Joshua Mba True Life Story: From Grass To Grace After Launching Stakecut in 2022

Who is Joshua Mba?

Over the past few months, I started promoting Stakecut best selling courses on my blog. A lot of aspiring affiliates have been asking “who is Joshua Mba?” Because of that, I have decided to have a special interview with Mr. Joshua Mba to share his true life story with us and how he built the best and seamless affiliate platform in Nigeria.

Joshua Mba is the co-founder of Stakecut affiliate platform spearheaded by Mr. Czar Nnamani, the chief executive officer and founder of Stakecut, one of the fast-growing affiliate platforms in Africa.

Below is the true life story of Joshua Mba:

My name is Joshua Mba, the co-founder of Stakecut affiliate platform and I am considered the exact Guy you need to listen to if you want to see financial freedom in your life. And I will tell you why shortly.

I grew up in a remote part of Nigeria where I had no NEPA light for over 9 years! I really struggle.

In fact when I managed to get a Tecno M3 then at N7,500 it was like a super blessing. After 3 years of working hard, I could only afford a Laptop.

But I discovered a secret that is 100x everything to me and today, I own two tech companies plus an agency and am currently building two more.

But after I got hold of the information I would be sharing with you in this post, here is a sneak into the workspace that cost me about $10,000 (N5,000,000) to set up alone.

Joshua Mba true life storyThe workspace is not my best achievement.

I love private life and I can only show you my workspace. I won’t talk about cars, houses, investments and other things in this post. This was the start of my 100x life.

Everything that helped me unlock this kind of uncommon financial result is tied to 3 things, would you want me to show that?? Yes or No.

These 3 things are captured under how to raise money for yourself with a business model that requires Zero-Capital.

Today, I’m going to tell you everything I used to achieve amazing results in this same business model. That will help you to start making $100, $500, $1,000, $10,000 or more.

These 3 things are the wealth formula used by wealthy people to multiply their income using the principle of mentorship and High-value access.

But I want you to make me a commitment.

Commitment #1: You will be 100% honest with yourself, especially with your Finances.

Commitment #2: You will go all in to execute once you discover that this will help you transform your finances for life. But before then;

Joshua Mba true life story

Here is a summary of my story

I grew up in the heart of a rural part of Ebonyi State, Nigeria where I lived without Nepa Light for over 9 Years with poor access to the internet.

I had no opportunity to experience cool technology while growing up. No luxury or expensive lifestyle.

And I started to look for a way to change my financial life using the internet. I also tried multiple businesses and failed at many and some paid me chunks.

The truth is, no one is coming to help you! Only You can. Since I understand this life principle, I decided to take control and worked hard to achieve success.

Here are the first three things I mastered:

1. I mastered the act of raising money for anything.

2. I understood how to multiply the money

3.I understand how to generate money on auto-pilot.

One of the businesses I used to replicate this is affiliate marketing. So with affiliate marketing:

1. I can start with Zero Capital and raise money anytime without owning a product.

2. I can multiply the Money I make from it consistently

3. I can run affiliate marketing on automation. 

I want to show you How to Start Affiliate Marketing the Right Way and Bank at least $10, $50, $100, $200 or more weekly.

Don’t even doubt this or feel it is not possible. I will show you my results and that of the people who joined my mentorship program. But let’s answer the most popular question in this industry.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s the act of recommending a product to someone and getting paid a commission immediately after the person purchases the product.

You don’t own the product, nothing concerns you about the product, just recommend it and get paid.

What do you need to get started with Affiliate Marketing?

1. A product (Hot product actually)

2. How to recommend these products to people and where to find these people.

3. How to get your money straight up into your bank account

There are basically two ways to reach people to recommend a product and get them to buy the product.

1. Organic (WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) 

2. Paid  (Facebook ads, Google Ads, Instagram ads etc)

For the purpose of this interview, I have created a video presentation where I explained the exact step-by-step guide to start affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world. Kindly watch the video below. 

Bilal: Now that you already know who Joshua Mba is and you watched the video to get more clarity on affiliate marketing, here’s my personal advice to you as a brother and my blog reader.

My advice on Joshua Mba’s mentorship program

On my blog, I always talked about how learning digital skills changed my life. I grew from a 20k monthly salary to someone that’s now doing 7 figures in a month selling affiliate products.

One of my students recently asked me how it is possible and what digital skills are really all about.

Then this is it, digital skills are online skills you learn with the aim to make you a valuable person and with the purpose to fulfill your dreams of financial freedom.

Digital skills can be copywriting, graphics design, web design, Facebook advertising, blogging, WhatsApp marketing, email marketing and many more.

But then, apart from learning digital skills, I have fully ventured into the business of affiliate marketing with the help of Joshua Mba (Stakecut co-founder). And his mentorship program really changed the game for me.

Read Also: How I made my first affiliate sales on Stakecut in less than 7 days

I’ve made 7 figures from the business of affiliate marketing by simply applying what I have learned in the ultimate affiliate marketing program. 

Yesterday alone while I was trying to round off the interview with Joshua Mba, I made $200 on Stakecut selling other people’s products and got a commission of $100 pure profit instantly.

Affiliate marketing is a business that can change anyone’s life including yours. If you’re someone that’s so serious about changing your life in 2023.

