Reviews review: Top 9 features & pricing all-in-one marketing platform review

It’s well known that selling products online has to do with adopting different strategies. Most of these products have marketing softwares that helps and eases the overall general operation of the selling process thereby reducing work and time while at the same time, help product owners to expand and reach out to as many audiences and customers as possible. Hence our review for digital product creators, online entrepreneurs and affiliates.

We want to make sure that you have an in-depth understanding of marketing platform before you finalize your decision on whether to use the Software or not. So, we’re going to uncover some reviews, features, pricing and frequently asked questions (FAQs) by potential customers.

There are hundreds of digital marketing tools you can find online that will help you monitor and manage your business, some of these marketing tools are free to use while most of them have 14-30 day free trials before users can upgrade to the paid plan.

A report by technology industry trend states that a lot of online businesses use an average of 175 tools and software in their day to day operation.

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Almost all operations in daily online business activities are carried by one tool/software to another, which have proven to increase value to businesses and enhance productivity.

Some of these tools include, Sales Funnels, email autoresponder, affiliate software, membership sites, online course platforms, SEO tools, etc.

The most challenging part of using these marketing tools is that, sometimes your business might require you to use 2-6 tools or more to achieve your desired results.

This means you have to be migrating and jumping from one tool to another. This can be very time and energy consuming making the marketer frustrated.

Nevertheless, in this review you will find some amazing features that will handle most of your marketing campaigns without too much stress. review review: All you need to know

In this guide, I have shared my honest review on that offers all-in-one marketing tools for free or with an affordable premium package when upgrading to a pro plan. is a general and decentralized digital marketing platform that integrates into one place with all the necessary digital marketing tools you will need to successfully launch, manage, grow and scale your online business to its peak.

Basically, with you don’t have to use any third party marketing tools because the software comes with top-notched features you need to run your online business successfully. Especially, if you’re a digital product creator or an affiliate marketer. Description and feature: is an open source free software with a paid plan that was built to help and promote businesses and help all level entrepreneurs to successfully generate leads, build customer relationships using email marketing and sell their online courses.

The software might not have all the tools you want, but rather contain all the necessary features you might need to scale up your online business. Especially if you’re a digital product creator or an affiliate marketer. Let’s talk about the user experience. review: Easy to use is built with a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for people with little knowledge of IT to operate on the platform.

The platform interacts with users so perfectly and it is very easy to explore, as everything on the dashboard is straightforward and self explanatory.

Free plan and affordable pro plan is a free marketing platform with a lot of features and marketing tools that help digital marketers promote businesses and increase sales.

Asides the free plan, It also comes with a pro plan which offers premium advantages and numerous options more than the free plan.

The pro plan is very affordable; they charge way below other marketing platforms out there.

But with the free plan, you can still be able to design your marketing funnel and have your own sales page built from scratch without upgrading to a pro plan.

At, you can upload videos and images directly without having to link it to YouTube.

Other platforms with lesser features charge way more than $500/year whereas you can have a plan for less than $250/year. This makes a lot of marketers fall in love with the Software. top 9 features and benefits

Here are some amazing and unique features that will make you fall in love with Software. The benefits below prove that is an all-in-one marketing platform that every marketer should leverage to grow their online businesses.

    1. Sales Funnel creation: Create funnels easily using unique templates
    2. Email Marketing automation: Send unlimited email newsletters and create email campaigns for your products
    3. Professional Website Builder: Quickly set up your website in less 10 minutes with zero coding
    4. Launch Affiliate Program: Create and launch your own affiliate program, automate payouts for your affiliates
    5. One-Click business Automation: Save your precious time and energy by automating your business without hiring an expert.
    6. Evergreen Webinars: Run evergreen webinars to grow your audience faster and generate sales like a monster
    7. Online Course launch: Create and sell your online course on one platform, also manage your students with a membership
    8. Blog like a pro: Set up your blog, create high-converting content and  generate quality traffic all on one platform.
    9. Sell your physical products: Start a dropshipping business or sell your own physical products to thousands of customers on the internet. frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I personally understand that you might have some questions in mind to ask right away. As one of the users, I will try as much as possible to answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) based on my real-world experience with the platform. So, let’s get started!

1. What is is a general and decentralized digital marketing platform that integrates into one place with all the necessary digital marketing tools you will need to successfully launch, manage, grow and scale your online business to its peak.

2. What is used for? is used to automate, manage and monitor the activities of your digital marketing that will lead to a successful sales generation and business growth.

