How to promote Stakecut affiliate products (DOINGS STRATEGY)

Make money with Stakecut affiliate marketing

In this blog post, I’m going to share a case study to show you how to promote Stakecut affiliate products using DOINGS strategy to generate massive affiliate sales.

This case study is based on a product I’ve recommended for a long time that’s also become one of my biggest drivers of affiliate income on Expertnaire before the launch of Stakecut affiliate platform.

It’s to be noted that the information here is applicable on both Expertnaire, Stakecut and LearnOflix. In fact, any affiliate program in general.

72IG Income Generation Program On Expertnaire is an example of a product I promote as part of a long-term strategy.

It’s a great example of an affiliate resource I promote to my audience that can benefit and serve them over the long term and hopefully I earn a healthy affiliate income at the same time.

Although I love and use the 72IG Income Generation program on Expertnaire (and the founder, Toyin Omotoso, is a good mentor of mine), the point of this section is not to promote the product.

Instead, I’m here to show you how I’ve promoted 72IG program on Expertnaire using the DOINGS strategy before I joined Stakecut affiliate platform.

And I’ve done so in a very specific way:

By D-O-I-N-G-S. This strategy has helped me be very successful in promoting the 72IG program as an affiliate.

And it will also help you to make your first sale on Stakecut if you implement it properly.

Those letters stand for:

  • Demo the product or the platform (with video)
  • Offer answers to your audience about the product or the platform
  • Interview the founder of the platform
  • Never recommend more than one of the same kind of product
  • Get the product in front of your people
  • Super affiliate mentorship program

Before we get into the details of the D-O-I-N-G-S approach, here’s a little background on how I got started promoting the 72IG program as an affiliate.

Expertnaire wasn’t my first affiliate program. My first one, back in 2016-2019, was AWeber during my blogging journey before I finally launched this particular blog on 31st August, 2020.

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AWeber was great as an entry-level email tool, and I also promoted it as an affiliate, making some cool income a month at one point.

I get paid a recurring commission for every month a person I refer stays on, but I’m not actively promoting the product anymore since I Joined Expertnaire in 2020.

Eventually, though, I needed an email service that was easier to use with more advanced features.

Shortly after I started using Aweber, a friend of mine, reached out to me to ask how I was doing with the new tool.

He asked me a lot of questions about my needs, experiences, and desires as an affiliate marketer.

He didn’t try too hard to plug his new affiliate program, except toward the end of our conversation when he said:

Hey, if the Aweber affiliate program doesn’t work out for you, let me know, and we can see how you might be able to use the Expertnaire affiliate program.

I didn’t think much of his offer for a little while.

But over time, I started getting more and more frustrated with the Aweber affiliate program.

So I reached back out to my friend to see how the Expertnaire affiliate program was doing.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that they were experiencing constant growth month after month.

New features were being added on a regular basis, and after a couple of side conversations with other users, I was happy to hear extremely positive reviews.

Seeing what the affiliate program could do, it wasn’t long before I decided to switch from Aweber affiliate program to Expertnaire affiliate program.

I’ve been using the Expertnaire affiliate program very happily ever since.

That positive experience has shown up in terms of my affiliate revenue from Expertnaire too.

But now, I’m more focused on birthing new millionaires in my Stakecut affiliate community. And hopefully, you can join us to be one of them. 

I welcome you on this journey.

Although I was happy with my AWeber affiliate income, since shifting to Expertnaire I’ve broken into a new level of affiliate income and success.

Part of that is because Expertnaire and Stakecut are amazing platforms—but a lot of it has to do with how I leveled up my promotional efforts with the D-O-I-N-G-S approach.

Let’s learn all about it now!

D: Demo The Product or the platform (with video)

Affiliate marketing is technically easy to do. All you have to do is get your affiliate link and start sharing it with your audience.

It’s easy to stop there and think you’ve done enough.

But if you’ve been with us since the beginning of my Stakecut affiliate marketing journey.

Stakecut affiliate income

You will know that a crucial practice in affiliate marketing is to take products that are not your own and treat them as if they were your own.

If you were selling your own product, you’d show people what they were going to get before they got it, right?

But most people who do affiliate marketing just share a link and a couple of crappy sales copy and call it good.

Instead, as we talked about above, you need to show the product in action.

That’s where the demo comes in.

People are more likely to buy when they know what they’re getting and exactly how it will help them.

The best way to do this is with a video demo that shows people two main things:

1) how they can benefit from the product or the platftform and,

2) how to make use of the platform (Navigate their dashboard)

In 2020, I created a YouTube demo of an Expertnaire affiliate program. And I also did the same simple video guide on how to register on Stakecut, Navigate and copy your affiliate link on Stakecut platform.

You can watch the video here:


This video was created within the first week that I joined Stakecut affiliate platform. I made my first sales the same week. And I have generated massive sales since then.

When I talk about video, you might think about using expensive gadgets. No. No.

