Stakecut Course Launch Guide For Vendors (2023)

How to list your product on Stakecut

Stakecut is an affiliate marketing platform where digital product creators and service providers can list their products and services for sale. You can list your services, physical and digital products on Stakecut for affiliates to promote for you but in this Stakecut course launch guide, we’re going to focus on a step-by-step process to list your digital product on Stakecut.

Let me make it clear to you before you proceed. At the end of this post, you will have access to a video presentation where you will learn how to launch your online course in less than 14 days.

And remember that, this post may contain an affiliate link. I may earn a little commission (at no additional cost to you) if you make use of my recommendation.

I need to buy gari and eba so that I can have the energy to keep on writing and revealing more secrets like the one you’re about to read now. Oya kwantinue ?

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What are digital products?

Digital products are also called info products or online courses. These are intangible products you can create, package and sell online without the need of a physical store and can only exist in digital form.

Below are the four (4) major categories of digital products:

  • E-books
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Softwares

So let’s take a look at the checklist for creating, packaging and step-by-step process to launch your digital product on Stakecut.

Step one for Stakecut course launch: Market research

Creating digital products should be based on delivering the needs of a specific set of people and to understand people’s needs you need to know about their burning desire to solve a particular problem they’re facing.

And your idea shouldn’t be based on a thought that sounds good to you but based on solving a particular need of the people or preventing them from imminent pain.

So ask yourself these questions before working on your first Stakecut course launch;

  • What problem is my product solving?
  • Who is it solving it for?
  • Are there alternatives to my product already on the market?
  • If yes, what can I do to improve it?
  • Who needs this product I am trying to create?
  • What are the guidelines for Stakecut product launch?

After listing out the questions, then it is time to do your research. The best strategy is by asking your existing customers what areas they are finding difficulties in their business.

If you haven’t sold digital products before, do your research about the pressing needs of the people and create a new product. You can use the following tools for better findings;

  • Google Trends
  • Answer the public
  • Google search
  • Social media comment sections
  • Quora, etc. can be very useful for this task.

Step two for Stakecut course launch: Buying persona

This is where you have a clear idea of your target audience and this is drawn out categorically by their age, gender, demographic, interest or their most used social media platform.

Before you launch any digital product you have to understand that not everybody is your customer.

You must clearly map out your target audience to avoid marketing to people that don’t need your product.

Since you have understand the basics, let’s us get into the requirements and guidelines for getting your affiliate products approved faster on Stakecut platform.

Have a masquerade sales funnel for your Stakecut course launch

The number one secret is that, if your sales funnel cannot convince an affiliate to promote your product with their own money, then your sales funnel is not good enough.

Your Stakecut course launch starts with the product, the sales funnel and the promotional materials you provide for Stakecut affiliates.

These materials help in refining your customers’ journey in the sales process. And affiliates can also use them for lead nurturing and sales closing.

Don’t stingily provide only email copies in your JV page and hope that the Stakecut team will approve your online course. 

Make sure you include videos, fliers, Ad copies and WhatsApp or Email automation tools in marketing materials.

So, how do you design a sales funnel that both Stakecut product vetting team, affiliates and your potential customers will love? Here’s the ultimate process to perfectly design your sales funnel without spending the whole night brainstorming.

Funnel hacking other successful funnels

Funnel hacking is the process of investigating and reverse engineering other people’s funnels by analysing the good stuff and replicating it into your marketing funnel.

Don’t over stress yourself to reinvent the wheel, instead, model what works and safe your black a*s from guesswork.

The benefits of funnel hacking is that it allows you to instantly leverage an existing sales funnel, precisely using your competitors funnel to test and experiment what they have already done and quickly apply the exact techniques and strategies into your funnel with some little tweaking.

This method of building a masquerade sales funnel will save you a lot of time, energy and finance that you might invest in building a sales funnel that you don’t have guarantee on its functionality.

Let me show you a step-by-step guide to funnel hacking:


  • Have a clear vision of your end goal

For your Stakecut course launch, your best interest is to get your product approved on Stakecut, provide marketing materials for affiliates to promote your product and generate more conversions. 

Therefore, your end goal is to build a high converting sales funnel for your Stakecut course launch not lead generation page.

Have a clear vision of your end goal before you start researching your competitors.

  • Research sales funnels that are winning big in your niche

The best way to get your research done quickly without swimming in a pool of unnecessary information on the internet is to use Facebook Ads Library and the existing products on popular affiliate platforms in your country.

For instance, if you want to launch your online course on Stakecut, you can check your competitors’ courses that have been approved on Stakecut to study their funnel and model their funnel structure.

