Stakecut affiliate: How to earn in dollars selling other people’s products to global market

How to sell other people's products online as an affiliate marketer

As we all zoom through 2022, the internet takes virtually every aspect of our traditional businesses.

Did you realize that Stakecut affiliate are actualizing their dream to earn in dollars without having to deal with the 9-to-5 grind or answering to the needy shrieks of a boss?

And so, many Stakecut affiliates are legitimately making money online in the Online Boss Academy from the comfort of their living room.

There’s been a 115% increase in the number of online marketing entrepreneurs who do at least half their business from home.

Out of the entrepreneurs who do remote work, 90% plan to do it the rest of their career, and a whopping 94% recommend it to others.

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What you may not realize is that there are literally hundreds or even thousands of online opportunities to start and earn in dollars from the comfort of your bedroom. 

What was an impossible dream is now a very tangible, very reasonable reality for all Stakecut affiliates who want to earn in dollars online.

Do you want to become a Stakecut affiliate and earn in dollars selling physical and digital products you don’t own anywhere in the world?

That’s where I come in.

In this blog post, I’ll show you all the basics of how to earn in dollars as a Stakecut affiliate.

But before then, we’ll discuss how to find the right business niche for your interests and skill sets, and how to set up proven Stakecut affiliate sales strategy and get rolling.

While I can’t say I know what ‘living a luxury life’ means to you, I have the confidence to say that it might involve learning how to earn in dollars from the comfort of your bedroom.

So let’s get started!

What Home-Based Business Can You Start To Earn In Dollars?

Before we address how to earn in dollars from the comfort of your bedroom, you need to think about the type of online business you would like to start. 

Most importantly, the one that best suits your personality and capability.

To begin, you’ll need a comprehensive understanding of different home-based businesses that are out there and how they work.

Perhaps, there might be a perfect opportunity right under your nose that you never saw coming.

For example, did you know that you can simply and strategically promote other people’s products online such as digital courses and physical products to a specific target audience who are in need of the product?

Once you have a business idea you like, it’s critical that you take a good look at your resources, lifestyle, and unique situation to make sure that it’s the right fit for you.

In a nutshell, there are three main types of home-based business you can start to earn in dollars from anywhere in the world. 

The first one would requires a little capital to get started while the last two works even without investment: 

  1. Product-based business
  2. Service-based business
  3. Affiliate business

How to earn in dollars with product-based business

This business niche entails selling physical items, like clothing, electronics, jewelry, and the like. This also includes digital products, like ebooks or online courses of your own. Mostly refers to e-commerce business.

Do you have a tangible item that can be sold to your customer? Then you’ve got a product-based business.

In the most common types of product-based business, you can operate through an ecommerce store via a platform like Shopify.

Having a storefront is a streamlined and simplified way to get your items into the hands of customers.

There’s nothing quite like a s*xy online store. You must invest your hard-earned money to keep your business moving as fast as possible.

That said, there are plenty of other options to think about when considering how to earn in dollars from the comfort of your bedroom.

You might also choose to sell your physical products using online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Stakecut as a vendor.

Additionally, you can sell items on popular social media platforms, like Facebook’s Marketplace and Instagram.

These third-party options are better for those who want to start an online business and earn in dollars but don’t wish to manage a full functional online store.

Always remember that this type of business requires efforts and time to grow and generate revenue overtime. Unless you’re going with information marketing.

Watch this free video presentation on how to launch your own info products and sell to a global market on Stakecut.


How to earn in dollars with service-based business

This business niche entails selling your high income skills, like sales and marketing, consulting, or creative talents like writing or graphic design.

Are you well equipped with high income skills?

If you want to get nit-picky, a service-based business is still technically selling a product. But the important difference is that the ‘product’ isn’t a tangible item that you can hold in your hands.

When deciding on how to earn in dollars from the comfort of your bedroom, services can range from writing resumes for graduates to offering graphics design services to small business owners on Fiverr.

So, this will tie into your big decision of weighing out your skills and resources, and whether it’s worth it to start a business that requires you to work online and perform your services.

I know what you’re thinking… Yes, this usually means you’ll have to put on pants, cover your a*s and get to work.

As you learn how to start a service-based business, you can decide to have your own official website or operate through a third-party website like Upwork, 99designs, and Fiverr which connect thousands of freelancers across the world.

Click here to learn how to start a freelance business and earn in dollars on Upwork from anywhere in the world.

These marketplaces can be helpful, as they connect the right business with the right customer. They can really streamline the steps for how to start a home business.

Some of these freelance websites also provide protection to make sure that you get paid for your services, which can be harder when you’re doing everything yourself.

How to earn in dollars with Stakecut affiliate business

Despite that I have covered some basic topics on affiliate marketing here on my blog, let us quickly discuss what Stakecut affiliate marketing is.

