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I can understand how difficult it’s to get things done at the right time. I once feel how boring it’s to handle clients or customers online and on social media but don’t let that discourage you. You will know how blogging really works by the time you discover this ultimate opportunity.

Sometimes, we find it difficult to reach out some powerful resources that can project our marketing objectives.

And I also don’t want you to be in my shoes some years back, the year that I put all the blame on myself. The year that I can’t look at my families and smile at them because that very year I gave them assurance of my high income online after spending a lot of money on online courses.

That year, I tried to give up on my blogging business but my heart always told me that blogging is not by choice, my soul made me believe that if I don’t blog I will die broke despite that I’m a graduate architect that have worked with some individual clients.

A lot of fears, discouragement, and bad experiences affected my online business that very year. I guess you have experienced that before.

What if I tell you that I have a solution to few, if not all, of your online or social media marketing problems, what if I give you a guaranteed success if you try any of my resources here.

Perhaps, you may not believe because we have different mindset towards success. We might use the same resources or follow the same blueprint but unfortunately this won’t determine whether we would have equal results or not.

That is human nature, we naturally have different perceptions, beliefs and spirits no matter what we try to accomplish in life. What if I tell you today that you will succeed in a very short period of time if you use my resources properly.

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Why our online businesses are failing

I would like to tell you why our online businesses are failing (maybe you know better than I do) sometimes, we try to tell different story in a different style online, unlike in the physical world. Everything is predefined with different formats.

We all have different formats, patterns, systems, strategies while using the same tools to help us succeed in our online businesses. That is why you see different tips and tricks out there. Successful digital marketers share what works for them after using different formats.

So, avoid this mistake, you don’t need to use their format without knowing their secrets. The first thing to do is to know WHY they used the format and the IDEA behind the format. You may ask, how do I know???

At this level, you’re about to discover their SECRETS and it’s the most difficult thing you can find online because they only share the TIPS and TRICKS. But they don’t share WHY and the IDEA behind the tips and tricks. Unfortunately, we would keep using and using the tips and tricks without having any good result.

Now, how do I know their SECRETS!

I want you to believe that getting access to this SECRETS online is the most easiest thing if you really want me to show you how. Let me quickly tell you a little story about me and my mentor before we dive in.

In a nutshell, I started blogging in 2016 (you can find more in my free eBook) with a lot of obstacles, challenges and trial by error. Around November 2018, I sent mail to a successful blogger here in Nigeria.

He’s well known as one of the high income earners online in Nigeria. Although, it wasn’t easy to get his attention because I have to send mail subsequently just to get his feedback.

Eventually, the connection was successful and I started helping him with content creation and book cover design. What will surprise you is that, as an apprentice or his student, I can’t have access to his premium eBook.

Whenever I asked him for a copy he would jokingly say “knock my head with the tagged price if you want to grab my blogging secrets“. Sometimes, if I have money I will buy the eBook just to learn more and guess what???… That is when I started realising what blogging as a business really means.

This short story is the reason why I told you that knowing blogging SECRETS is the easiest thing you can do online if you are ready to put some little investment.

What will happen if I don’t have access to these secrets?

Firstly, you can be reading and reading different tips and tricks online for six good months without any good outcome. Hey! You waste your time and data!

Secondly, When you are not getting what you want from your blog, it may cause frustration. Hey! You disturb your inner peace!

Thirdly, the possibility of you to give up is 99%

You waste your time, energy and finance in building a beautiful blog.

You will be skeptical in any business you plan to do in the future!

To be frank with you, had it been I relied on online tips and tricks without knocking my boss’ head and other successful bloggers I have been following back-to-back to get their knowledge and income secrets I won’t have reached the stage I’m today and I won’t have make these passive income that I’m going to show you within one month, all from online. Here is the worst part, I might have been stick to some useless Facebook group telling you how to invest 5k and make 50k in one day…Madness!!!!!