NOTE: You’re not expected to ‘copy and paste’ your competitors’ funnels. Just model what’s working for them.

Also pay attention to their Ads, especially the type of headline they’re using.

Meanwhile, if they use intro video for their Ads and a product video presentation on their sales page, get some cool one for your product too.


  • Take full-page screenshot of your competitors funnel

Sometimes, what triggers potential customers to make a purchase is not the entire sales funnel. It could be a single word that deeply emphasizes their pain point. 

Beyond the words, the font type and the text color also play their own unique roles in your customers’ buying decisions.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to take a full-page screenshot of your competitors funnel to analyze their choice of words, fonts and text colors.

If the funnel has VSLs download and transcribe them.

You can use HappyScribe or Sonix software for effective transcription.

After going through all the higi-haga to study your competitors funnel, also remember to take the next step by whipping out your wallet to purchase the product.

Buying the product will get you to the button of their funnel and have all the ball in your court before launching your own online course on Stakecut.

Only put your money where your research is but don’t copy any part of their product or contents without a written permission from the product owner.

Let me repeat myself again, your work is to study, analyze, tweak and model your competitors not scrapping, copying or reusing any of their marketing materials without their consent.


  • Get your hands burn on your competitors traffic sources

A rock-solid funnel is the one that has crazy and unbreakable traffic channels. You can’t justify how perfect your funnel is without driving quality traffic to the funnel and testing its functionality using different traffic sources.

When you see your competitors running Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc, don’t put your energy in one place.

Also, test-run your funnel using the same traffic sources and troubleshoot your results before launching your course on Stakecut.

The reason why is because most of the affiliates on Stakecut have specific traffic sources that are working for them.

And as a product owner, your target is to make sure that all the affiliates that will promote your course bring money back home regardless of the channels they used to promote the product online.

The vendors for top 10 Stakecut courses in 2022 know how to use different traffic channels to find and connect with their audience and this makes work of their affiliates super easy and faster.

If you can figure this out for your Stakecut course launch, you will have a pool of affiliates that will promote your course work without personally recruiting any super affiliate to work with you.

It doesn’t matter how great your funnel is, if your traffic is not converting, you’re not going to make sales. Hence, affiliates will stop promoting your product for you.

  • Nack your head in your competitors email list

The question is, how good is your lead nurturing and how perfect is your customer’s journey?

Don’t have an idea? Hence you need to cage yourself in your competitors email list until you fish out the big snail.

Open your big eyes to watch the type of lead magnet they’re using. Is it an ebook, video presentation, Software, Infographic or free webinar?

Do they use quizzes to filter out low quality leads? What is their call to action on the opt-in page?

These are the first things you should study before jumping into their email list. Take not of the following once you’re on their email list:

How long are their email sequences?

What type of emails do they send and how often do you receive email from them?

Whenever they make a sales pitch, do they link directly to a sales page or a webinar page?

  • Get your eyes on the sweet spot

Write down what you’re looking for and stay focused when reading their emails so that you won’t miss the sweet spot. Your overall target is to model the flow of your competitors’ sales funnel.

For instance, if the sales funnel you’re hacking has a sales letter followed by an upsell page, then followed by a thank-you page. You should also have a sales letter followed by an upsell, then followed by a thank-you page as well.

Make sure you model their page layouts and design. For example, if the sales funnel has a logo in the top right corner, you should have a logo but not necessarily at the top right corner.

Below are some other unique features to look for:

  •  Do they use social proof?
  • What type of headlines do they use in their emails?
  • Where do they mention prices in their emails?
  • What are their product prices?
  • Do they tag their prices as a discount or a one-time offer?
  • Do they use double opt-in form or single opt-in form?
  • What’s located above and below the fold?
  • Do they redirect some of their emails to videos on YouTube or their social media accounts?”


  • Steal like an artist (model, model, model not copy)

If you don’t want to receive a fat slap on your face and drive all your efforts in vain, then don’t ‘copy and paste’ other people’s work. Everything I explained in this guide is for your own benefit but if you use this information wrongly by copying other people’s sales funnel you will end up crying like a divorced goat.

After you funnel-hack your competitors, you’re going to notice elements and patterns that show up in every single high-converting funnel on the internet.

The benefit of your research is to adopt those elements and patterns into your funnel for your Stakecut course launch.

Don’t copy their contents and materials. Remember, the Stakecut product vetting team are professional funnel hackers and products managers.

Use a secured LMS for your Stakecut course launch

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking and delivery of educational courses, training programs, learning and development programs.

