How to make money on Stakecut in 2023

Make money selling other people's products on Stakecut

If you are searching for how to make money on Stakecut in 2022, you are almost there. In this blog post I will take you through the review of stakecut. One of the most flexible and free affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria.

You can make money on Stakecut by promoting other people’s digital products as an affiliate. Or you can sell your own products on Stakecut.

If you stick to this blog post and read to the end I will show you my recommended products on Stakecut that will solve your online money making problems.

In today’s world, we are gradually experiencing a transition from the physical world to a fully digital world that has various opportunities for you to make money online, however starting a new digital business is practically impossible without positioning in the right sectors for success.

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Which affiliate program will make you a lot of money online in 2022?

The best affiliate program to make money online in 2022 is Stakecut. And I’m going to show you full features of Stakecut that will support your ability and flexibility to make money online without hassle.

Stakecut is a platform for affiliates to promote goods and services of merchants to earn a commission after a sale is made via your affiliate link.

In my opinion, Stakecut is the coolest and finest, yet productive and impactful affiliate marketing program amongst all affiliate programs in Africa.

The platform is easy to access with the most simplest sign up process which requires only just an email address, phone number, bank account and password.

It is created to ease and promote business across Africa and the world at large, by giving you the leverage to make affiliate sales in dollars from major countries of the world and also earn a commission in different currencies by simply “copying and pasting” a single line of code on your website to track your customers purchase.

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Well, just like other affiliate programs, Stakecut allows you to make your choice of partnership, either to be a vendor if you are a business owner or service provider, or to be an affiliate marketer if you understand the logic behind selling other people’s products online.

The question is what makes Stakecut stand out to be the best among other affiliate marketing programs that you can leverage, right now, to make money online working directly from the comfort of your bedroom.

Below are a few of the reasons:

1. Overall simplicity in the general processes and operation, right from sign up to earning.

Starting from registration process and requirement, stakecut is 100% free. Unlike other affiliate marketing programs where you have to pay some certain amount of money before you can be able to sell, or promote products.

Stakecut does not require a penny from you to become either a vendor or an affiliate. 

This is the most eye-catching fact that makes Stakecut stand out amongst the others. Then when signing up, verification and access to the dashboard only requires your email, phone number and bank account. As simple as that!

Image showing Stakecut dashboard
Screenshot showing Stakecut dashboard

2. A user-friendly dashboard

Having a dashboard that can be accessed and operated by people with little or no experience in affiliate marketing is another reason for Stakecut to surpass other affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

Although it is still in its early stage with no more than 10,000 members, the platform is still making an impact by helping entrepreneurs set up  lucrative businesses in Nigeria and sell to the world without any form of barrier or limitation.

And their goal is to reach 100,000 business-oriented individuals and smart entrepreneurs in Africa. And one of the easiest ways to help inexperienced affiliates learn fast is the user-friendly dashboard that Stakecut has.

3. Promote products and make money immediately after the deal is closed through your Stakecut affiliate link.

Stakecut has no boundaries and limitations when it comes to affiliate marketing. Unlike other platforms, where you have to wait for a couple of weeks before your commission is being paid.

Stakecut pays you every Monday when your sales are closed and verified. All that is needed is for you to promote and lure that customer to buy your affiliate products instantly.

With proven affiliate marketing strategies like the soft pitch pipeline formula, you can start making $10,000 per month on Stakecut. I have used the formula to make my first sales on Stakecut in less than 7 days.

Business owners and digital creators can promote their products on Stakecut for free

As a business owner or digital product creator, Stakecut is the gateway you need to spread and put your products out there for customers to patronize you.

Stakecut helps you make money online and grow your business through their thousands of well trained affiliate marketers who are able and ready to promote your products and services on their social media, websites and blogs, thereby generating a large number of sales for your product and services.

Affiliates and vendors can track sales and payout.

This is an amazing feature of Stakecut that helps you to increase your profitability and makes a lot of people find the need to change their affiliate marketing platform.