Apart from my passive income online, this will always put a smiles on my Face.


Blogging In Demand

GET A NINJA BONUS BELOW>>>>how to set up your blog in 10min!

My 6 figure in 2020

April is a blessing! See what I generated in April 13th, 2020 from my paystack dashboard just selling my eBook online (CONTENT MARKETING FOOTPRINT). Not just this, I also closed a deal worth 800,000 naira with a single client using this marketing strategies that I’m giving you as low as the tagged price.

1.5million naira is just a small money compare to what I will make before the end of this year using the same marketing strategies in this premium eBook (Blogging In Demand).

1.5 million naira blogging income


Woo! Here is my 800k from a single client all from online

800,000 naira blogging income

I explained how I made this 800k from a single client in this eBook that you’re about to grab your copy.

See, My friend…Honestly, I don’t like bragging but I would like to show you something again. Calm down…it’s not ALART!…It is my statement of result. Would you believe that I started hammering millions online after 4 months of my graduation?…Owk watch it yourself. Check the date of all these ALARTS and check the date on this my statement of result.

My result

If you’re doubting about this statement of result, you can zoom and screenshot the barcode. Use online barcode scanner you will see all my information there. Right from my 100level in Bayero University Kano, Nigeria. I KNOW THAT THIS IS A CONFIDENTIAL. But, do you know why I confidently share with you? Because I don’t need it anymore since it cannot generate money for me….LOL…

If you’re a student please don’t joke with your studies just because you discovered this opportunity, I also started right from the campus. Despite that I’m not after any government job now, I’m still proud of my parents for given me the privilege to acquired this statement of result. So, don’t joke with your studies my friend. Hope you are following?

You might be wondering why these successful bloggers don’t share their SECRETS online, you might be wondering why they always want you to knock their head with the tagged price before you have access to their premium eBook. Here is the ultimate reasons:

1. They will give you 99% guaranteed success because that’s what works for them and if you use their format and pattern properly after knowing their SECRETS you will succeed too.

So, they want only serious bloggers and digital marketers to have access to their SECRETS, this will determine whether you’re going to put what you will learn into action or not. Because, it’s only when you put it into action properly you can get a 99% success guarantee they promised you.

Every resources I provide online has a 99% success guaranteed and the remaining 1% is from you, depending on your consistency and hard work. Please if you’re a kind of person that only digest information without implementation please don’t attempt to make payment once you know that you can’t sacrifice the 1%. Thank you!

2. Secondly, they want you to value the resources they’re trying to share with you. Who knows, maybe, if they give you for free you won’t even have time to read. But if you purchase with your money you know how you hustle to get the money. I believe you won’t joke with a single page in the eBook…lol…

3. Thirdly, they want you to keep their royalty. If you spread the knowledge and secrets like covid-19 to people that will not value the contents it would downgrade the value of the resources. That’s why in Nigeria (am sorry to say) we no longer have value for education because most students are not interested in acquiring the knowledge, we are only after the END RESULT (Certificate and government job). Having less value for something very important is the reason why it take us years upon years before achieving our goals. I believe you know this better than I do.

Are you following?

Let me quickly give you a detailed explanation on what you will learn from my premium eBook.

Blogging is very high in demand and the demand for blogging is not just only in Nigeria, it’s worldwide. As a small business owner or digital marketer, probably, you have experienced how difficult it’s to get attention on social media nowadays. Let us look into some few disadvantages of social media marketing:

Blogging In Demand

GET A NINJA BONUS BELOW>>>>how to set up your blog in 10min!

Why you need business blog instead of social media marketing


1. Firstly, the scam rate is very high on social media unlike your personal or business blog. It’s very difficult to build trust, business personality, business identity and business authority on social media.

But you can achieve this 100% from your business blog. Without these three principles (business personality, business identity, business authority) you will die trying. Remember people don’t patronize ghosts!

2. There is a lot of distraction on social media. Imagine spending money on flyers for Facebook ads and a single “flip” on user’s feeds will disappear your advert.