The value you dish out is what people want. Or even the simple question that the video answered for your target audience is what really matters. Not crazy, clean and pointless videos. 

In the video, I talk about the benefits and features that made me fall in love with Stakecut affiliate platftform:

Ease of use and setup, quality affiliate products, powerful affiliate link tracking, ease of payment (every Monday), high commission rates, free membership and a lot more.

When you’re thinking about creating your own demos, you want to show not just the features and benefits of the product but also make it fun and show your personality.

You want to create a thoughtful demo video that shows you care about creating informative content while also keeping your audience engaged and excited to try the product or the platform.

And of course, make sure you include calls to action (CTAs) to go through your affiliate link, as well as disclosing your affiliate relationship with the platform.

You don’t want to bombard your audience with these CTAs, though, and if you’ve provided enough valuable, engaging content in the demo, you shouldn’t have to include more than one or two call to action (CTAs).

For my Stakecut affiliate promotion, I only mention my affiliate link on my WhatsApp status twice in a day while sometimes na only cruise I dey post?.

And I look forward to seeing how you are able to use this strategy.

Like I said, Stakecut is coming out with a lot of other affiliate products you can promote in the future too.

To make our lives even easier.

And one of the hot selling products on Stakecut is the Online Boss Academy (O.B.A Program) Mr. Franklin Emmanuel.

Visit to join the academy here:


In other types of content, such as Facebook posts, I might share my affiliate link a little more often, for instance at the middle, and end of a post. But I do this more often in my Facebook group. 

The same thing on WhatsApp.

I will throw some testimonials from students who have bought the product.

You can even ask them to share their experience with you. Post their review on your WhatsApp status plus your personal review.

Affiliate training reviews

But in either instance, whether a video demo or WhatsApp review.

the content itself does the “heavy lifting” of sparking someone’s interest in trying out the product.

So, I don’t have to hit my audience over the head with my affiliate link.

O: Offer Answers to your audience about the product or the platform

The next step is to offer answers to people’s questions. This is huge, because if a person asks you a question about a product, they’re likely already interested in it.

They may just be on the fence, and if you can be the one to answer their questions, that may give them the final piece of the puzzle to go ahead and make a purchase, knowing there’s someone there to provide product support if they need it.

That’s why I always offer a personal support program for Stakecut and the other affiliate products I promote.

When questions come in, I’m quick to answer them because I want to make people feel comfortable with the idea of spending money on the product I’m promoting.

The combination of the demo the product and offering answers is powerful.

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If you put together a thorough and helpful demo, you’ll likely answer a lot of people’s questions in the demo itself.

But even if your demo covers all the bases you can think of, you should still offer to answer people’s questions. Why?

Even if they don’t have any, just the fact that you’re offering this assistance will make people feel more comfortable.

And inclined to buy the product through your link. Remember, you want people to trust you and feel secure in their investment.

I also offer to answer people’s questions about my affiliate products via other channels, including my email list and my Twitter handle. You can follow me:

Twitter chat

People often reach out to me on Twitter, because Twitter makes it easy for me to reply quickly.

It helps that there’s a character limit, too, because it forces both parties to get to the point. And my DM is also open to get response to your questions accordingly.

Offering to answer questions also makes people feel secure about the fact that if they were to have questions later on, once they’re up and running with the product, you’ll be able to answer them.

This is especially important if the product you’re promoting is of a highly technical nature.

Like online courses that comes with 10-15 modules of technical processes. So, offer support and people will be more at ease about buying through your affiliate link.

I: Interview the founder of the platform

When you’re promoting an affiliate product, having other people talk about the product, and the story behind it, can be a powerful way to get people excited about it.

A great way to do this is to start a Twitter space and interview the creator of the product or the founder of the platform.

The ability to augment your affiliate marketing efforts by interviewing the creator of the product or even the founder of the platform you’re promoting your affiliate products.

You can invite him onboard to share some cool experience with your audience.

So, if you’re planning to promote a new affiliate product, see if you can get the founder of the platform or the course creator on your Twitter space.

If you can’t get access to the founder for an interview, consider a WhatsApp conversation with him and you can use that one as reference to construct an authority and authenticity in the mind of your audience.

He’s my little conversation with Mr. Joshua Mba, the Co-founder of Stakecut affiliate platform:

Conversation with Joshua Mba

If that’s not possible either, aim for somebody who has used the product and knows it well, hopefully somebody your audience is already aware of and respects.

For instance, you can connect with the highest affiliate earners of the same product that you’re promoting. 

For instance, here is a YouTube midnight School with Mr. Franklin Emmanuel and Joseph Adeyemi, the top affiliate for Online Boss Academy:

YouTube night school with Franklin Emmanuel and Joseph Adeyemi

The aim of this interview is for Joseph Adeyemi to share his experience with Mr. Franklin Emmanuel’s audience on how he was able to generate $1,000 in less than 10 weeks on Stakecut by simply implementing what he has learned in the Online Boss Academy.