You can build your own LMS using a WordPress plugin called LearnPress. It’s a free plugin with a user-friendly interface, similar to the WordPress dashboard.

The plugin allows you to create and host your online courses, lessons, and quizzes  on WordPress quickly and effortlessly.

Or you can use a third-party platform like Kobocourse, if you want to get rid of all the technical process of buying web hosting, installation and integration of the LearnPress on WordPress platform.

Kobocourse is an online platform created with you in mind where you can host all your online courses without the hassle of creating your own LMS platform.

Your courses are 100% secured and protected from cloud-stealing and unauthorized access to your courses by unregistered students.

This is one of the major considerations when launching your online course on Stakecut. Because, the product vetting team must make sure that your courses are hosted on a professional and trusted LMS platform before approving your product on their affiliate platform.

As a product owner, you must prove that only students that pay for your online course will have access to the program. 

And without using a secured LMS platform like Kobocourse, it would be difficult to prove such claims. Hence, your product might be rejected on the platform.

Use a custom domain for your Stakecut course launch

You have to take note of this section very carefully. Just because you have free access to third-party website builders and sales funnel templates on, wix,, etc, doesn’t mean you should go ahead and create your sales page, thank-you page and jv-page using the third-party platform.

And even if you must use them, make sure you purchase a custom domain name and redirect all your pages to the custom domain name.

But I will highly suggest you should purchase a domain and web hosting and build all your pages using WordPress to avoid later regrets.

Example of a custom domain name:

Example of free domain name: my or

The above domain examples are not professional and looks spammy.

As long as you want to launch a successful affiliate product on Stakecut, better invest in a reliable web hosting company like Truehost to get a cheap domain name for your online business.

Your website is like a power house where you can attract and retain potential customers and even build a long-lasting relationship with your existing customers.

So, build one for yourself and your business today!

Avoid using VSL for your Stakecut course launch (Warning)

A video sales letter (VSL) is a video presentation designed to persuade the viewer or target customer to make a purchase decision. VSL is mostly used on sales pages and for webinars.

The reason why it’s not allowed to be used for affiliate products is because most of the Video Sales Letters contain payment details such as account number or URL to payment gateway which a customer can use to make a purchase after watching the video without buying the product via the payment button on the sales page.

This will make an affiliate that’s promoting your product to lose a commission.

Why? Because your affiliates can only receive a commission when a customer uses the trackable payment button on your sales page to make a purchase.

If by all means you must use a video presentation on your sales page, encourage the viewer or target customer to sign up for your course via the payment button on the sales page instead of voicing or putting your payment details in your presentation slides.

I will break down more when we get to a step-by-step guide to publish your product on Stakecut in less than 10 minutes.

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Create a “thank you” page and VJ page for your Stakecut course launch

Your JV page is where you list all your marketing materials for the affiliates. Such as your marketing videos, email swipes, Ad copies, product image, fliers, previous student testimonials, and automation tools.

Your “thank you” page is where you provide product instructions and course login details for new students or customers.

The customer can only access the “thank you” page after a successful transaction or purchase of your product.

Therefore, make your “thank you” page look enticing and welcoming. If possible, have an introductory video to appreciate your new customers or students for taking massive action to purchase your product.

It takes a lot of faith for someone to pull out his card and pay for your product regardless of the price.

The fastest ways to get your product approved on Stakecut is to under promise and over deliver your messages to both customers and affiliates.

If there’s no clarity in your entire message, be it, your product, sales page, thank you page, JV page, customers’ journey, etc. 

You will struggle to achieve your end goal for creating the product. The key is to under promise and over deliver values.

If you’re considering a Stakecut course launch because your friend posted how much he made in less than 30 days selling courses on Stakecut, then you’re likely not going to succeed with your decision.

Start with a problem solving mindset, be genuinely interested in helping people and dedicate your time, energy and finance to provide value with your product.

Once you do this properly, both you, the affiliates, the customers and the Stakecut team will be happy with consistent income.

Now, let’s discuss a step-by-step guide to publish your product or online course on Stakecut in less than 10 minutes.

Step-by-step guide to launch your product on Stakecut in less than 10 minutes

Now, let’s dive into a step-by-step process for listing your course on Stakecut affiliate platform. The first thing you need to do is to create your Stakecut affiliate account, then switch your account to vendor’s account, hover to the sidebar and click on “publish products” to provide all the necessary details about your products.

Stakecut course launch

On the next page, you will be asked to submit a URL for your sales page, thank you page, JV page and access to your product.

The Stakecut product vetting team will go through all the pages and as well as the product to make sure that you’ve all the necessary requirements we mentioned earlier. 