But a blog user feels comfortable while reading your blog post and engaging with your products and services. From this, you will understand that the possibility of making sales on social media is very low unlike in your personal or business blog.

Don’t you feel comfortable while reading this content. Does any ad disturb you here.

3. Getting followers is becoming difficult on social media. Time will come when people will ask you to pay them before they follow you…lol…something like this is happening now. You have to run a different giveaway to get more followers.

If you don’t want to give out giveaways, you have to pay for social media influencers to promote your products with a 0.9% conversion rate.

Do you know why? Because, their followers knew that the products have been promoted and they don’t know you or your brand, they only know the person they are following (your business personality and identity is hidden).

But with a blog, you can even share your personal experience with your audience to build trust and you can brand your blog to gain business authority. You don’t need to struggle for followers.

You will only have to learn some SEO (search engine optimization) techniques which will help you to drive thousands of free traffic daily from google search engine to your sales page without paying anyone for adverts.

With this technique you can target customers that are already searching for the same products or services you’re offering. So, you have 100% guarantee of making not less than 100 sales in a day as a beginner.

Don’t worry I have packaged this SEO techniques for you in this eBook. In fact, you will learn exactly the way I used to optimize my contents to drive crazy traffic to my blogs.

Blog is the best option to build your brand online my friend. It would also give you an opportunity to get massive social media followers by collecting email subscriptions with Getresponse. More WINS to your business.

Another income stream for you!!!

While you sell your products in your blog, other business owners and big brands will also pay you to advertise in your blog. More WINS!!….I’m charging nothing less than $200 to sponsor a post in this blog. More Money!

The opportunities are limitless my friend

You might be wondering why some people don’t make money blogging because they don’t have access to this opportunity that you came across today or they are stingy to invest in their online businesses.

4. Payment difficulties on social media. My friend, I personally hate this statement when I want to buy something on social media “send money to my account and send a screenshot on WhatsApp for payment confirmation before delivery“..My friend I hate this statement. Besides, it sounds unprofessional, it also shows that the seller don’t trust the buyer which everyone expects to be the other way round.

This is too odd and a lot of social media marketers have been losing customers as a result of this. But in your blog you can set up a payment gateway (I can help you to do that when you’re ready) to receive payment directly to your local bank account.

You don’t need to be online at midnight chatting with customers just to make a single sale. With a blog, you just have to set up everything. Customers can buy your products at any time. You just need to wake up in the morning and clear bank notifications on your smartphone. Sweet!!!

5. Not just that, you must not have a product or sell something before you make money from your blog. I believe you have a skill or services that you can offer online and get paid in dollars. Maybe you’re a graphic designer like me, fashion designer, creative writer, comedian, artiste, event planner, architect, electrical engineer and lot more.

A blog can help you to explore beyond the horizon my friend. You can search for every skill or service online to see how bloggers have been making money from it. You will be amazed to know how fashion bloggers are making BIG MONEY in Nigeria. If they can make 6 fiqure doing what they love most, then why not you.

More Income Stream For You!!!!

You can also join affiliate programs and make passive income online without selling anything in your blog. You will learn how to do all these from BLOGGING IN DEMAND. I don’t even talk about crypto, ethereum and bitcoin. What if you grab this SECRETS that will give you 100% assurance of getting 100 referrals every day.

Getting 100 referrals out of millions of people searching for “how to register bitcoin” online is even very very low. But as your blog is growing and traffic is flowing you will stand a chance to start counting 1,000 referrals or sales in a day.

Hey! Here is Google AdSense. With Google AdSense, all you need to do is publish articles in your comfort zone while making money from your blog traffic. Meanwhile, google shows ads in your blog and they will pay you per each view and clicks made by your blog visitors.

This is why you will never see a blogger shouting “join binomo”, ” make money with MMM”, “recharge and get paid”, ” invest 1k to get 100k” and bla bla on social media. Because they already know where the money is. They have set the tools that make money for them legitimately.

