Is Selar affiliate marketing legit or scam? (Review)

Selar affiliate marketing review

Before we jump into selar affiliate marketing review for you to know whether it’s legit or scam. Let me quickly share my experience with you as one of the vendors on Selar platform.

I came across Selar in 2020, during the HeadStart Africa Summit organized by Mr. John Obidi with other top internet marketers in Nigeria.

During the live webinar, one of the guests shared e-commerce tools that give digital product creators the ability to host their ebooks and online courses for free.

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That’s when I spotted the Selar platform. As at the time of writing this review, I have about 10 digital products in different niches on which I have been selling to make some cool cash for myself.

My products sales on Selar
Screenshot of my premium digital products on Selar

So to cut it short, I have a good experience with (as a vendor not affiliate) and I have never had issues since I started using the platform to sell my digital products.

But, this is not the real gist here. 

What really matters is whether selar affiliate marketing is a scam or legit. And that’s why you are here right.


Let’s get into the real big gist on Selar affiliate marketing.

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Why should you start Selar affiliate marketing?

If you don’t have a big budget to sign up for 72IG program on Expertnaire, then Selar is the best bet for you. 

We all understand how difficult it is for someone to save money in this harsh economy.

So, If funds are your biggest challenge you don’t have to worry anymore as you have thousands of opportunities to start a profitable affiliate business in Nigeria.

Selar affiliate registration fee is N2,000 per year and I can say that it is quite affordable if you consider how much you’re currently spending on data subscription per month.

Imagine paying only N2,000 per year and making, at least, N200,000 per month on Selar as an affiliate.

Yes! You can earn more than 6 figures on Selar if you have the required skills to promote affiliate products.

Once you make a reasonable income on Selar you can decide to join any affiliate network of your choice and have access to high ticket affiliate products with bigger commissions.

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Do you know that Stakecut membership is 100% free?

With Stakecut, you can earn in dollars as an affiliate when you join the Online Boss Academy where you will learn top-level affiliate marketing strategy. Plus free access to premium tools to set-up your affiliate business on automation. Join us today!

How to register on Selar affiliate network

Since you already know the Selar affiliate registration fee and you’re sure that you can afford to join today, then let’s create your Selar affiliate account now.

Step-by-step process to create Selar affiliate account

Visit: and provide your registration details, such as full name, email address and password.

Join the Selar affiliate network

Click on “Get Started” to explore the leading affiliate marketplace in Africa with thousands of products to choose from and start promoting right away.


Selar Login page

If you already have an account with Selar, just click “Log In”  to go to the next page. If you don’t have existing account, then click on “create one for free” provide all the necessary information on the next page.

Choose a plan that gives you access to the biggest network of digital product creators, and sets you up for financial independence with as low as NGN 2,000 per year.

Selar Affiliate subscription plan

After you choose a plan, you will automatically subscribe to the Selar Affiliate network and you will be charged NGN2,000 yearly but you can cancel at any time.

Note: by signing up this plan, you agree that you are purchasing a subscription that is charged on a recurring yearly basis. You also agree to Selar’s Terms of use and Privacy Policy.

Payment page

Once you agree, you can smash the “pay now” button to complete your transaction conveniently. Selar accepts different payment options via flutterwave payment gateway.

Selar payment option

You can choose to pay with USSD, bank transfer, bank deposit or pay using your debit card. Immediately your payment is successful you will have access to thousands of affiliate products available for you.

How to promote Selar affiliate products

You can start promoting your affiliate products through your social media channels like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or create a simple sales page and run Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your affiliate link.

Once a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase you will earn a commission instantly right?

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Absolutely, WRONG!

You may think that with this strategy you can make your first N1,000,000 on Selar but when you start promoting and you end up getting zero sales you will realize that affiliate marketing is beyond sharing links on social media and running paid Ads to generate traffic.

Promote affiliate products and generate sales consistently. CLICK HERE to download a free guide.

How to withdraw your Selar affiliate commissions

You don’t have to worry about selar earnings withdrawal. I can guarantee you that their payment system is flexible and fast.

Once you make sales you will receive your earnings straight into your local bank account without hassle.

Selar affiliate marketing pros (Advantages)

Pay attention to this review. If you have been looking for validation from experts on the internet before you get started on Selar, here’s the uncommon truth about the Selar affiliate marketing.