Here’s an affiliate marketing secret for you:

If you can become the connector between your audience and the products available on Stakecut which they need to succeed, you can generate revenue, and potentially even make a full-time income from your affiliate recommendations.

You just need to ask yourself, “How can I serve my audience the right way?”

Here’s the real reason why this works:

People want curation. When there is a choice, people need help in understanding all of the options.

They WANT someone with a voice and experience to filter the noise and find the best products for them, ultimately saving them time and getting them results, faster.

That person, that curator, can be you, and everyone can win.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer since 2020 on Expertnaire. And I have promoted affiliate products that have generated 7 figures in commissions over the years.

Since then, I’ve branched out and diversified my affiliate income sources on Stakecut affiliate platform.

But much more than that…

I’ve made affiliate marketing a cornerstone of my business strategy and my biggest single source of revenue. 

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In this section, I’ll teach you how to earn in dollars selling other people’s products legitimately from anywhere in the world even if you’re just starting out today.

Instead of worrying about spamming and annoying your audience on social media with your promotions, I’ll show you how to promote Stakecut affiliate products in a way that people will thank you for the time and effort you put in to help them make a buying decision.

PAY ATTENTION: In the Online Boss Academy, we teach our students about the amazing opportunities they can have to earn in dollars and the special kinds of deals and offers they can get for themselves and their audience. CLICK HERE to join us today!

It’s the guide I wish I’d had when I started my blogging business way back in 2016 before I started affiliate marketing on Expertnaire in 2020 and now become a full-time Stakecut affiliate partner.

What is Stakecut Affiliate Marketing?

Stakecut affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another person’s product.

Here’s how it works:

You find a product you like on Stakecut, promote it to your audience, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

It’s similar to a salesperson earning a commission, except you don’t work for Stakecut company. Instead, it’s like earning a reward for sending a new customer to Stakecut affiliate platform.

In other words, when you help Stakecut vendors generate sales, you get a cut!

The best part is that you don’t have to spend the time and money to create your own products, because someone else has already done the hard work.

You can begin earning in dollars as Stakecut affiliate as soon as you have a place to recommend products, whether that’s a website you have, a YouTube channel you’ve started, or even on social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

So, all you have to do is send traffic through a link to that product, and everything after that is out of your hands right?


There’s so much more involved to make this work well, which is why most people who attempt affiliate marketing fail, or just see a few dollars coming in from their efforts.

I want you to see amazing, life-changing results from affiliate marketing, which is why I’m writing this blog post here.

Stakecut affiliate marketing is quite simply one of the most powerful ways to generate thousands of dollars online regardless of your location and business niche.

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One of the beauties of affiliate marketing, especially for beginners, is you don’t have to invest a lot of money, energy and time in creating the products that you will be serving your audience because, guess what?

Those products likely already exist on Stakecut affiliate platform.

Because of that, Stakecut affiliate marketing is an opportunity anyone can take advantage of, and it’s easy to get started.

What does affiliate marketing look like?

If you’ve ever clicked on a link in a blog post to a product or service being offered on another website, probably the owner of the website where you clicked the link will receive a percentage when you make a purchase via the link that you clicked on his website or blog.

Funny enough, with the right mentorship like the one in the Online Boss Academy you don’t necessarily need a website or blog to start earning in dollars selling other people’s products online. But few people understand how to take full advantage of it.

In fact, I believe affiliate marketing is the world’s most untapped source for generating millions of dollars online!

It’s a beautiful process that’s completely underutilized, and I’m excited to share with you exactly how it all works. So, let’s look at some pros and cons of starting affiliate marketing.

Stakecut Affiliate Marketing Pros

  • Low barrier to entry: Stakecut affiliate marketing is easy to get started with zero investment. Meanwhile, registration on Stakecut and access to affiliate products is absolutely free.

And you don’t have to create, stock, or ship products, which also means less responsibility and effort needed to make sales.

  • Low risk: You’re not the product owner, so you don’t lose anything if a customer doesn’t buy.
  • Passive income potential: Stakecut affiliate marketing provides the potential for passive income and earning in thousands of dollars.
  • More freedom: When you start earning in dollars, you can work anytime and from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.

Stakecut Affiliate Marketing Cons

  • Not a quick fix: It can take time to generate the amount of traffic needed to result in massive sales organically. We help you solve this problem in the Online Boss Academy.
  • Less control: You don’t own or control the product/service you’re recommending, so you can’t control the quality or customer experience. That’s why I always recommend you should use the product before you recommend it to your prospects.
  • Competition and audience fatigue: A hot selling affiliate product means you might be competing with other top affiliates for customers. To help you solve this problem, you can download my SPP FORMULA to learn how to sell without begging.
  • Offer fatigue: Audiences can also get “offer fatigue” if they see too much ongoing promotion from you.
  • Programs are not created equal: While most platforms that offer affiliate commissions are stable and ethical, there are shady platforms out there too, some of which may not pay what they say they will. It’s important to do your homework.