$1,000 challenge on Stakecut

In the lessons above, we talked about the importance of promoting a product yourself, showing how much you know and love it and the great results you’ve gotten from using it—i.e., showing proof.

When you’re the only one doing the showing, there’s always the risk, however small, that your efforts may come off as too promotional.

That’s why interviews are powerful because most of the selling that’s done is indirect—and often, you won’t have to talk about the product much at all.

N: Never Recommend More Than One Of The Same Kind Of Product

Next up, you should never recommend more than one solution for a specific type of problem. This is a really important rule, and one that generates a lot of debate.

And there are exceptions, which we’ll talk about in a second.

But first, what exactly do I mean by never recommend more than one of the same kind of product?

Well, if I were to recommend the Online Boss Academy on Stakecut, but also recommend other products like 72IG program on Expertnaire at the same time, it would dilute the strength of my primary recommendation.

That’s why I stopped promoting the 72IG program, although I have some content on my blog that contains my 72IG program affiliate links. 

You need to pick one, because otherwise people are going to be confused.

I went the route of recommending multiple similar products once, and it didn’t go well.

People said, “Wait, I thought you were recommending the X product. But now you’re talking about the Y Program? What’s the difference? How is it better?”

You don’t want people asking themselves even more questions about which product makes sense for them.

That’s why they came to you in the first place!

So, yes, I’ve made my decision, and the only affiliate program I recommend to my audience who don’t have sales and marketing skills to convert their prospects to customers  is the Online Boss Academy by Mr. Franklin Emmanuel, one of the top YouTube influencers in Nigeria.

In the online O.B.A program you will learn a pure practical process to sell affiliate products in a competitive market.

From WhatsApp marketing, advanced email marketing, graphics design, video editing, sales page design, access to premium marketing tools and a lifetime mentorship program for you to master the art of selling as an affiliate. 

Visit to join the Academy now:


Are you recommending more than one product right now that’s essentially the same type of solution?

If so, you’re diluting your affiliate marketing efforts and reducing the amount of income you can make.

Yes, sometimes it’s great to give people options, but it can also work against you.

Now, if someone were to say:

Hey, Bilal. I know you recommend affiliate marketing as a profitable business model, but what other options for online business are out there?

Then of course I’m going to be honest with them and tell them what other options they have.

I’m not going to say:

Sorry, John. There are no other great options out there.

That would be lying.

There are other great affiliate programs and affiliate products out there.

But the one I use, recommend, and trust will be there to help my audience is the Online Boss Academy.

I have bought it and am still using it.

Note that the link I shared above is my affiliate link and I will earn a little commission (at no additional cost you)  for recommending the O.B.A program.

This final one is a big one, and it represents a mindset shift I’ve undergone over the past few years.

Often, people become timid when it comes time to put products in front of their audience.

If that describes you, whether it’s your own product or an affiliate product, then I want you to shift your mindset—to one of excitement about sharing something you know will help your audience.

In fact, it’s your obligation and your role to do that, and you should embrace it.

Because if you don’t, you’re not serving your audience in the best way possible.

It’s not about being pushy or aggressive; it’s about being motivated to get the product in front of the right people.

You’ve done the research, you’ve used the product, you’re offering answers, you’ve created the video demo, you’ve recorded the interviews.

You know the product can help your audience, so get it in front of them!

Create more videos, sales copy, tweets, flyers about the benefits of the product.

That’s exactly what I’ve done on Expertnaire and continue to do with Stakecut affiliate platftform.

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I believe in the product, and the platform, so it’s my responsibility to get it in front of my audience so they can benefit from it like I have.

I’ve used lots of methods and channels to get 72IG program on Expertnaire in front of my audience and I’m also using the same methods to promote my Stakecut affiliate products.

When it comes to getting the product in front of your audience, it pays to be creative!

S: Super affiliate mentorship program

This is the last secret that will complete the DOINGS strategy. If you’re an affiliate marketer and you don’t know how to pick hot selling digital products to promote and generate sales organically, you need a mentorship program.

Mentorship makes your work so much easier and increases the profitability of your efforts as an affiliate.

The so-called Super Affiliates are only “super” because of this super secret.

They all have a mentor who has gotten the kind of results they wanted.

And they get all the strategies and materials that are tested and trusted to generate affiliate sales from a mentorship program.

If you want to start and scale fast on Expertnaire or Stakecut affiliate platform.

Kindly CLICK HERE to claim your access and discover this super secrets that will 100x your affiliate sales in a competitive market.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie in the affiliate marketing or you have a gray hair to show for it. You will stand a chance to join my upcoming affiliate marketing mentorship program.

BIlal Abdullahi

Hello friend! I am Bilal Abdullahi, the CEO and founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub. An inbound online platform where I share my little knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Do you want to learn how I make money as a full-time blogger in Nigeria? Chat me on WhatsApp: +2348069830560

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