A one-on-one clarity session on how to build a solid foundation for your entrepreneurship journey and how to start and scale your startup business in Nigeria.

Dear future CEO, I am Coach Bilal Abdullahi, the founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub, an inbound online platform where I share my in-depth knowledge in business and marketing.

I help future CEOs like you with a mindset reset mentorship to start and scale your dream startup business and succeed in a competitive market.

You’re one “guide” away to take your startup business to the promised land without doing leg-work.

When you think of the word ‘entrepreneur,’ it conjures up all kinds of images:

the classic ‘rags-to-riches’ story, corporate hotshots running international brands, scrappy startups in Silicon Valley… the list goes on.

You might also think of some supplementary words that seem to show up a lot these days, like ‘hustle’ and ‘grind.’

Of course, a dictionary is a solid start in answering the question:

‘What is entrepreneurship?’

Merriam-Webster defines ‘entrepreneur’ as ‘one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.’

But some entrepreneurs will tell you there’s a lot more at play than that.

And it’s difficult to nail down a clear definition of entrepreneur because everyone seems to have different opinions.

I would personally go so far as to say that just because someone owns a business doesn’t necessarily mean they’re an entrepreneur.

And vice-versa: a lot of incredible entrepreneurs are tucked into someone else’s organization and still thriving.

That’s because some of the chief characteristics of an entrepreneur involve

longevity, resilience, and the willingness to do things that aren’t your ideal cup of tea.

You’ve got to be ‘in it to win it,’ no matter how many failures it takes to get there.

Of course, failure is part of the deal – it’s how you bounce back that really matters.

That’s where hustle and grind come in.

If you’re unsure about whether you have the characteristics of a true entrepreneur.

And how exactly to go about it even if you’re certain you’re up for it, then this mentorship program is for you.


1. What entrepreneurship is, the key traits of an entrepreneur, and how to know if you’re cut out for it.

2. How to build yourself a solid foundation before setting forth into the unknown.

 3. The process of finding and validating a business idea, to help minimize risk.

4. How to set up your new business, including the business model and legal requirements.

5. How to fund your business to minimize financial strain and maximize profit.

6. How to attract investors and potentially raise up to fifty million Naira or more to support your business.

Are you ready for this journey?


Over the next few days, I’m going to be sending you a few emails.

When you see those emails, open them.

Then read them.

Every damn word.

I’m going to explain my whole lot of experiences and knowledge for starting and scaling a profitable startup company in Nigeria.

If you want to start a successful company and flood your business with a torrential downpour of customers and clients…

These will be the most important emails you will ever receive.

Seriously. But more on that in a moment…

You see, we all get started in business because we want something…

More money.

More control of our time.

More freedom.

But then, somewhere along the way most people get bogged down.

Stuck in the minutiae.

Replying to shitty emails.

Stuck in what I call “little chore hell”.

Then, that dream of having more control of your time…

Slips through your fingers like sand at the beach.

That extra time with your family disappears into the night like Osama bin Laden.

That extra money, well you’re working like 80 hours per week now.

Instead of the 40, you used to work…

So really you’ve taken a pay cut.

Or even if you have managed to earn more, is the sacrifice of your time really worth it?

Late nights.

Working weekends.





 A complete guide on how to transform yourself from a job seeker, street hustler, to online marketing entrepreneur.



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This sounds like a bad dream.

A haunting nightmare.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners.


It’s generally because of one systemic cause.

A virus that attacks the integrity of a business.

On a cellular level.

This disease is referred to as…

lack of business clarity and entrepreneurship mindset.

It restricts oxygen and eventually kills the organism that is in your startup business.

The opposite…

Is having the ability to pull down a lever and watch customers shoot out.

Having the ability to do this…

Pretty much cures this disease and solves all of the above.

You can hire sharp people to take that stuff off your plate.

Buy back your time.

Buy back your freedom.

Put on your cape and become a business superhero.

And it all starts with being a systems engineer.

Someone who can look down at your startup business like a machine.

Orchestrating it like a symphony to play a beautiful song.

This is what building a startup business is really about.

Building a system that can run without you…

So you can focus on the growth of your company.

You can feed it the nutrients it needs.

You can look into the future and envision where your company is going.

You can focus on ways to bring in new customers.

Enter new markets.

Form new partnerships.

But unless you get this whole business clarity and entreprenuership mindset reset ‘thing’ sorted…

You’re screwed.

Like royally.

And I don’t mean kinda sorted.

I’m talkin’ Marie Kondo sorted.

Like folded neatly and put away into little draws sorted.

I’m talking about building a successful startup company in Nigeria or from anywhere in the world using the startup survival jungle strategy.

Where you know exactly how many clients you’ll get each week…

And how many of those you’ll be able to get on the phone…

Then how many of those prospects will convert into paying customers and clients.

And how much revenue you’ll make each month.

I call this scientific customer and client acquisition for entrepreneurs.

Wanna see one of these ‘strategies’ in action?

Wanna know how to successfully launch a golden startup business?

And witness, firsthand, how to get customers and clients coming to you…

If so, you’re in luck.

I’ve put together a value-loaded and intensive mentorship program for you.

I’ll show you step-by-step how the whole thing works.

From a mindset reset to launching your startup company and attracting big-time investors!

Look, I can honestly say…

Without a shadow of a doubt.

If you need more business success…

This mentorship program is going to change everything for you!

CLICK HERE TO JOIN 1500+ FUTURE CEOs today. Get value for your time!

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