How to Start a Profitable Baking Business from Home

Small Home Bakery

Here’s another idea on how to start a profitable baking business from home. This time I will talk about a small home bakery. Read on to get an idea of the plans, cost, and equipment required.

We know that bread is one of the most demanding products on the food market, especially in the United States. Everyone loves the taste and aroma of fresh bread. It has become popular demanded because it is cheaper and faster to fight hunger.

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Find out below how to start a profitable baking business from home. The profit from this business is generally much higher than other types of food business.

Bread is not the only product you can produce in a home bakery. If you love baked goods, there are many customers who love it.

This means there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their baking business. Here are baking business ideas to showcase your baking talent.

Business ideas

Bakery business ideas

Making wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are always in great demand. As such, it could be a niche of success for anyone with baking skills.

Cupcake Shop

If you want to specialize in small types of cakes, you can open a cupcake shop with very special flavors and sell individual cupcakes or muffins to your customers.

Bread production

Another popular product among bakers is bread. You can open your own bakery or bake bread for a variety of dishes in the café.

Candy making

Alternatively, you can have a lot of different varieties of candies and sell them online or wholesale in stores.

Create your own unique snack

You don’t have to specialize in already popular baked goods. Business owners can come up with a new snack, or at least change their favorite food, like a giant cake.

Now that we have discussed different bakery products you can invest in, let’s take a look at the cost of starting a typical home bakery.

The cost of starting a home bakery depends on how you want to start; small scale or large scale. When starting a bakery you have to consider the cost of equipment, power, staff, delivery van and other expenses.

You will probably need a minimum of N500,000 to N700,000 Naira or a maximum of 6 Million Naira. In USA currency, this is equivalent to $1,312.34 to $1,837.27  and maximum of $15,748.03 USD dollars as at the time of publishing this blog post

Of course, you need to know how to bake, and the mixture will taste good. Here are a few more things you need to know before you start baking.

1. Enough skill and knowledge for safe cooking and potential nutritional problems

2. Make arrangement for delivery materials and storage facilities

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3. Stay updated and get adopted in using latest baking materials that can ease your work

4. Find out about your competitors and how your baked goods are different from the rest

Moving down stairs

Niche down your baking business a little bit

Niche businesses tend to attract more customers. Decide which pastries you will be selling. First of all, it’s easiest to focus on something like bread or cake.

You can expand your menu as you get used to the business and find out what is profitable and what your customers like.

Also consider what makes your cake different from others. For example, is the product made with organic ingredients?

Baking equipment


This is the most important bakery equipment. Thorough knowledge is required before choosing an oven.

Beginners should choose a quality oven over a cheap one. In addition, the double layer oven is suitable for business purposes as it provides a baking area at two different temperatures at the same time to increase productivity.


Mixers are useful for mixing batter and the ingredients and many other things. It can be considered an important piece of equipment. Planetary dough with one or two counter mixers with a volume of 30-40 liters is ideal for baking.

Proof boxes

Using proof boxes allows bread and dough to rise at specific temperatures. It comes in all shapes and sizes and is recommended for small baking. It’s cheaper and can be moved when not in use.


Every kitchen for bakery should have at least three sinks, one for washing, rinsing and disinfecting. You should also have a sink designed for cleaning the floor. There should be a separate sink for washing hands before baking or working.


Where will you store your cookies and cakes? Buy an industrial freezer to truly store baked goods. You can buy a room-sized freezer to fit your bakery.

Rack and baking sheets

Before you start baking, you need to buy a baking sheet and shelf. An 18×26 baking sheet and 3 or more shelves are considered the minimum requirement for a kitchen. You will also need a variety of sheets, bakeware, cupcake tins, and more.

These are the most important equipment needed to start a home bakery. There are other machines and equipment you may need such as, Generator, delivery van, chillers and others.


There are several good reasons for starting a baking business from home. It’s easy to get started. You can also give your baked goods unique variations. Depending on whether the baked goods are ready for delivery or they can be sold locally and online.

That’s all you need to start a profitable baking business from home. Anyone can try this type of business. Most importantly, Remember that the taste of your product is the main factor in your success.

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