How to Start High Paying Copywriting Job in 2023

The power of pen that magnetize both attention and attraction. Do you want to make your product looks good in the eyes of all? First impression they say matters. Today, I promise to over deliver and reveal the hidden secrets of copywriting job and how you can untapped this ideas and secrets to make money online from home in 2021.

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You can become the must WANTED copywriter on the internet if you’re ready to put in the work. To be an expert in this case there’s need to have a better HAND than MOUTH.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting involves the activities of public relations. It is an ACT of writing done for the purpose of advertising.

And that ability and talent in you that triggers the aesthetic text which has the power to make look at the direction of your ‘market’ makes it an ART.

To further elucidate, copywriting is the combination of ART and ACT to create a powerful write-up about your product or service with the sole aim of boosting sales. 

Skillful write-up is the backbone of marketing. It is said in NAIJA dialect that ‘food wey sweet na money kill am’. And so to a better taste of your market, a killer write up is imperative.

One that is full of wisdom, stewed and spiced with ingredients that can lure whoever the reader is to take that desired action you want.

An inspirational speaker will sweet mouth to white wash the brain of his audience and they become his slave, paying attention and doing whatever he wants.

You ve also got same power in your hands. Put your brain in your hands and let the ink speak for you. Make people yearn for your product.

Give yourself value and put yourself in a position where your customers will feel without your product, no other can fill the vacuum. 

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Copywriting as a job

Copywriting as a job

Copywriting as an occupation is a cool money fetcher for both the writer and the one being written for. An occupation that involves no stress which allows one to prod wonders at the comfort of your home with the magic hands.

Copywriting as a source of income is one that takes the powerful headlines capable of grabbing attention. Nail your opening and introductions.

Carve out a powerful and cool sales message that drive your reader forward into your write up. Seduce your readers into falling in love with your art work.

Dress up your write up in a way that will make the reader want to have a taste of the so called product being discussed. 

This article is written as a helper to guide you to your success as far as this topic is concerned. So get comfortable and if possible get a chilled drink, keep your eyes and brain open while familiarising yourself with whatever is being penned.

As we go deeper, more things will be touched which you wouldn’t want to miss. Be calm and focus while we move together.

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It becomes a failed attempt when trying to seduce somebody without knowing the soft spot or weak point. You can have a beautifully and fantastic written copy.

You can have a gorgeous website design. The product at your possession may even be one in a century. But all become a bullshit when you no knowledge about the pains and heartwarming dreams of your target audience.

If you are not aware of the pain your customers go through and the hardship they encounter, how on earth are you going to convince him that your product or service you render will aid him or her?

You want to go into the sale of gas cooker. Fine and fantastic business idea. But how well do you know about your customers’ need for it.

What are your evidence and convincing power that  the gas cooker you sell can serve them better than the kerosene stove or ordinary charcoal they use?

This is why it is so important to have a good understanding about your customers. If possible try playing the role of a detective.

Be nosy and hungry to find more in depth needs of your target audience. Do this by conducting interviews and friendly chats with them. This will give you more points.

The hidden secret of attention-grabbing headlines 

Having done this, the next is to concentrate on how to craft that powerful headline that grab attention and sustain the readers’ suspense into the main body of your write up.

Your headline should be strong and powerful, simple and precise. It should be able to give an incite on what to meet in the body. A weak headline kills the readers’ spirit. Your words should be chosen carefully and attractively.

Your headline perform for functions of catching the attention of your potential customers and lure them into further reading. As such, do everything possible to achieve that.

Avoid verbose words and lengthy sentences. Your words have to flaw “non stop”. Write in a away that your reader would smoothly slip into each sentence and paragraphs.

Remember to avoid long sentences and paragraphs. Your headline should have an opening that kills and motivates the reader. Try to open with a question.

Example; ‘What is life without food?’. This will force your reader to mentally respond, create a little conversation and keep your copy fresh. 

Copywriting in some ways can be seen like hiring a salesman that reach all your customers. This is done through billboards, magazine ads, sales letters, blog posts etc.

Copywriting as a marketing strategy 

The importance of copywriting as a marketing strategy can not be over emphasized. Design, content marketing, SEO and so on are all part of a complete digital marketing plan.

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But copywriting is the magnet that attach them together. A good copywriting gives a meaningful design and lay a better or solid foundation for your content marketing, SEO and growth hacking.

This can further convert your readers into becoming your permanent customers.  The magic of a good and beautiful copywriting concerning business or marketing goes beyond one’s imagination.


Storytelling in copywriting

The impact of storytelling on copywriting

A write up that tells a compelling story and at the same time convince readers of the need for the product under discourse goes a long way to grant a limitless growth to one’s business.

Copywriting is another device in a business marketing toolbox. Well written copy can make or break an ad or marketing piece. 

To achieve this ‘no be child play‘. The main body of the write up contains the main message. Of course, at this stage you should have the perfect knowledge or understanding of whatever product you are selling.