Eventually, that’s why I recommend Stakecut because I personally keep track of their progress to make sure that the company is legit.

  • Risk of link hijacking: Sc*mmers may hijack your affiliate links, known as “clickjacking,” stealing your affiliate earnings in the process. That’s why I recommend the ThirstyAffiliate plugin to all my students in my personal support group.

How Much Do Stakecut Affiliate Marketers Make?

You can begin selling physical and digital products you don’t own as a Stakecut affiliate as soon as you have an audience to sell it to.

But remember that affiliate marketing is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Like all profitable business models, it takes time and effort to create a decent revenue stream of income.

Although affiliate marketing has been my number one source of income for a while, it took me a while to get to where I am, including building a strong business relationships with the companies I partner with.

In my very first month doing affiliate marketing (2020), I earned a whopping N750k. And I’ve done really well with affiliate marketing in the past few years but it’s taken a lot of time and hard work to get to that point.

So, how much can you make once you’re up and running with Stakecut affiliate marketing?

That depends primarily on how committed you are to making it work and how much time, energy, and focus you’re willing to put into it. It also hinges on a few other factors:

  1. The percentage you receive for each sale of an affiliate product on Stakecut.
  2. The size of your audience.
  3. How successful you are at promoting those products or services to your audience.

Typical commissions vary depending on the affiliate products you decide to promote. But most of the products on Stakecut usually have 50% commission.

There is no real limit on how much you can make as an affiliate marketer.

And you can withdraw your earnings to the last Kobo or penny in your Stakecut account. The best thing is that there’s no fixed threshold before you can withdraw your earnings on Stakecut.

Stakecut affiliate marketing can be a great way to scale your existing income, or even become your main source of income if you can put in the efforts.

But in either case, if you’re looking for long-term success with Stakecut affiliate marketing, you have to be willing to do it the right way and get the right mentorship in our Online Boss Academy.

$1,000 challenge on Stakecut

Here’s Joseph Adeyemi crossed his first $1,000 in less 30 days selling other people’s products on stakecut.

How to get started on Stakecut as an affiliate and earn in dollars

There are many ways to build an audience today: on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Instagram, YouTube or via your own blog site.

But when it comes to affiliate marketing, one of those is a must-have: a sales funnel!

I know a lot of people who are generating an income via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, without even having a sales funnel. Clap for them!

But if you want to set yourself up for success with Stakecut affiliate marketing, you absolutely need a sales funnel and email automation. What if Facebook or Twitter were to shut down tomorrow?

That probably won’t happen, but these sites can still make changes that can greatly affect your Stakecut affiliate business. You don’t want your account to be suspended just like Shola with over +450k followers.

Twitter account suspended

We’ve seen this time and time again, especially with Facebook. Facebook loves to make changes, especially since they went public and are trying to make money for their investors.

Affiliate marketing is your business, and so you need to take control of it, and if you put your business in the hands of something like Facebook or Twitter, you’re risking everything.

Even if there’s no Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, etc, I will keep making sales on my blog organically as long as there’s google.

If you don’t have blog like the one you’re reading now, the smart approach is to create a sales funnel with email automation series where you have full control over the experience of your audience and customers.

Platforms like Facebook are limited when it comes to delivering a custom experience to your audience.Twitter is extremely limited.

Also, Instagram and YouTube are limited in customer experience, and you want those places to be the start of a conversation and always drive people back to your sales funnel

A funnel with email automation series is where all the action happens. It’s where people buy stuff faster with powerful follow up and soft pitch.

It’s where you can get the most leverage. It’s where you can easily build an email list of loyal customers and upsell your affiliate offers.

Yes, there are affiliate marketing tools available that allow you to do everything without a sales funnel but if you’re in it for the long haul and want to do affiliate marketing right, you need to have a funnel that generates leads and sales for you on automation.

You can get a complete done for you affiliate sales funnel by visiting the link here ?

I recommend you should sign up now so that you will have access to your affiliate sales funnel, graphics designs for your affiliate promotion and powerful sales copies, absolutely made for you by Mr. Franklin Emmanuel, top YouTuber in Nigeria.

I hope you got value? If yes, please don’t forget to share this blog post via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. If you are done, then CLICK HERE to download your free gift that will help you to scale your affiliate business at escape velocity!

BIlal Abdullahi

Hello friend! I am Bilal Abdullahi, the CEO and founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub. An inbound online platform where I share my little knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Do you want to learn how I make money as a full-time blogger in Nigeria? Chat me on WhatsApp: +2348069830560

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