How to create an online course in Nigeria (2023)

The fastest way to create and launch your online course in Nigeria

If you’re reading this blog post, I want to congratulate you for making a decision to create an online course in Nigeria and sell to your target audience.

I will make sure that I provide all the basic knowledge you need to create an online course in Nigeria.

In my recent blog post I shared my best-kept secrets to master funnel hacking for Stakecut course launch and how to list your online course on Stakecut affiliate platform.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a little commission (at no additional cost to you) when you make use of my links to make a purchase.

After being an affiliate marketer for 3 good years on Expertnaire and Stakecut, I have decided to help people like you to monetize their knowledge through online courses.

You too can learn how to create an online course in Nigeria and list on popular affiliate platforms even if you have never recorded a 5 minute video before.

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Do you know why you should position yourself to start creating an online course at this time?

And stop following the crowd of affiliate marketers that barely make the so claimed 6-7 figures per month.

According to a top authority [Cision Newsletters], it says that…

The online course market has surpassed $315 billion in annual expenditures worldwide for the year 2021 and it’s projected to increase by 20% in 2022 to 2028.

That means, it’s expected to hit $378 billion in annual sales starting from the year 2022. See image below:

How to create an online course in Nigeria

That means, there’s a very huge demand for E-learning which is delivered via online courses.

People are spending billions of Dollars and Naira every single year to learn from others.

Have you ever visited any affiliate networks that hosts online courses, they sell billions of Naira worth of courses every single year.

These courses are created by youths and they’re making tens of millions of Naira every year.

Why online course creators make money than affiliates in Nigeria

As an affiliate marketer, you could easily do 200k – 500k per month selling other people’s online courses.

However, as a course creator, you could do 10x that amount every single month [That’s 2m – 5m], if your course is good.

Now let’s take a look at some live case study examples from the popular online course platform known as, where there are over 1,000 course creators.

We want to look at some figures done under a 12 months period by some online course creators in Nigeria.

1.  Case study of Tamilore Adewuyi’s online course

Tamilore created an online course First Affiliate Sale and the course is selling for N20,000. He has done a total sale of 1,272 bringing his revenues to: N25,440,000 naira.

After affiliate settlements, Mr Tamilore went home with over 12 million Naira in profit. See for yourself below:

How to create an online course in Nigeria

2. Case study of Kenny’s online course

Kenny created a course Zero to Hero Affiliate course selling for N60,000. He has done a total sale of 6,700 bringing his revenues to: N402,000,000.

After affiliate settlements, Mr. Kenny went home with over 200 million Naira in pure profit. See for yourself below:

How to create an online course in Nigeria

3. Case study of Abraham Aiyejinna’s online course

This young guy created an Amazon KDP for Smartphone selling for N15,000 on Expertnaire alone.

As at the time of undergoing this case studies, Abraham has done a total sale of 1,300 bringing his revenues to: N19,500,000

After affiliate settlements, Abraham went home with over 9.75million Naira. See for yourself below:

How to create an online course in Nigeria

In this video training, we have gathered a lot of case studies from digital creators who are living large selling their online courses on top affiliate platforms in Nigeria.

I want you to watch the video and master how to create an online course in Nigeria and make money even if you’re jobless nigeria.

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So, let’s discuss what you need to create your online course in Nigeria and start making money from your online course consistently.

How do I create an online course in Nigeria?

To create an online course in Nigeria, you will need to follow the following steps:

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  • Choose a subject

First, choose a subject that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. This will make it easier for you to create and teach the course, and will also make it more engaging for your students.

  • Define your target audience

Determine who you want to teach and what their needs and goals are. This will help you tailor your course content to their specific needs.

  • Create an outline for your online course

Develop an outline for your course, including the main topics you will cover and the order in which you will cover them.

  • Create the course content

Use a variety of formats, such as videos, slide decks, PDFs, and quizzes, to create the course content. Make sure to include interactive elements, like quizzes and exercises, to keep your students engaged.

  • Determine the course format

Decide how you want to deliver your course. Will it be self-paced or structured with set deadlines? Will it include live sessions or be entirely asynchronous?

