How to use Stakecut as affiliate or vendor

Complete step-by-step guide on how to use Stakecut

In this guide, we’re going to explore Stakecut menus before I show you how to use Stakecut and you must register your Stakecut account and access your dashboard so that you be able to relate with what I will be sharing with you in this blog post.

Stakecut menus/categories you should know

Vendor: this is where you can publish your products, view your products, set up contests and edit your profile. You can also request for your product sales payout from this section.

Affiliate: this is where you can access all affiliate products on Stakecut, find contests to join, check approved products before promotion, view the $1000 leaderboard to know top affiliates on Stakecut. You can also view your affiliate earnings.

Community: In this section, you can access Stakecut telegram channel at your convenience. Affiliates can ask questions and share their experience with the platform in the community.

Other menus: here you can navigate to see best sellers on Stakecut, watch free video training in the Stakecut university, make changes in your profile settings, check upcoming products. Both vendors and affiliates can edit their bank details from “other menus”.

Image showing Stakecut dashboard
Screenshot showing Stakecut dashboard

Stakecut user interface and dashboard

The stakecut UI designer and software developer undoubtedly provide amazing experience to both vendors and affiliates.

The platform also comes with some outstanding features such as the ability to switch your affiliate account to a vendor’s account within 60 seconds.

There are other exceptional tools and product integration that will be launched soon for affiliates to explore. Such as AI writer, talent pool, WhatsApp automation and freelance hub.

How to use Stakecut as an affiliate

The only way to use Stakecut as an affiliate is to visit “market place“, then pick a hot selling product on Stakecut and start promoting shamelessly.

When you make sales, the commission will automatically reflect on your dashboard. For instance, if you sell a $100 product with a 50% commission rate, $50 will be added to your total earnings on your dashboard. And you can request a payout or wait to get an automated bank alert on the following Monday.

Stakecut payout

Pro Tip: before you start using Stakecut to sell affiliate products, look for products that come with affiliate contests or sales challenges.

When you join the contests you will stand a chance to win a cash prize, brand new smartphone, a car or a trip to any country specified by the vendor.

Imagine winning extra prizes while you make money from your affiliate sales. The reward for making money is more money!

How to make money on Stakecut as an affiliate

The internet lifestyle is beautiful. To earn in dollars on Stakecut just set up your sales funnel, turn on your Ads and if that sales funnel is good, you could be playing PS4 while you get alerts from your affiliate sales.

The moment you unlock this level, life becomes easier for you. You will begin to wonder why it took you so long to figure this out.

You will dress better, talk more confidently – and start to spend more easily on things you want.

Then you get your first car, move into a better apartment and start living a better life. But first; to get to this level you need a plan.

And here is a super simple plan you can follow to unlock this lifestyle: 

Firstly, learn how to write AIDA content marketing and copywriting like a PRO. You can learn this from free google articles.

AIDA model

Secondly, learn how to build a lead funnel. It is easy and it takes a maximum of 20 minutes to get it done.

Thirdly, learn how to drive traffic to a lead funnel. You can master this in a month if you’re serious about making money online.

Lastly, create your account and pick any Stakecut affiliate product to promote, set up a lead funnel for it, drive traffic and if you are lucky, you can make your first affiliate sales in less than 7 days.

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If you can make 2 commission sales of N25,000 on Stakecut a day. That is N50,000 a day. Meanwhile, you can pocket N1,500,000 per month.

This is way more than most bankers’ salaries in your state. And the great part is you can do this WITH no degree, no certificate and without stepping a foot out of your home.

Earn $1k - $5k Per Month With Affiliate Marketing And Escape Jobless Lifestyle!


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Do you want to learn how to use Stakecut to do those THREE THINGS I just listed above to make affiliate sales?

  1. Lead Funnel creation
  2. Traffic generation
  3. AIDA content marketing and copywriting

To get started, CLICK HERE to watch a free video presentation.

Affiliate disclosure: I may earn a little commission (at no additional cost to you) when you sign up for the Online Boss Academy using my affiliate link.

Most of my students’ results I shared on this blog were possible because they believe in my recommendation to join Online Boss Academy and start a profitable affiliate business.

Because of their confidence in me, I then hold their hands and show them how to 100x their affiliate sales in my personal mentorship program.

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Vendor Payout
Payment for my product on

How to make money on Stakecut as a vendor

Let me quickly tell you a short story about why rice sellers make more money than Bankers in Nigeria.

This is an unpopular fact and I’m sure you will argue this. Right now, you may be thinking “A rice seller can NEVER make more money than a banker!”.

But the metrics lie. So, let us do a simple calculation.

Let’s say Mr. John, who works as a teller in a bank, earns N150,000 on the 29th of every month. Then, Iya Basira sells a plate of rice for N500 in her local restaurant.

For instance, Iya Basira sells 70 plates a day: 70 x N500 = N35,000 daily

Which means in a month she will make a whopping amount of: N35,000 x 30 = N1,050,000. That’s one million naira in sales!

You may be asking how about the expenses right?!!!

Well, we can consider all the expenses, like the price of rice, plantains, ingredients and even her shop rent. Let’s say N700,000 would be deducted from her profit.

However, you will agree with me that Iya Basira will be making, at least, N350,000 pure profit out of the N1,050,000 monthly.

The secret is, small drops of income add up to become a mountain. Iya Basira with all the expenses still goes home with better profits.

This is how most people you consider small business owners are able to afford to take their kids to nice schools and build a house for themselves.

Which means, if you start making 14,500 per day, you will be making N435,000 per month consistently.

But the question you might ask now is “how can I use Stakecut to make money as a vendor?

Well, there is a way for you to start doing that number in your spare time, without Iya Basira’s kind of expenses which is called info products business.

Have you heard about info marketing before?


Watch a free video presentation on how to create and list info product on Stakecut as a vendor and start taking orders consistently.

Feel free to ask me questions if you have any. Just contact me using the WhatsApp icon on your screen. I’m always available to help you make use of the Stakecut properly.


You can use Stakecut as an affiliate to promote products or as a vendor to list your products in the marketplace. Both vendors and affiliates make money selling digital or physical products on Stakecut.

If you love this blog post, don’t forget to share with your family and friends. Once you’re done, CLICK HERE to download your free gift. Thank you!

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