After you have submitted your pages, you will be asked to copy a pixel code and paste in the header of your sales page.

Here’s the reason why I suggest you should get a domain name and web hosting to create all your pages using WordPress instead of using another third-party platform.

WordPress will be very easy for you to insert any HTML code in the header of your website or sales page.

Apart from your dashboard where you have access to different templates for sales page design, some third-party website builders don’t grant specialized access to the backend of your website.

Therefore, I highly recommend you should have all your pages built with WordPress.

If you’re not  conversant with WordPress, you can chat with me on WhatsApp via 07087134118 for a free consultation on how to launch your WordPress site, design and optimize all your pages to get your Stakecut course launch approved faster.

After you have successfully inserted the pixel code, the next step is to select a customized payment button of your choice and copy the script provided for you on Stakecut. 

Then, switch to the HTML section of your sales page and replace the current payment buttons on your sales page with the script you copied from Stakecut.

This might be a bit technical for your first Stakecut course launch but don’t panic, I and my team can get everything done for you while you watch your online course live on Stakecut in less than 10 minutes.

Just send an email via [email protected] or WhatsApp via 07087134118 if you need my assistance.

If you were able to pass all the technical processes without hassle, congratulations!

The Stakecut team will review your product and send feedback after your listing.

If your product has been validated, you will receive a congratulations email but if your product got rejected, you will receive an email stating the reasons for disapproval.

All you need to do is to take a quick note of the statement and make sure you fix the problem that leads to disapproval.

Once you have resolved the problem successfully, you can request for approval.

From my experience working with Stakecut vendors, most of the rejection was as a result of VSL (Video Sales Letters) and inappropriate integration of the Stakecut pixel code.

The pixel code is used to track your entire sales page and detect any transactions made by a customer.

The aim is to make sure that your sales page is properly integrated so that affiliates won’t lose their commission while promoting your product.

Now, let’s look at some frequently asked questions about Stakecut course launch.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Stakecut product listing

Having worked with a good number of vendors both on Stakecut and Expertnaire, below are some questions and answers based on their most challenging experiences as top vendors on top 5 affiliate platforms in Nigeria.

These FAQs are from vendors that I have worked with before I started working on this practical process to successfully launch your online course on Stakecut affiliate platform.

How do I know if my product will be approved on Stakecut?

The first sign is to make sure that you paste the pixel code probably. Once you paste correctly you will see the Stakecut icon floating on your screen when you visit your sales page. 

Stakecut course launch

If all your pages are professionally designed and your payment integration is perfectly set, then your product will likely get approved on Stakecut.

How long would it take for Stakecut to review my product?

Well, Stakecut hasn’t disclosed the specific date for their approval circle. But as long as your product is good enough and you pass all the requirements, your product is expected to be approved within 7 business days.

Can I make changes to my sales page after the approval?

This is where most vendors get it wrong. Vendors are not expected to make changes after product launch without the consent of the Stakecut product vetting team. 

One of the Stakecut vendors made this mistake recently and here’s what Stakecut founder, Mr. Czarr, has to say and my suggestion on this particular issue in the Stakecut vendor’s group:

Stakecut course launch
Stakecut founder message in the Vendor’s group


Stakecut course launch

So, don’t edit anything on your sales page after they approve your product. If you must edit your sales page, make sure you contact the support team before you make that decision.

Do I need to pay money to list my product on Stakecut?

Stakecut is a free affiliate marketing platform. They don’t charge their affiliates and vendors for making use of the platform. Stakecut only makes money when you make money on their platform. 

If anybody asks you to pay money before you list your product on Stakecut, don’t give your hard-earned money to them. 

You can only pay an expert to help you create or design your sales page or to integrate the Stakecut pixel and payment gateway if you find it a little techy to handle by yourself.

A successful vendor on Stakecut might charge you for a consultation but this is quite different from paying someone that only promises to get your product approved on Stakecut.

I have personally helped vendors to design their sales page, optimize their funnels and list their products on Expertnaire and Stakecut.

Meanwhile, you can contact me via email [email protected] or via WhatsApp 07087134118 if you need my assistance.

How much would I make as a vendor on Stakecut?

This depends on how hot your product is, if your product is high in demand in the market both you and your affiliates will make a lot of money. The more people are buying your product the more money you print on Stakecut as a vendor.

Above all, the quality and value of your product will determine whether your target audience will crave for it or not.

A good feedback from previous customers is a sign that people love your product and they can go extreme to recommend your product, hence the chance for affiliates to market your product ruthlessly.

Some top vendors on Stakecut are currently making more than 1million+ naira per month on automation. You too can hit that target when you take massive action to create, package and launch your product on Stakecut today.

