Ojaa digital marketplace: Earn recurring commission as Super affiliate in 2023

How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria and make passive income

Give me a few minutes of your time and I will show you how you can earn a recurring commission with affiliate marketing on Ojaa digital marketplace.

Are you an affiliate or aspiring affiliate marketer in Nigeria?

Are you tired of struggling to earn peanuts on Expertnaire, Stakecut, Digitstem, LearnOflix and Selar?

First of all, let me explain the benefits of joining the Ojaa digital marketplace as an affiliate.

At Ojaa digital marketplace we try as much as possible to make product promotion easier for beginner affiliates like you.

As an affiliate, you don’t need to have your own lead generation page, Ojaa digital marketplace’s vendors have provided opt-in pages for their products on the platform.

So, you don’t need to have technical skills before you can start making money on Ojaa digital marketplace as an affiliate.

You don’t need to buy web hosting, domain name and no need to spend money on website design.

Let me surprise you, you don’t need a sales funnel before you can convert leads to sales. Sounds like a magic right?

Keep reading….

Sales funnel building is one of the most critical challenges a lot of affiliates are facing in Nigeria.

Without a sales funnel, you will hardly close enough sales, more especially when you’re selling other people’s products online as an affiliate.

The truth is, affiliate marketing is beyond designing a beautiful sales funnel. You have to make sure that it would convert leads to sales.

If you hardly understand how to use funnel stages to create a powerful customer journey for affiliate products, you will struggle to sell.

Some beginner affiliates on Expertnaire and Stakecut have learned how to build a sales funnel from a mentorship program but yet they’re still struggling to generate sales because their funnel is not converting.

A solid funnel creation is beyond watching a video course. Know this and know peace today.

You must have the real-world experience for creating masquerade sales funnel that is capable of converting leads to sales as fast as possible.

You have to run A/B testing for your funnel to make sure that your conversion rate equal your desired results before investing a lot of money in marketing and advertising.

According to Adoric, the average conversion rate is between 1% and 3% only. Adoric concludes that a large majority of your visitors will never take your desired action.

You will keep spending money on Ads to test and tweak your funnel until it’s functioning perfectly.

That’s why some of the affiliates on Expertnaire and Stakecut are complaining about low conversion after making their first 3-4 sales.

A lot of beginners have given up on the business model after wasting their money to join mentorship program. Some are still lamenting that affiliate marketing is a sc*m.

You might have come across their posts on social media. And the shocking news is that;

Ojaa Digital Marketplace has put the burden on the team to create and provide a high converting sales funnel for their products on the platform.

We have figured out any challenges that you might face when you register to start promoting affiliate products today.

Ojaa Digital Marketplace unique tracking system

Ojaa digital marketplace had provided a unique tracking code that can quickly detect your leads and send your commission to your affiliate account once your leads has been converted to sales.

For instance, if 1,000 different affiliates send traffic to Mr. John’s product on Ojaa digital marketplace, the pixel code will be able to detect and record each leads that opti-in to the funnel.

If affiliate “A” send 200 leads and affiliate “B” send 300 leads to the same funnel at the same time, and all the leads purchase the product.

The pixel will record 200 sales and send the commission to affiliate “A” and also send 300 sales to affiliate “B” separately.

Once your leads convert to sales you will receive your commission in your affiliate account instantly.

Note; A lead is a potential customer or prospect that may likely purchase your product in the future.

As an affiliate on Ojaa digital marketplace, your work is to send traffic to the opti-in page of the product that you want to promote.

Some vendors might provide other marketing materials for you, such as materials for WhatsApp masterclass and tools to host a live Webinar for your campaign.

The easiest way to generate affiliate sales on Ojaa digital marketplace is to send highly targeted traffic to vendors’ opt-in pages.

How to drive traffic for your Ojaa digital marketplace promotion

You can send traffic by running paid Ads, such as Facebook, Google and TikTok Ads or through organic marketing, such as Facebook group marketing, WhatsApp broadcast, Twitter marketing, etc.