This includes creating your sales funnel and selling your digital products, creating your own affiliate marketing blog, onboard affiliates without a drawn-out registration process, running an affiliate program with recurring commissions, and automating payments for your affiliates.

And you also get access to unlimited email automation, unlimited file storage, unlimited membership, integration of payment gateway with Stripe and PayPal, ecommerce marketing tools such as 1-click upsells and A/B testing, etc. review

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3. Is free forever?

No, is not totally free. It has a freemium plan which is “free forever” and with it alone you have the chance to build a sales funnel and design a sales page, but what you can do with a free plan is, of course, limited. has four plans among which we have a free plan and the other three are paid plans. The premium plans include the startup plan which costs $27/month, then the webinar plan which costs $47/month, and then the enterprise plan, which costs $97/month. Try startup plan today!

Affiliate disclosure: This blog is a readers support platform. Meanwhile, we may earn a little commission (at no additional cost to you) when you make use of our link to upgrade to pro plan. Thanks for your kind support!

4. Can you build a website using

Yes, you can build a website on in the website’s features, there is an icon called the “website builder”, a tool that enables you to build and set up your website in less than 10 minutes with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

5. Is legit?

More than legit, is very much reliable, it is a platform where everything about it is trusted by the users. It has a lot of features assembled into one single platform. It has over three thousand users worldwide. The numbers can’t lie.

6. How do I integrate with wordpress? can be integrated with wordpress through some software like zapier by using the trigger and action method. You can integrate WordPress and from your dashboard.

Step 1: Authenticate and WordPress.

Step 2: Select the WordPress app as a trigger to kick off your integration.

Step 3: Choose your desired action from the app.

Step 4: Choose the data you want to connect with 

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7. How do I create a blog?

To create a blog, you first have to be a member and you must have an account. The most interesting thing is that you can have at least 1 blog on the free plan with

So on the dashboard, click on the “blogs” tab. Then click on the “create a blog” button, a page will pop up where you would enter the name of your blog then it will require you to put the “URL path” and boom! Your blog page is ready. 

You can also modify your new blog to your taste.

8. What is the affiliate program?

At you automatically become an affiliate once you sign up and you would be given a unique affiliate ID and so you can earn 50% lifetime commissions by promoting All you need to do is to send visitors to their site, and they’ll convert them into customers. Try affiliate program!

9. Can I make money with

Well you can make a lot of money with In fact, making money online is what makes people use There are numerous ways you can earn with 

One of them is the recurring affiliate program where your affiliate ID would be automatically linked with anyone you referred to the platform and so whenever he/she makes a purchase, you will get your commission.

10. How much is pro plan? has three categories of the paid plans. Below is pricing:

The Startup plan: This plan is the basic plan for starters and it costs $27/month, it gives you access to a custom domain as well as extra blogs, sales funnels, and more.

The Webinar plan: This plan costs $47/month and you get access to evergreen webinars plus other features in the startup plan.

The Enterprise plan: This is the highest plan on the platform and it costs $97/month, the enterprise plan includes both startup and webinar features, plus free migration, and 1-on-1 kickstart coaching session.

When you choose the annual paying method, gives you a discount of 30%, so advisably as an entrepreneur, the annual billing method is much more suitable and efficient. Click link below to try lifetime deal today! review

Who is the founder of was founded by Aurelien Amacker and since its creation, has thrived to be a successful all-in-one marketing platform with over 3,000 users around the world. pros and cons

The ultimate pros of is the ability to integrate all your marketing campaigns in one place without the need of using third party Software. You can launch your course on the platform, recruit affiliates on the platform and also automate your email marketing all in one place.

The downside of is that the Software was programmed to block the interaction of the platform with an external or third party Softwares that offers similar services but with some essential features which users might like to use alongside with the 

For instance, users cannot migrate their work on to Moosend email marketing tool or other marketing tools and so you will have to manage the available features or upgrade to advanced pro plans.

Rapping up on Systemeio review

Do you crave using a marketing tool that is built with all the features you need to run your business successfully? If yes, then is your bread and butter.

With thousands of marketing platforms out there, it’s difficult to choose the perfect Software that best defines your interest.

I’m sure that the review has given you some insight to look at before you make a final decision.

I will personally suggest you should try the free plan, navigate the free features, test-run the free templates. When you’re fully satisfied, then upgrade to the pro plan.

If you’re a digital product creator or an affiliate marketer with little marketing budget to automate your business, host your online courses, launch a membership for your students or start your own affiliate marketing blog, then is highly recommended for you.

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