  • Choose a platform to host your online course

There are many platforms available for hosting and selling online courses, such as Kobocourse, Teachable, and Coursera. Choose a platform that fits your needs and budget.

  • Promote your online course

Once your course is complete, you will need to promote it to potential students. This can be done through social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

Creating an online course takes time and effort, but it can be a rewarding way to share your knowledge and expertise with others while also generating income for yourself.

5 tools you need to create an online course in Nigeria

There are many tools available for creating online courses. Some popular options include:

Learning management systems (LMS): 

These are platforms that allow you to create and manage your online course content, track student progress, and facilitate interactions with students. Some examples of LMS include Thinkific, and LearnPress plugin for WordPress platform.

Video editing software

If you want to include video lectures in your course, you’ll need a tool to edit and produce your videos. Some popular options include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie.

Screen recording software

If you want to create video lectures using your computer screen, you’ll need a screen recording tool. Some popular options include Camtasia, Screencast-O-Matic, and Loom.

Interactive content creation tools

There are many tools available for creating interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and simulations. Some popular options include Articulate Storyline, H5P, and Adobe Captivate.

Collaboration and communication tools

If you want to facilitate discussions or collaboration among your students, you may want to use a tool such as Google Classroom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Graphics and design software

If you want to create your own course materials, such as slides or handouts, you may want to use a tool such as Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, and InDesign) or Canva.

How to create an online course in Nigeria

8 benefits for having an online course in Nigeria

There are several benefits to having an online course apart from selling on affiliate platform in Nigeria:

  • Flexibility

Online courses can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing students to fit their learning into their busy schedules.

  • Convenience

Students can access course materials and complete assignments on their own time, without the need to physically be in a classroom.

  • Cost-effective

Online courses can be more cost-effective than traditional in-person courses because they do not require students to travel or pay for accommodations.

  • Wide reach

Online courses can be taken by students from anywhere in the world, increasing the potential reach of the course and the instructor.

  • Self-paced learning:

Many online courses allow students to work at their own pace, which can be beneficial for students who need more time to understand certain concepts or who are fast learners.

  • Variety of course offerings

There is a wide range of online courses available in a variety of subjects, allowing students to find a course that meets their interests and needs.

  • Access to course materials

Online courses often provide access to course materials, such as readings, videos, and lectures, which students can review at their own pace and revisit as needed.

  • Interactive learning

Many online courses include interactive elements, such as discussion forums, group projects, and virtual office hours, which can help students feel more connected to their peers and instructors.

7 ways to monetize your knowledge as a course creator in Nigeria

There are several ways you can monetize your knowledge and expertise as a course creator:

Start consultancy: You can offer your knowledge and expertise as a consultant to businesses or individuals who need it. This can be done in person or remotely, depending on your location and the preferences of your clients.

Launch coaching program: If you have a particular area of expertise, you can offer to teach or coach others. This can be done through in-person classes or workshops, or through online courses or webinars.

Writing and publishing: If you enjoy writing and have expertise in a particular subject, you can write articles or short books on the topic and sell them online as a low ticket offers.

Speaking engagements: If you are comfortable speaking in front of groups, you can offer your knowledge and expertise as a speaker at conferences, events, or other gatherings.

Online content creation: You can create and sell online content, such as ebooks, courses, or webinars, through platforms like Udemy or Teachable. We have covered this.

YouTube channel: If you enjoy creating videos and have expertise in a particular subject, you can start a YouTube channel and monetize it through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise.

Blogging: If you enjoy writing and have expertise in a particular subject, you can start a blog and monetize it through ads, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.

Rapping up on how to create an online course in Nigeria

It’s important to consider what methods will work best for you and your target audience. It may be helpful to experiment with different methods and see what works best for you. 

As you can see from some case studies above, there’s a lot of opportunities for having an online course. You can watch this video training and learn how to launch your online course in 14 days or less.

You can list your online course on any of these 5 best affiliate platforms in Nigeria and share a commission with affiliate marketers to promote your online course for you. If you love this blog post, don’t forget to share with your friends on social media. Thank you!

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