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It is one thing to own a business and it is another to succeed in it especially when the business has to do with online. Every entrepreneur wants to be an owner of a successful and profitable business but miracles can never perform that magic.

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The most efficient and effective way to be successful in your business is to create a strategy and then outline the goals you need to achieve along the way.

According to social media strategist, Inge Hunter….”There is no business without a strategy to get there“. Deryck Jordan, founder and managing attorney at Jordan counsel also opined that “one thing that can make or break a business is the amount of preparation and planning that is done objectively“.

Do you feel like you are treading water with your business and not making progress as expected?

Or you are just a first timer who is having troubles figuring out how to succeed in online business. Well, here is something you must do: build a Landing Page for your business.

Of course, you may want to ask what this means. To discover what a landing page is and how best to utilize it, join me in my ride.

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Landing pages serves as the bedrock to any online marketing strategy for bloggers and also big corporations. It should be described as a pillar to an online business and a pivotal part of success achievement in business.

Unbounce defined a landing page to be “a standalone web page created specifically for the purpose of a marketing or advertising campaign“. The expert further elucidates that the main objective for designing a landing page is known as “call to action (CTA) “.

This is like a formal request, simple and understandable message requesting your visitors to do something—->audience or fans visiting your site.

For example, you can have something like : “sign up“, “Donate now” or “register”.

These signs are mostly coloured and attractive or catchy. The copy of your CTA depends on your specific audience.

Landing pages can aid in achieving one’s business goals at each stage of purchase process. They are used throughout the inbound marketing cycle, starting from introducing your target audience to your brand and converting your lead into a paying customer.

And one thing we must also put in mind is that the landing page is not the same as Home page. The duo are quite different. While landing pages are created mainly with CTA in focus, Home page is created with the main purpose of introducing visitors to the website or the brand and to also portray what content they can access thereby offering several navigation paths.

How to create landing page using Getresponse?

For better understanding, we must follow this journey step-by-step to start with. We are going to build this landing page using GetResponse landing page builder. Then go to the menu and click on landing pages.

Create landing page

Then, click create landing page button. Click on the button.

Create landing page step 2

You will be taken to another page where many templates are displayed. It is based on choices. Use the one you feel best suits your desired theme of how you want your landing page to be. Choose one that can be easy to follow.

Here is another step: After selecting your preferred template, choose a befitting name for your landing page just for reference purposes and then click on the next step.

Landing page name

The guide here is how to build a landing page from scratch. From the landing pages click build from scratch.


Build landing page from scratch

This will take you to a landing page creator where editing of images, text information, colours and fonts take place. To do this, just click into a box and a sign up for editing will show up.

Landing page sign up

After you must have been done with the editing, you will see a mobile icon, click on it to preview the mobile version of your landing page. You can also edit that to make sure it looks perfect before going to the next step.

To do some settings in the landing page, add title and description to start.

Landing page title and description

The description should be all about your landing page and what you can offer. This is necessary because it will show up on Google search results to rank for keywords search queries.

Moving on to the next step, it is advisable that you temporarily leave the URL as it is (using GetResponse).

Select landing page url

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Invalid email address
We promise not to spam you. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Then you can select the list to be used. People who come into your landing page can go into the list and it can also enable you to send emails to subscribers already enlisted in.

For confirmed opt-in, you either select or deselect. This means that subscribers will receive a notification which will ask them to confirm if they want to be part of your email or not.

Thank you page

You can leave the “add into the cycle on day” as zero or is. This shows the time that the notification will be sent to the subscribers by you.

As you move on, you will get to a stage where you are required to do settings for the “Thank you page“. It is preferable to leave it as default or set up a custom thank you page on your website or blog that subscribers can be re-directed to.

Publish landing page

With this, your thank you page notice can be customized to them and also give them extra links, resources or services that they may be interested in.

Just simply create a”thank you page” on your blog or website and then publish it. (this can be kept away from your other content) and copy and paste the address into the GetResponse “thank you page” form.

You have successfully created your landing page

The final stage is to click on “publish” and that ends your journey…..Congratulations, your landing page is successfully created.

Note: After everything is done, you can decide to take GetResponse URL and then make it a little bit shorter and look clean in order to make your link more attractive and appealing to click on. I personally use

Short url

Copy the new URL and save it elsewhere, a place that is handy so as to link out to it in the future when you want to promote your new landing page.

The beauty of Getresponse landing pages to businesses

The beauty of using landing pages to convert readers into subscribers is nothing but for the fact that you need not to have a blog if you don’t want to, you can use other alternatives like YouTube, Pinterest or Quora to let people know about your worth and what you can offer are available.

The best part of the landing page is for your visitors to understand your actions with one goal. Study has it that 48% of marketers create a new landing page for every new campaign to generate leads. Depending on the right landing page, you can convert your visitors into customers and your conversion rate would also increase.


Benefit of landing page to your business

Landing pages are paid marketing, emails and social media campaigns. When visitors see a particular catchy word or picture, they tend to be more focused on the page.

With this, we can say that landing pages help you create structural and successful advertising. Landing pages are also the best way to put your investment for a long term period and get the best outcome of that campaign.

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The benefits of landing pages are enormous. A good landing page can create potential customers and helps to build a cordial relationship with them in an effective manner.

Meanwhile, to have the Landing page that can help you achieve all these, certain things must be put in mind before it creation:

Factors to consider before launching your landing page


Identify your target audience: Target audience are those people that can be interested in your business. You should be able to put their priorities first, what they want and how they want it.

Their age, education and career must also be put into consideration. Knowing your audience enough will generate content that will be to their taste.

E.g The taste of an elderly person can not possibly be the same with the youth. If your content is providing their most wanted gratification, your landing page will get more conversion.

To attract them, your headline must be catchy and attractive. Your landing page may be strong and solid but end up being useless if your headline is messy. Headline should be short and precise.

Know your purpose: To do anything, it’s always good to know why you want to go into it. There is a need to have it at the back of your mind why you need a landing page.

Fantastic landing page: such as e-book, provider, survey form or contact form.

Select the perfect keywords: Long term tail keywords are more effective than the short term keywords. You have to choose the most suitable keywords so that you can have a rank by the search engine. It may be tedious but very necessary for the sake of good results.

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In conclusion, landing pages are very important. Therefore, it must not be complicated. The main purpose of the landing page is to attract visitor’s attention.

For this reason, your sentences and paragraphs should be short and simple. Avoid too many choices and verbose words.

It should have simple and interesting templates. Always put essential features on the landing page and the contents must be one that gives a moral lessons.

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Potential communicator and up coming copywriter. I believe in using writings to correct social ills and inspire people into achieving their dreams. Studying mass communication at Bayero University Kano (BUK)

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