What are the benefits of Stakecut course launch?

Gone are the days where digital course creators have to do all the marketing higi-haga and pass through all the pains of spending money on advertising.

With Stakecut course launch, you don’t have to worry about marketing and advertising because they’re qualified advertising experts, marketing gurus and sales closers who will put their own money to promote your product for you without you doing all the legwork.

All you need to do is to give them a good commission when they make a sale. It could be 30%, 40% or 50% commission on each sale. We called them supper affiliates.

They’re thousands of super affiliates in Nigeria and many of them are promoting Stakecut affiliate products for a commission. Which is a WIN-WIN for both of you.

The biggest benefit is that you do work once (creating the product) and earn consistently from your product without doing any extra work.

Unlike an affiliate who always promotes ruthlessly before they can earn money online. As a vendor on Stakecut, all your income is 100% passive. Once your affiliates make a purchase, you will receive an automated alert from Stakecut.

Do I have to pay affiliates to promote my product on Stakecut?

No. You don’t have to pay affiliates before they can promote your product for you. Once you list your product, an affiliate will do a market research to find out if there’s a hungry target audience for your product.

After the research, then he will check your JV page to make sure that you have provided all the necessary materials he can leverage on to promote the product.

A smart affiliate marketer will take a careful look at the commission and do his maths to compare the marketing efforts and the commission before promotion.

If the deal (commission) is good enough they will promote your product shamelessly.

Spoiler alert: 90% of Stakecut affiliates are highly interested in affiliate products that give 50% commission.

Stakecut will accumulate the weekly sales and pay your affiliates every Friday while you as a vendor get paid into your bank account after every two weeks.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to register on Stakecut and connect your bank account to receive payment:

Affiliate Vs Vendor: Which is more profitable?

Before I answer your question, I want to remind you that there’s freedom in ownership. Imagine having your own info product and begin to leverage on super affiliates who have built an audience that might be interested in your product.

Imagine publishing your info product on Expertnaire, Stakecut, Selar, LearnOflix or Digitstem where thousands of affiliates can quickly promote your product for you [at their marketing expenses] while both of you share the profit.

Let’s say you create your info product and list on Stakecut at the price of 50k and you give affiliates 50% commission.

That means, for each sale your affiliates closed you will make N25K pure-profit. You can even do some solid shopping.

If your affiliates are closing 20 sales per month. That’s 20 × N25K = N500k per month!

This is how smart people build wealth for themselves on popular affiliate networks in Nigeria.

Instead of struggling to start affiliate business and trying to compete with super affiliates.

Affiliate memes

You can create your own info product and leverage on super affiliates to generate income for yourself and take care of your family.

How do I create and package my own product?

Creating a digital product simply means to monetize your knowledge. Are you good at something? Maybe writing, drawing or do you usually give relationship advice to your friends?

What’s that particular thing that your friends always want to hear you talking about? What do you always explore in your brain when you’re alone?

What’s that unique talent you want to share with the world? Are you good at betting or playing a particular game?

You have something unique that you can turn into an eBook or Video course and sell to thousands of people on the internet right.

Well, This is where we can work together. We can bring your ideas into reality. We can turn your knowledge and talent into cash. 

Having an online course could change the narratives of your financial life in 2023. As it has done for many young Nigerians like you.

In fact, one of my friends has an online course on Stakecut and Expertnaire.

That has done over 20 Million Naira in gross sales. Yes, 20 Million in total sales.

That’s the power that a successful online course can have on your life.

The secret is knowing how to create an online course that sells. It means, 95% of the time that your course could fail to make you m0ney.

And that’s why Mr. Joe Okoro want to teach you how to create and package an online course that sells.

Currently, I have two mini online courses that are averaging 250k – 300k per month without any extra effort from my part.

I do absolutely nothing to promote these courses, nothing at all!

So far, these two courses have done over N3 million in total sales on Selar alone.

Yeah, I am not advertising it or promoting it at all to get these sales.

All I just did was use a smart selling strategy to craft a course that attracts affiliates to promote it without me asking them to do so. And the results are daily sales of 10k, 15k or even 30k dropping into my account everyday.

You want to learn how this is done?

All you need to do is to click here to watch a free video presentation. If you find this Stakecut course launch guide very helpful, don’t forget to share!

BIlal Abdullahi

Hello friend! I am Bilal Abdullahi, the CEO and founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub. An inbound online platform where I share my little knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Do you want to learn how I make money as a full-time blogger in Nigeria? Chat me on WhatsApp: +2348069830560

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