How to start and growth your blog like a startup

How to make money online blogging

I’m glad you’re here. We’ll keep you in the loop with our latest business tips and special offers. Do you want to start a blog and grow it like a startup?… You may have the following questions in mind to ask me:

How do you start a blog for free?
How do you start a blog for beginners?
How do you start a blog and make money?
Is starting a blog worth it?

Here I got you covered. In case you haven’t received my GIVEAWAY for this month, here is my free blogging eBook that I promised all my “first time” blog visitors because I also want you to be part of the journey.

You don’t need to keep searching on google or wasting your time and data. I have the best answers to your questions, best solution to your problems and untimely, the best step-by-step guides to start and grow your blog like a start-up. Let’s get started!!!!

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Proven ways to start a blog and make money online

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself to you because I really appreciate the connection. I’m Bilal Abdullahi, well-known as Bilblogger, young entrepreneur, student advocate, award winning campus blogger in Bayero university kano. The fountainhead and brainbox behind Campus Entrepreneurs Hub (cehub). Also, A blogger living in Bauchi State, Northern Nigeria.

I attended my secondary school at Government College Azare (boarding school) from 2003 to 2009 after which I secured admission to study Bsc. Architecture at Bayero University Kano in 2015.

Bilal Abdullahi
The year that I discovered blogging opportunity (2016)

To God be the glory, I graduated successfully in 2020. Aside from my studies, I rock my passion behind the screen 24/7. Meanwhile, I started blogging since when I was in 200Level, that was around 2016. With a lot of obstacles and challenges I was able to scaled through with both my studies and blogging business.

Alhamdulillah, I always thank God for everything. I have been blogging on a free hosted platform ( and making some little income from the blog. With my technical knowledge in SEO (search engine optimization) and as a social media strategist, I target clients to my blog through social media and google search engine, these are my main traffic sources. Well, I have never relied on making money online with google adsense (monetization technique of most Nigerian

As a blogger that always dream to make hundreds of thousands online, my target was to hit a deal with a client because I already have the skills to offer online and get paid (then why wasting time on $100 or less while I have the believe that I can make 10x of such amount in a month).

The idea encouraged me to invest in blogging in order to blog like a pro!. I started buying blogging ebooks and undergoing online courses. Sometimes, I have to use my last card to pay for online courses.

A BIG thanks to the founders of (Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger). Fiverr really changed my life. This online university taught me what I couldn’t acquire in college.

I enrolled in 3 different online courses on fiverr (digital marketing, affiliate marketing & graphics design) though I have a background in graphics design right from college.

I recommend fiverr to everyone that wants to follow in my footsteps because fiverr is one of the largest online universities. You can click here to enroll on any course of your choice.

Learn from fiverr

Here is my 10 recommended free and paid online universities that you can enroll in any course of your choice.

I never believe in missing opportunity. To cut the long story short, in 2019 everything changed, my blogging marketing strategy started to show green light, clients started to DM for adverts and sponsored posts on my free blogger blog ( I charged nothing less than $100 (35,000 Naira) for a single sponsored post!

Sponsored post


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With the little income I keep the fire burning by learning more marketing strategies because my dream is to blog like a pro!

How to start a blog and make 1 million Naira In One Month

My friend, can you imagine that this year 2020, my blogging success started bouncing from nowhere?. I started smelling 1 million naira from my popular blogger blog (If you have been following tech blogs in Nigeria you must have known my crazy blog especially with its superb UX and DESIGN).

I mean closing a deal worth 800k with a single client became a history. YEAH it’s now a history because I made my first 1 million naira from blogging within a month. You can read the full story from my premium eBook and the strategies that I used to hammered such bigger amount.

800,000 naira blogging income

There is a lot of proof for you there. As you’re getting started I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I have made during my journey to the promised land. I know why I’m telling you this, and that’s the reason why I packaged this advance blogging course for you.


As a million blogger, it’s a big opportunity for me to invest in blogging and to start a full-time blogging.

So, I decided to taste blogging to the marrow, to teach newbies and young entrepreneurs what blogging really means to their businesses and how to use the internet and social media to skyrocket and supercharge their businesses to the next level. Hence the launching of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub.

