understand that each platform has their own unique strategy to promote affiliate products. Meanwhile, what works on Expertnaire or LearnOflix might not give you the same results on Stakecut.

So, there’s a need for me to do research thoroughly in order to find out the best product that will deliver your expectations and to make sure that the product is also affordable for you to purchase without breaking your bank account.

Online Boss Academy

Best affiliate mentorship for newbies who want to make their first affiliate sales on Stakecut

Affiliate marketing is beyond making your first affiliate sales. Honestly, you can use free resources to make your first and second sales but how do you stay relevant in the industry?

How do you keep making sales constantly without begging your prospects to buy from you?

How do you automate your sales process to close sales super fast so that you can focus on other important things that matters to you.

You can be able to travel around the world, chill with your friends and attend other business meetings and conferences while your affiliate business keeps running on its own like a robot.

That’s why it’s very important to join a top-notched affiliate marketing mentorship program and acquire affiliate marketing skills comprehensively.

Finally, my product research landed me on Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program by Mr. Franklin Emmanuel, one of the top affiliate marketers and YouTubers in Nigeria.

Mr. Franklin has been helping internet hustlers and affiliate marketers to make money with affiliate business model in the Online Boss Academy.

Also, he has been dishing out premium values on his YouTube channel with over 100k+ active subscribers across Africa and other parts of the world.

When I landed on Mr. Franklin’s Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program, I felt so excited with some kind of joy flowing through my veins.

I beat my chest and whispered “Wow! This is what I want for my prospects” even though I have consumed the 72IG program back-to-back and I sincerely got crazy results when I was promoting Expertnaire products.

I still shoot my shot to join the Online Boss Academy in order to have access to Mr. Franklin’s Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program to improve my affiliate sales closing skills and understand the best methods to promote Stakecut affiliate products before I recommend the program to my audience to join the Online Boss Academy.

Online Boss Academy

One thing about affiliate business model is that, you can never know everything in the affiliate marketing industry. The earlier you understand that you need to keep learning the more progress you will make in your affiliate business.

Besides the benefits you will get for being a member of the Online Boss Academy, I have also decided to offer free consultation and free blogging training for my affiliate students on WhatsApp.

Which is, of course, a WIN-WIN for you if you join the Online Boss Academy through my recommendation.

Top 5 skills you need to make your first 10 affiliate sales in less than 30 days

  • Copywriting

This is the ART of using words to persuade prospects who are interested in your affiliate offer to make a buying decision. It will cost you nothing less than $100-$150 to learn copywriting. And $1,000-$1500 to hire a professional sales copywriter. You will get all your sales copies provided for you in the Online Boss Academy.

  • Sales funnel design

Is a “one page” website where customers get clarity on your product, understand the benefits of your product, perceive the value of your product, know the price of your product and purchase your products without you being there talking to the customers. It will cost you nothing less than $350-$500 to hire experts to design a single sales funnel for your affiliate product. You will get 3 high converting sales funnel in the online Boss Academy for free!

  • Facebook advertising

You can use Facebook audience targeting to generate quality leads on Facebook and Instagram who will likely buy your affiliate products. It will cost you nothing less than $80-$150 to learn this skill and if care is not taken, you might end up wasting your hard-earned money in the process of running Ads. You will learn how to run profitable Ads and how to scale your affiliate business without spending too much money on Ads plus free access to other advertising tools in the Online Boss Academy!

  • WhatsApp automation & Email marketing

WhatsApp and email marketing are goldmine because the real money is in the list. With WhatsApp and Email marketing you will be able to automate all your affiliate sales process to make your first affiliate sales and even make your first 10 sales in less than 30 days while you also grow your WhatsApp and Email list.

You can achieve all these without posting on Facebook daily just to attract people that are totally uninterested in your affiliate offer.

In the Online Boss Academy, you will be provided with over +2,000 high converting email swipes plus a step-by-step process to automate your email marketing.

  • Audience nurturing and sales closing

You need to master how to pitch and know the right words to use at the Top, Middle and Button of your sales funnel and how to do sales presentations.

Without this skill you will be begging instead of selling. And this might tarnish your image in the eyes of your prospects for being salesy because nobody wants to be sold to. It will cost you nothing less than $5,000-$10,000 to learn these skills from sales closing experts.

You will learn sales closing, WhatsApp marketing and email marketing plus access to a premium version of Wamation (WhatsApp automation tool) in the Online Boss Academy for free!

These top 5 sales skills will transform you from being a struggling affiliate to becoming a super affiliate who is capable of commanding sales consistently.

Below is how you can learn all these high income skills and get all these sales weapons cooked for you to shoot your shot and make money for yourself as an affiliate.

How to master top 5 skills to make your first affiliate sales and use sales weapons to command multiple sales consistently

If you want to become an affiliate marketer and you don’t know how to pick hot selling digital products to promote and generate sales organically, you need a mentorship program.

Mentorship makes your work so much easier and increases the profitability of your efforts as an affiliate.

The so-called Super Affiliates are only “super” because of this super secret. They all have a mentor who has gotten the kind of results they wanted.

And they get all the strategies and materials that are tested and trusted to generate leads and command affiliate sales daily from a mentorship program.

If you want to start and scale fast on Stakecut affiliate platform.

Kindly join the Online Boss Academy now and get the right mentorship program you ever need to succeed as an affiliate. You can chat with me on WhatsApp for a free consultation.

Online Boss Academy


I’m sure this blog post has answered some of your questions on how to make your first affiliate sales. If yes, please kindly share on Facebook, Twitter and your WhatsApp Status. Help all the struggling affiliates to get clarity today. Thank you!

BIlal Abdullahi

Hello friend! I am Bilal Abdullahi, the CEO and founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub. An inbound online platform where I share my little knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Do you want to learn how I make money as a full-time blogger in Nigeria? Chat me on WhatsApp: +2348069830560

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