This might trigger your decision to start affiliate business on Selar because I’m going to expose everything you need to know in this review.

The first thing that drives my attention to the Selar affiliate program is their membership fee. Absolutely cheap and affordable. So, I can give Selar 5 stars for this amazing “giveaway” offer to their affiliates.

Secondly, Selar is a popular e-commerce platform in Africa. So, they have built authority and also cultivated “trust” with millions of customers across African countries.

You don’t have to “shout” too much before you can make a sale as your target audience, probably, already knows about the platform.

Thirdly, their platform is easy to navigate. Even if you’re a newbie you can quickly set up your affiliate account on Selar without being tech-savvy or watching hundreds of video guides on YouTube.

Selar delivers their digital products instantly. Once your customer makes payment they will receive login details (or access link) via their email address within 5-10 minutes which is a good response rate.

Affiliates can also promote coaching programs, services and physical products unlike Expertnaire which lists only digital products for their affiliates.

Selar affiliate marketing cons (Disdvantages)

In almost everything there’s usually advantages and disadvantages. But in the Selar affiliate marketing scenario, the disadvantages are quite enough to say that Selar affiliate marketing is a scam.

But I don’t want to rush into this conclusion. Therefore, I will present my proof for you to judge this review by yourself.

Remember that they’re two ways to become an affiliate on Selar.

The first one is by referring someone to join selar as a vendor. With this affiliate referral program you only earn 1% of their sales in the first month of selling on Selar.

According to

If your referred user sells NGN5,000,000 in the first month of them selling on Selar, we’ll give you 1% of that, NGN50,000. The referral commission is capped at your default currency’s equivalent of $100, and terms & conditions apply.

I don’t really understand how they want their affiliate to earn a living with this “refer and earn” program after all it’s “Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop”.

Honestly, I will not advise you to join this kind of affiliate program if your target is to make money and travel around the world through affiliate business.

Now, let’s look at the second affiliate program which is the art of selling other people’s digital products on Selar legitimately.

Before I wrote this review, I heard a conversation with my affiliate prospect, Mss. Mary, on WhatsApp concerning Selar affiliate marketing and here’s what she has to say about Selar:

Selar negative review from Mary
My WhatsApp chat with Mary discussing about Selar affiliate network prior to writing this review.

Another one?

Few days ago, Mr. Czar Nnamani (Stakecut founder) posted on Facebook about people who used to buy online courses and resell to innocent customers and here’s a comment from Mr. Adewale John on Czar’s post:

Selar user review
Another negative review from Mr. John on Facebook about Selar affiliate network

Here’s my take on this: If you aim to help your audience solve their problems by recommending affiliate products to them, better look for another affiliate network (like Expertnaire or Stakecut) to save your reputation and avoid anything that will tarnish your image in the eyes of your audience.

In reference to this evidence, Selar doesn’t have a good product vetting and quality control team. Scammers can steal and resell other people’s products on the platform.

Which is a big crime!

Takeaway: if you want to serve your audience with quality products, I will suggest you should join any other affiliate network of your choice instead of wasting your time, energy and resources on the Selar affiliate network.


Affiliate marketing is profitable if you get into it with good intentions. Since I started my affiliate business I have been very conscious about the kind of platform and products I recommend to my audience.

And I want you to also put this into consideration as you’re planning to start a profitable affiliate business.

It’s now your choice to make a genuine and unbiased conclusion about the Selar affiliate marketing based on the facts and evidence that I have provided for you here. 

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Whether you call Selar affiliate marketing a scam or legit it’s your choice.

We’re naturally judgemental when it comes to playing the game of interest. But a good judgement is the one with evidence and facts. 

If you want Selar to see this review and improve on their affiliate program, please kindly share this blog post on your social media handles.

You can even talk about this review on your WhatsApp status.

Make sure that you link back to this post so that your friends and business partners won’t think that you’re lying. As you’re trying to help people, also save your reputation. Thank you!

BIlal Abdullahi

Hello friend! I am Bilal Abdullahi, the CEO and founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub. An inbound online platform where I share my little knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Do you want to learn how I make money as a full-time blogger in Nigeria? Chat me on WhatsApp: +2348069830560

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