Weekly entrepreneur interview

Eventually, I have launched 3 “must read” and “mind-blowing” ebooks (BLOGGING IN DEMAND, NICHE ROCKED & SALES MASTERPIECE) this year, which I started working on them since January, 2020. The 4th one is on it’s way (SHOOT THE CLIENT) and set to be launched on 1st January, 2021. My best selling eBook in 2019 was “CONTENT MARKETING FOOTPRINT” which drive in more than 1.5 million naira sales, cash out on 13th April, 2020 from my paystack payment dashboard.

1.5 million naira blogging income

(Making 2m+ naira in a month is not a rocket science. You can make more than this if you follow my blueprint)

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Blogging as a start-up

CEHUB is a “start-up” because I never take blogging as a joke, I always welcome it with business in mind. Finally, we pray that campus entrepreneurs hub (cehub) will become a big brand in Nigeria very soon.

We have 6 dedicated team members presently and we have partnered with DIIDOL (web development firm) to handle all our technical issues. In a nutshell, CEHUB (Campus Entrepreneurs Hub) is a blog dedicated to finding and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“CEHUB is determined to train and promote entrepreneurs with a clear mindset to succeed. We believe that entrepreneurship is the key and solution to economic growth and job creation.

The team at cehub are ready to show you and guide you into entrepreneurship. Now more than ever, people need more ways to make money, cehub will provide you with the ideas and the skills needed to conquer business success.

The cehub team promised to ensure that young entrepreneurs have the best resources to learn from. In the e-library section, ebooks, videos, and podcasts will be made available. (Free and paid) in different fields for you and for every young entrepreneurs out there”.

YOUR HUB, YOUR HOME. Without YOU we can’t make a history. Thank you for visiting. Please use this advantage to grab your advance blogging course. Here is my free blogging eBook that I promised you!….CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Niche rocket

How to start a blog: What you will learn from this free blogging eBook



1. Introduction

2. What is a Blog?
>History of Blog

3. Difference Between Blog and Website
>Blog or Website, which One is Better for Your Business
>Difference between Blog Post & Pages
>Why do People Blog & Benefit of Blogging
>6 Examples of Successful Blogs
>How Bloggers Make Money Online (Secrets)

4. What Is a Niche Blog?

5. How to Find Your Blogging Niche
>Earning Potential
>Best monetization techniques

6. Lucrative Blogging Niche that Pays like Mad!

7. Steps To Setup Your Niche Blog In 10min! (32 powerful screen guides)

>Steps to buy hosting + recommended web hosting company for you! 

>Steps to install WordPress package

>Steps to install your blog theme

>Steps to install my 5 recommended plugins for your site optimization & security

>Steps to submit your sitemap to google search console for better google crawling and ranking

>Steps to setup yoast plugin (basic SEO)

>Steps to publish your first blog post

8. 5 Recommended Tools To Launch Your Niche Blog With

9. No.1 Blogging Mistake You Should Avoid while You’re Climbing The Success Ladder

10. Conclusion (How to Blog Like a Pro!)

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Bilal Abdullahi
Back then, your guy was struggling with SEO (2017)


Bilal graduation year
I couldn’t remember the date (graduation day) but it was 2019 sha…lol..


Me and my friend
I and my friend, Mr. AG (sign out)


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Welcome to my world!!!!….Now, you know who is Bilal. I have developed a PASSION (not a HECK strategy) in leveraging social media and the internet, BLOGGING to be precise, to drive passive income online. In fact, I was born to BLOG!

You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn @bilblogger

Disclaimer: This post was updated on 4th-october-2020 and may contain affiliate links which I may earn a little commission when you make a purchase at 0.00% cost to you. Please read my affiliate terms and conditions.


BIlal Abdullahi

I’m Bilal Abdullahi Digital Marketer and Professional Architect living in Northern Nigeria. The brainbox behind Campus Entrepreneurs Hub (cehub). Featured on PrimeTimeNews, BloggerPoint, Afrikpreneur. Author: BLOGGING IN DEMAND & NICHE ROCKET. For Copywriting and SEO services WhatsApp : +2348069830560. You can connect with me on Instagram + Twitter @bilalcehub

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