Blogging In Demand

GET A NINJA BONUS BELOW>>>>how to set up your blog in 10min!

Now, the decision is left to you. Whether to knock my head with the tagged price and run away with my blogging KNOWLEDGE and SECRETS or remain skeptical while your colleagues making money from doing what they love most. HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL LEARN FROM THIS BLOGGING COURSE:


1. Introduction

2. My humble beginning

3. The Blogger’s No.1 Problems

4. Top 10 Mistakes In Blogging

5. Selecting A Profitable Niche

6. Getting More Traffic With Joint Ventures

7. Get More Credibility The Easy Way

8. Things Do Not Always Go As Planned, What Can You Do?

9. 3 Powerful Marketing Ideas That Will Make More Money For You!

10. Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tips

11. Getting Database On Your Blog Is Important

12. Tips On Creating A Sellable Ebook

13. 3 Things You Can Do To Make More Money Online

14. Must See SEO Tips To Ranked No.1

15. 3 Tips On Making Your Blog A Money Machine

16. Powerful Tips On Writing Blog Articles

17. Making Money From Lead Generation

18. Top 3 Common Problems Faced In Making Money From Blogging

19. The Most Powerful Blog Marketing Tactic!

20. The Top 4 Reasons Why People Fail To Make Money Online

21. Blogging Survivor Tips To Fight With Your Competitors

22. 8 SEO Tricks To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

23. The 5 Reasons Why People Refund Products

24. Trade Secret Tips On SEO That Gurus Do Not Want You To Know

25. The Biggest Secret I Ever Exposed About Making Money Online!

26. 4 Powerful Tips On Writing Content That Makes Money For You!

27. Planning A Successful Marketing Plan To Make Money Online

28. 3 Tips To Make Money From Email Marketing

29. 5 Great Ideas To Find Things To Blog About

30. Final Words

I have 4 powerful bonuses for you (NINJA, QUEEN, KING & PRO BONUS) unless you decide not to benefit from this powerful bonuses. Actually, I want you to succeed in your blogging business that is why I tried all my best to provide best information and you will never regret for tasting any of my digital products.


You will also find the Step-by-step guides to set up your business blog in 10min! even if you’re just getting started today from this blogging course. 


For taking your time to read this post from the beginning to this point, I have given you a 15% discount. (Smiles)
For sharing this post on all your social handles, I have given you another 15% discount. (Smiles)

TOTAL DISCOUNT = 30%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can now pay only 10,500naira instead of 15,000naira….LIMITED OFFER!!!


#1. 9 Important Steps to take after Launching Your Blog
#2. My secret 5 plugins that scale up my blogs. (Free)
#3. 9 things I would have done sooner if I could do all of this again…Don’t repeat my mistake
#4. My quest post template (worth $100)
#5. Secret to make your first $1,000 with a minimum of 100 daily traffic (my 2 months goal)
#6. My Secret marketing tools that boost sales like mad (my six figure secret)

PRO BONUS (Become a pro blogger)

I KNOW YOU WILL SMILE TO HERE THIS; You won’t just know my blogging secrets from this eBook and how you can also generate passive income online. I will nurture you, train you, guide you throughout your blogging journey. Also, you will be added to my WhatsApp Masterclass (+2348069830560) and facebook group where I teach more than 100 students on how to make money online legitimately.

Whatsapp business group to learn blogging

Blogging In Demand


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REFUND: 30-Day money back guarantee (in case you don’t find what I promised you and I believe you will never regret having a copy of my eBook)



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REFUND: 30-Day money back guarantee (in case you don’t find what I promised you and I believe you will never regret having a copy of my eBook)

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Want to get rid of this?….go ahead and make your payment using PAYSTACK

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REFUND: 30-Day money back guarantee (in case you don’t find what I promised you and I believe you will never regret having a copy of my eBook)


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