You should give this business a good thought and the good news is, you don’t need heavy money like $100 or $150 to start the business.

All you need to get started is to make an investment of $40 instead of $150 to get access to the ultimate affiliate marketing program. 

And you’ll get access to hot products on Stakecut that you can promote and make money for yourself.

If you already have a Stakecut affiliate account and you’re a total newbie you might get stuck while promoting Stakecut affiliate products.

That’s why it is highly recommended to get the right mentorship and materials that will make your affiliate business easier for you.

So, Mr. Joshua Mba, has created the ultimate affiliate marketing program for anyone that wants to make money on his platform.

One of our students in the ultimate affiliate marketing program just crossed his first $1,000 a few months ago. You can check the testimonial below to see for yourself.

Top Affiliate on Stakecut

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Register For My Mentorship Program And Start Earning 50% Commission As An Affiliate.

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Honestly, affiliate marketing is really changing people’s lives. If you really want to get started with this, kindly register for the ultimate affiliate marketing program today.

NOTE: Registration fee is $40 (N24,000) for a limited time. And you can pay in your local currency whether you’re from Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya or any African countries.

Meanwhile, Stakecut is an international affiliate platform. You can promote Stakecut affiliate products from any country of your choice.

Benefits of the ultimate affiliate marketing program by Joshua Mba

In the ultimate affiliate marketing program, you will learn how to design a website. Including how to design sales funnels and lead generation pages for your affiliate promotion.

You will learn how to automate WhatsApp marketing for your affiliate promotion. You will learn how to nurture leads and close affiliate sales without begging customers to buy.

You will learn how to generate organic leads on Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. You will also learn how to run profitable Facebook Ads using interest audience, custom audience and lookalike audience.

You will learn how to design flyers and write Ad copies for your Facebook Ads. You will learn how to create content using the AIDA model for your organic marketing.

You will learn email marketing and how to set up email automations (my best marketing strategy). You will also have access to a premium WhatsApp automation tool for free (value: $35/month).

You will get personal support from me to help you sort out any challenges you might face when promoting your affiliate products.

In the ultimate affiliate marketing program, you will also know the hot selling products that you can promote and make affiliate sales without hassle.

Not all products are high in demand. You might be promoting the wrong products that your audience doesn’t need.

So, in the ultimate affiliate marketing program, you will discover the products our students are promoting to make 10-15 sales that bring in $3,000+ monthly.

Stakecut testimonial

You will learn from Stakecut affiliates who have paid for the ultimate affiliate marketing program and they’re already making sales on Stakecut.

These are the digital skills anybody that wants to make money with affiliate marketing must have.

So, the reason why you’re not making money on Stakecut is because you don’t have all these digital skills that’s why you’re struggling to make sales.

The ultimate affiliate marketing program is created for you to learn all these skills and implement them to start getting results for yourself.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, learn from someone with track records and proven results.

For instance, if I want to make money on Stakecut, I will prefer learning from Joshua Mba instead of struggling to make money online. 

Why? Because, Mr. Joshua Mba is the co-founder of Stakecut and he knows best when it comes to how to use his platform to make money.

The ultimate affiliate marketing program is what changed my life after I discovered Stakecut in 2022.

If you’re ready to get started with affiliate marketing and make money on Stakecut, kindly register for the ultimate affiliate marketing program for just N24,000 ($40) only.

For international payment, use the registration link here: https://cehub.com.ng/recommends/mentorship

Scroll down below the video and use the payment button. You can use any payment methods of your choice.

For local payment, use the following account:

Account number: 1431999323

Account name: Bilal Abdullahi

Bank Name: Access Bank

Amount in Naira: N24,000

Send your proof of payment to me on WhatsApp for confirmation. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.

The price is too high. I cannot afford it!

I understand that things are difficult sometimes but instead of complaining about the price or worrying about lack of money.

Why not find a way to save or get the money to pay for the ultimate affiliate marketing program.

If the program is not worth it, I won’t be here telling you to pay for it. It’s the same program that taught me how to make money on Stakecut.

Today, I have taken my affiliate business to the next level by launching an affiliate marketing blog that generates leads for me automatically without posting randomly on Facebook.

Every first week of the month, I teach the first 10 people that register for the ultimate affiliate marketing program how to use my battle-tested strategy to generate organic leads from Google consistently. I teach them absolutely for free!


This is what we called an opportunity. To have someone who will put you through and guide you to get the same result. But some people are taking it for granted because they don’t know what they want.

They prefer to stay broke and keep complaining about their financial situation instead of taking action to grab the opportunity. 

The earlier you understand that you’ve to find ways to solve your financial problem the better for you. You cannot fold your hands and expect things to fall in place.

If I were you, I would quickly look for ways to raise the money instead of complaining about money.

Now let me ask you a question.

Would you prefer to stay broke for the next 3 months or would you rather raise money to start affiliate marketing and make your first $200-$300 in the next 1 month?

Which one would you prefer? Make an informed decision today!

BIlal Abdullahi

Hello friend! I am Bilal Abdullahi, the CEO and founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub. An inbound online platform where I share my little knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Do you want to learn how I make money as a full-time blogger in Nigeria? Chat me on WhatsApp: +2348069830560

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