Take out sometimes to study your product to learn which features will stand out to your customers. Here is the place to find out what makes your product unique and what benefit and features will appeal to your customers.

To get into the game proper, break it down into stages. Create the perfect description of your product. Provide answers to the following questions. 

Q1: What is the product itself?

This point need no too write up. You don’t need to waste much of your ink here. Provide simple description. Let it be apt and quick to the understanding of the customers. 

Q2: What makes the product unique or special from others?

More convincing is needed to achieve this point. Attached with clear facts. Talk about the best qualities of the product. Such as;

  • What does it have that others doesn’t?
  • What is the make of the product and where is it made?
  • Foreign or Local?
  • How easy is it to use?
  • Does it give discomfort or comfort?
  • Is there something that makes the product standout from others in competition?

Q3: What gratification can one derive from the product?

This should be the most important of all. I can’t buy a product that can’t give me a hint of the benefit I stand to gain. So give more convincing power to the customers on the benefit that awaits them upon the purchase of your product.

Q4: Can it solve the pains of your customers?

People generally buy for one of these two reasons; one is to increase their pleasure and the other is to minimize pain.

For example. A restaurant owner could use this headline; “Do you trek to a long distance to get food to eat?” This will now be followed by a relieving statement like… “Here is a better option for you”.

Talk about how the restaurant has come to liberate them from the pain and suffering. Elaborate more on how it will save them time and money and they will still get to enjoy better services than your far away counterpart.

Q5: What are the qualities of your product and what are the benefits gotten from each?

Here also you are expected to list those exciting features possessed by your product and give it a short description. Further go ahead to tell them the benefits of each of the features. 

To wrap up your write up, the concluding part should carry heavy praises on your product. Get acquainted with your competitors’ weakness and use it to nail them.

Writing a compelling text will deserve more of knowing what differentiates your product from the competition. Point out the worst of your competitors’ products in a healthy manner with a view of presenting yours as the best savior.

Make them understand that not patronizing you will be their greatest mistake.

Note: Here is a quick understanding of two concepts that may sound confusing.

SEO content writing

Difference between copywriting and content writing?

Do you have problem understanding this or do you think that both are the same. Well, you may or may not be not mistaking. Although both has to do with the hands and the ink. But Some have outlined the distinction to be that….

Copywriting refers to writing marketing and promotional materials. While content writing on the other hand has to do with writing in form of informational or editorial pages on websites like blog posts, article pages or products pages.

Copywriting is persuasive in nature aiming for advertisement. But content writing is devoid of any element of persuasion.

It’s just out to provide information. However, other school of thoughts assert that both can mean the same.

According to Julia Guth, the Oxford club. “Without good copywriters, we don’t have a business“. This assertion however means that these set of people are indeed relevant in our business environs. Now, the question is;

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is blessed with that creative hand. Made with ART and ACT to craft piece, text that gives understanding and change your perspection of thinking.

Copywriter helps to create billboards, brochures, catalogs, newspaper advertisements, sales letters, magazines written for television or radio commercials, social media posts and other marketing communications.

A copywriter is a professional writer who writes text or copy for marketing and advertisement purposes. 

When it comes to writing a copy, many thinks it is an easy task. Meanwhile, in reality nothing could be farther from the truth.

A lot is really required. Not just anybody can do the job. So it is better to look for a genius to carry out such assignments for you.

Qualities of a good copywriter

  1. Good listener: It is very important that your copywriter fully understands the main point of your market. He or she should listen to your potential customers to learn about their wants and needs. With this you are sure that your write up is properly targeted to your audience and would sure do justice to their needs and concerns.
  2. Knowledgeable: A copywriter should know the in and out of modern copywriting. He or she should be vast in knowledge. He should not make the text too detailed. The copy should be market driven and focused on educating the consumer with direct, simple language.
  3. Eyes for learning: A copywriter should be hungry for knowledge. There should be that urge and eagerness to learn. This can be done by carrying out interviews and conducting research. He or she can also increase the knowledge and skills by reading more qualities about those who are erudite in the game or field. A good copywriter should also be aware that his main goal is to learn as much information as possible about the product and the audience in order to write an effective copy.
  4. Good reading habit: Reading helps increase the copywriter’s vocabulary and mastering of English language. A copywriter should always be aware of the latest industry trends.
  5. Always ask for assistance: A good copywriter should have the ability to seek for help from those considered to be mentors. Through their advises and motivation, they can achieve more.


To sum it all up, copywriting is all about the manipulation of words. Play with the words and play with the brain of your readers. Don’t confuse them but convince them. Let them be the prisoners in your world. Indeed the PEN is mightier than the sword.

Now that you have grabbed the point, it’s my turn to ask you a question. Are you ready to become a copywriter and make a living from it? If YES!

Give me a chance to introduce you to expert copywriting course that will give you a steady mindset to successful copywriting job. There, you will find all the heck information needed for you to become one of the must WANTED copywriter on the internet.

Copywriting as a job

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