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Although stakecut is still in its developing stage, people are already finding interest in it because of the helpful features it has that help its users market and sell their products with no fear of losing money.

Another helpful feature of Stakecut in your online money making journey are:

It displays your rank on the platform, your total earnings and your current earnings. Here you would see and know your stands on the platform and also motivate you to do more to reach people with higher rank and conversion rate on the platform.

1. The MarketPlace

This is a feature that shows you all the products that you can promote to earn some impressive commissions as an affiliate. It is as easy as copying your affiliate link, sharing with your active audience, ask them to try the product and start making 50%-70% commissions per sales.

Stakecut affiliate contests
List of contests on

2. Search for a Contest

Another easy way to make money on Stakecut is to join contests and sales challenges. More like a bonanza. With this feature, you will be able to know which specific vendors are hosting a contest to win digital devices and even cash prizes. Any affiliate member can contest and win prizes regardless of your rank.

3. Approved Products

This feature displays all the products that have been verified and approved by stakecut. Meanwhile, the products are worth buying and will cost your audience zero regret for purchasing the product. You would be able to see all the details of the product including conversion rate.

4. Best Sellers

Here you would get to see the top selling vendors and the total number of sales they’ve made. One good thing about this feature is, it makes you want to make more money on Stakecut as a vendor.

You might be prompt to reach out to the vendor and ask for helpful tips on how he made it happen. And you would get to know which products have the highest conversion rate.

5. StakeCut University

This is like an online class that guides you to become the best affiliate on Stakecut. It teaches you all you need to know and how you will apply them to generate and close sales on the platform.

Stakecut university is completely free. This is why I salute the founders of stakecut. They are selfless entrepreneurs with a good heart who mean “good luck and success” for their members.

I said so because, even when you find an affiliate platform that is free, you tend to see that the process of teaching people how to use the platform to make money is always monetized.

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6. Currency auto-generate option:

This is another option in the payment method that allows people to automatically generate a currency amongst the series of currencies listed for prospects to pay in their own local currency based on their/your location.

7. Dual membership

Stakecut allows you to be an affiliate and you can still sign up to be a vendor. In any case you can switch in between accounts of being a vendor or affiliate.

Which means you can make money by leveraging the two membership options.

PAY ATTENTION: There are two courses that I will recommend to you if you want to make money on Stakecut as a vendor or an affiliate. The first course is Info products sales system by Mr. Czar Nnamani (Stakecut founder).

This program is meant for small business owners who want to monetize their knowledge by creating a digital course and listing for affiliates to promote on Stakecut.


The second course is affiliate marketing accelerator program by Mr. Franklin Emmanuel (one of the top YouTubers in Nigeria). This course is meant for affiliates who want to master the ART of promoting and selling affiliate products without hassle.

You can only access the program when you register for the Online Boss Academy where you will be learning a pure practical process to start profitable affiliate business from anywhere in the world.


Now, you have the two eggs in your hands. Either you choose to make money on Stakecut as a vendor or as an affiliate. But surely, whichever approach you take (with any of the above programs) you will never regret investing in yourself.


A wise man once said, being selfless is to see an opportunity, utilize the opportunity to make money online and tell it to people who know little or nothing about it.

Well, I’m trying to be selfless by providing you with this article which will help you know that there is an affiliate program out there that is completely free with more than a thousand opportunities to build a career in the affiliate marketing world.

Stakecut is like a decentralized affiliate marketing program brought to you for free without stressing you to pay registration fee. Simply sign up and get access to a full marketplace of highly recognized digital and physical products that you can choose from.

To help you get started quickly on Stakecut, I have provided a free step-by-step guide to start and scale your affiliate business on Stakecut. It’s a guide that I wished I had when I started my affiliate marketing journey in 2020.

If you love this Stakecut review, don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this blog post with your friends on social media. Thank you and see you next time!

BIlal Abdullahi

Hello friend! I am Bilal Abdullahi, the CEO and founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub. An inbound online platform where I share my little knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Do you want to learn how I make money as a full-time blogger in Nigeria? Chat me on WhatsApp: +2348069830560

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