Stakecut Vs Expertnaire Review in 2023

Stakecut Vs Expertnaire products comparison

Are you looking for unbiased Stakecut Vs Expertnaire review so that you can be sure about the best affiliate platform to join in 2022 and start making money as an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is an online business model that allows you to recommend products and services to customers that are in need of them while you earn a commission after the sales are closed.

In simple terms, it is the science of promoting other people’s products and earning a commission when a customer buys through you.

In this Stakecut Vs Expertnaire review in 2022, I have explained and compared the unique features of Stakecut and Expertnaire for you to know the best platform to join in 2022.

The most interesting thing about other affiliate marketing methods like CPA and CPC is that you don’t have to go all the way to close a deal with a buyer, all you have to do is lure them to the vendor and the vendor will take it from there.

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Affiliate marketing has been one of the drive forces for young Nigerians and Africans at large to earn in dollars online and cater for their needs.

Expertnaire is currently one of the platforms with the highest number of partners with more than 40,000 affiliates and vendors in Nigeria.

But recently, a team of young, passionate, great minded and business driven entrepreneurs, led by Mr. Czar Nnamani and Joshua Mba, launched a new affiliate network called Stakecut. 

My experience with Stakecut Vs Expertnaire

After testing Expertnaire affiliate program for 2 good years and Stakecut for about 2 months. I have decided to write Stakecut Vs Expertnaire review in 2022 to share my experience with you before you get started.

Stakecut has come with a lot of productive features that make affiliate marketing so easy and has the potential to be the greatest affiliate marketing network in Africa in the near future.

Expertnaire vs Stakecut comparison

Here is the comparison/review I made between Expertnaire, a giant among top 10 African affiliate networks and the newly launched Stakecut.

Expertnaire sign up and registration process. 

Membership on expertnaire is not free. You have to pay registration fees before you will be able to promote products on the platforms.

There are 2 ways affiliates can sign up on Expertnaire. You can sign up as a member directly from the Expertnaire home page or as a pro member through 72IG program.

Another membership feature is partnering with Expertnaire as a vendor. Meanwhile, if you know how to launch an info product you can list your courses on Expertnaire and give a reasonable commission (%) to affiliates who help you to promote and sell the info product.

Join as an affiliate

Joining Expertnaire as an ordinary member will cost you a yearly sign-up fee of N10,000 only, which gives you access to only the Expertnaire affiliate website and the products.

Registration through the 72IG program will give you access to top-notched mentorship, training and marketing tools you need to promote your Expertnaire products.

Join as a vendor

However, it requires you to pay a nonrefundable fee of N25,000 which is to be renewed yearly. 

Failure to renew your membership either as an affiliate or a vendor would automatically terminate your membership access.

While joining Expertnaire via the 72IG Program costs N62,500 naira (as at the time of publishing this blog post), you will be able to stand out and beat ahead of the competition and leverage new affiliate promotion strategy as a beginner. 

It’s a training that can transform you from N100k per month to earning N1,000,000 per month as an affiliate if you implement and set up your marketing campaign properly.

Want to sign up for 72IG program now?

I have stopped promoting the 72IG program on my blog but you can visit: to purchase the course at your convenience. Thank you!

Stakecut sign up and registration process

Stakecut is a free affiliate program, you don’t have to pay a dime to become a member either as a vendor or an affiliate.

All you need to do is to follow the registration process to sign up on Stakecut in less than 5 minutes, verify your account, set up your profile, connect your payment details and start taking orders.

This is the easiest and quickest sign up and affiliate partnership process I’ve ever seen. All you need is your Email, Phone number, Bank account and boom! You are in.

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But having a Stakecut affiliate account is just the beginning of your affiliate marketing journey. If you’re a beginner, you must prepare yourself to learn the crumbs of techniques that will help you to scale fast and print real money on Stakecut.

You can download my free guide for affiliate marketers or sign up for the affiliate marketing accelerator program by clicking the image below.

Online Boss Academy

In the online Boss Academy you will learn proven strategy to cross your first $1,000 dollars on Stakecut in 30 days.

Expertnaire Vs Stakecut users demographics

Expertnaire is an affiliate network dominated by Nigerians with about 5 other African countries. They accept only local payment options.

Stakecut accepts both local and international payment options and allows their members to sell to almost every country in the world.

Stakecut payment options
Pay with Naira or Dollars on Stakecut


You can also get paid in your prepared currency directly to your local bank account.

Affiliates on Stakecut will have more advantages to promote products to the global market than Affiliates who focus on Expertnaire products only.

Stakecut Vs Expertnaire products and courses

Expertnaire is an affiliate program that is known to host or list only Digital products. They offer a large range of digital products, more than 50 to choose from.

While on the other hand, Stakecut hosts and list both physical and digital products. As a vendor, you can put your physical product out there for affiliates to promote and sell to the world.

Stakecut Vs Expertnaire payout methods

Expertnaire has just one method of payment which is in Naira, and they pay their vendors after two weeks of a successful purchase. But, Expertnaire pay their affiliates automatically every Friday.

While Stakecut pays you automatically every Monday. The most amazing part of Stakecut payout methods is that it has a currency auto-generate option based on your location.

Not just that, there is a currency option for your buyer to pay in his/her local currency if they do not have a dollar account.

Stakecut Vs Expertnaire earnings/commission

Earning a commission on expertnaire differs with the type of membership you have registered. As an ordinary member you will get only 30% commission per sale on their best selling course (72IG program) on Expertnaire while as a pro member you get 50% commission on the same product.

On Stakecut affiliate network, there’s nothing like pro member or ordinary member, with your free membership account, you can earn a commission that is worth 50% or more and get paid after the sales deal is closed.


With the above comparison between Stakecut and Expertnaire, I can boldly say that expertnaire as a leading platform in the african affiliate marketing industry has some limitations which might affect their affiliates and vendors.

And Stakecut on the other hand came with a lot of these solutions which is an added advantage to their affiliates and vendors.

The major one is the registration and membership fee.

With the current financial situation in the country, Stakecut has indeed given all their partners both affiliates and vendors an opportunity to start earning in dollars with zero investment.

Stakecut is a platform with minimal or no limitations when it comes to affiliate marketing while Expertnaire has some limitations of payment method, products type and membership registration. Nevertheless, you can still make money on both platforms in 2022

They’ve tried their best to give you everything you need to make money on the internet. More tools and features are coming soon. Such as AI writer, WhatsApp automation, freelance hub and talent pool.

Believe it or not, you will find it difficult to come across an affiliate marketing platform with such ease of access, simple operation, high earned commission, zero financial risk, currency auto-generate option, and so on and so fourth.

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As someone who has promoted both Expertnaire and Stakecut products, I see Stakecut as a lifetime opportunity for Africans out there who are willing to make a difference in the digital marketing space.

If you love this review, don’t forget to share with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and your WhatsApp status. Once you’re done, then CLICK HERE to download your free gift. Share your experience with us in a comment section below. Thank you!

BIlal Abdullahi

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