How to register on Stakecut in less than 5mins

So, you heard about Stakecut and you want to create your account on the platform as an affiliate so that you can start making money right?

Well, in this blog post, I’m going to show you a step-by-step process to register your Stakecut affiliate account in less than 5 minutes.

Oya let’s go there! But firstly, what is Stakecut affiliate marketing and why should you register on the platform?

Stakecut is one of the fast-growing Affiliate program in Nigeria that aims to target small business owners and young entrepreneurs in Africa who want to make money online legitimately and scale their businesses at escape velocity.

Benefits of registering on Stakecut as an affiliates

As an affiliate you will have free access to the platform and also access to the top-notched affiliate marketing training in the Stakecut university.

Gone are the days, where affiliate marketers in Nigeria had to pay a huge amount of money before getting access to affiliate platform and expert courses for promotion.

Stakecut has solved this problem. 

Meanwhile, you can simply create your account using your email address and password without paying a membership fee.

Unlike Expertnaire which requires N10,000 membership fee before you can have access to the platform.

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This is one of the biggest advantages of Stakecut over the Expertnaire affiliate platform. You don’t have to raise money before you can become a member.

The second benefit of Stakecut to affiliates is, affiliate marketers can also promote physical products and make huge commissions. You don’t have to worry about the delivery.

Once you make a sale, your commission will reflect on your dashboard instantly and the team at Stakecut will handle the delivery of the product to your customer who purchases the product through your affiliate link. That’s amazing right?

Stakecut $1,000 in sales challenge for affiliates

Now, let’s talk about the sweet part of becoming an affiliate on Stakecut before I show you the process to register your Stakecut affiliate account.

Do you know that Stakecut is presently running a contest for affiliates to cross $1,000 in 30 days?

Stakecut $1,000 challenge

When you create your account and login to your Stakecut dashboard. 

Under the Stakecut university, you will discover a complete video presentation on how to make your first $1,000 on Stakecut using a no-brainer and proven affiliate sales strategy that has been tested and trusted by top affiliate marketers on Stakecut.

On 20th August, 2022, one of my students, Joseph Adeyemi, crossed the $1,000 in 30 days challenge using affiliate sales techniques that you will learn in the Online Boss Academy when you join us today.

Top Affiliate on Stakecut

What’s Online Boss Academy?

O.B.A Is a mentorship program launched by one of the top YouTubers in Nigeria, Mr. Franklin Emmanuel, to help Stakecut affiliate marketers generate massive sales using affiliate accelerator tools that he used to make $115,679 with affiliate marketing.

Want to learn more about the O.B.A program? CLICK HERE to watch a free video presentation.

How to create Stakecut affiliate account in less than 5 minutes

Let’s dive into creating your account. To successfully register, visit Stakecut official website here:

Click on “claim a free account” to join over +3,000 affiliates from different countries.

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The next step is to provide your first name and surname. Then use your active email address and a strong password which you will be using to login to your affiliate dashboard.

Stakecut account registration

Once you have provided your information, you can now click on “sign up with email” to get access.

Immediately your registration is completed, Stakecut will automatically send a verification email to your inbox.

All you need to do is to check your inbox and then, verify your email address. Voila! You already have a Stakecut affiliate account.

Email verification process

You can login to your dashboard anytime using your email address and password that you have created.

Make sure you save your password in a secure folder where you can have access to in case you forgot your new password.

How to connect your bank account on your Stakecut affiliate account

It’s one thing to register your Stakecut affiliate account and another thing to connect your bank account so that you will be receiving payment every Monday.

Stakecut payout

One of the beauties of Stakecut is that, there’s no technical processes to connect your bank account on your Stakecut dashboard.

You can complete the process within 5 minutes. From your dashboard, just click on “profile” and wait for the page to load.

Affiliate profile

Then, scroll down to where you will provide your account name, account number and your bank name. 

Bank details
Note that the account details here are not correct. I just used for the purpose of this guide.


Once you have successfully added your payment details, then click on “save” to know whether the details are correct.

If your bank details are correct, it would save but if there’s an error you will be prompted to correct the error before you can save your details again. Simple!

You’re ready to start making money on Stakecut!

Are you new to affiliate marketing?

If yes! You can CLICK HERE to download a free version of my SPP FORMULA for affiliate marketers.

Inside the blueprint, you will discover proven strategies that I have used to bank affiliate sales on Expertnaire and Stakecut. 

Affiliate disclaimer: This post may contain my affiliate link and I may earn a little commission (at no additional cost to you) for recommending the O.B.A program to you.

If you find this blog post very helpful, please don’t forget to use the share buttons below. This will encourage me to keep creating more tips that will help you to make money on Stakecut affiliate platform. Thank you!

BIlal Abdullahi

Hello friend! I am Bilal Abdullahi, the CEO and founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub. An inbound online platform where I share my little knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Do you want to learn how I make money as a full-time blogger in Nigeria? Chat me on WhatsApp: +2348069830560

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