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Tips: TikTok Ads is the cheapest paid Ads channel you can leverage as a beginner.

The more quality traffic you send to your vendor’s opti-in page, the more you generate leads that will likely convert to sale within a short period of time.

Remember, Ojaa digital marketplace vendors will handle the lead nurturing and sales closing.

You only do 20% of the work by sending organic traffic or via paid Ads. And Vendors will handle the remaining 80% of the work by nurturing and closing the sales.

Ojaa digital marketplace’s funnels are tested and trusted to qualify leads and close sales faster.

Types of Ojaa digital marketplace affiliate accounts

We have two (2) different types of affiliate accounts. The first account is called Standard Affiliate. With this account, you only earn Cost Per Sale (CPS) with 40% commission (no recurring commission).

The standard account is similar to Expertnaire affiliate account. Registration for a standard account is N10,000.

Ojaa digital marketplace

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The second account is called a Super Affiliate (SA) account. With a Super Affiliate account,  you earn a Cost Per Sale (CPA) with 40% commission and a 10% recurring commission.

For instance, if your prospects make a purchase you earn 40% commission and if the same customer make another purchase on the platform you will earn another 10% commission.

Here’s another example, if you refer an affiliate to register on Ojaa digital marketplace as Super affiliate, you will earn 40% commission and whenever the affiliate makes sales you will earn another 10% commission.

They’re not charging the affiliates for the 10% commission, it’s a reward from the vendor that you help sell the product.

With a Super affiliate account, you will keep earning from your referral even if you don’t make any sales on your own. Once your existing customers and affiliates make sales you will earn 10% without doing work. The registration for the Super Affiliate account is N20,000.

Ojaa digital marketplace

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When you register as a super affiliate today, you will get free access to my SPP FORMULA BLUEPRINT and learn how to use the soft pitch pipeline formula to close affiliate sales in a competitive market.

What’s the benefit of Ojaa digital marketplace over Stakecut and Expertnaire?

Now, the greatest benefits of Ojaa digital marketplace affiliate platform is the ability to earn a recurring commission.

It’s no news that a lot of affiliates have been struggling to make sales since the launch of Expertnaire affiliate platform because of the lack of sales closing skills.

Hence, Ojaa digital marketplace has simplified sales and marketing for affiliates by automating your sales process for you.

Ojaa digital marketplace clearly understood that a lot of affiliates are earning peanuts with CPS (Cost Per Sale) model.

At OjaaDM, you can earn a recurring commission with the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model.

At Ojaa digital marketplace, you work less and earn a recurring commission that can fund your lifestyle and live on your terms. 

You can enjoy the 80/20 rules of business. Meanwhile, 20% of your efforts as an affiliate should be able to generate 80% results consistently.

Special benefits of Ojaa digital marketplace for Vendors

There’s training for digital creators who want to launch their products on the affiliate platform.

If you want to become a Vendor, you will get access premium tools that you need to launch your online course successfully.

Ojaa digital marketplace have a team of experts with over 12 years of experience who have done over 200million in course sales.

I personally offer special training for students in my inner circle. You can smash the link below to join my course launch masterclass if you want to become a vendor on Ojaa digital marketplace.The Vendor’s membership fee is N25,000 annually. No cap!

Ojaa digital marketplace Vendor's registration

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How to get started as an affiliate on Ojaa digital marketplace 

Want to started earning a recurring commission today? Good. I offer a special mentorship for our affiliates. 

I will nurture you and train you with the necessary skills to generate organic traffic.

You will learn how to run profitable Ads to drive highly targeted traffic to your affiliate product.

You will learn my battle-tasted content marketing strategy to attract, retain and convert attention to sales.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro in affiliate marketing or you have gray hair to show for it.  All you need to get started right now is to CLICK HERE and join my mentorship program. If you love this post don’t forget to share with your friends.

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