Top 10 Health Blogs in Nigeria for Daily Health Tips

Health is wealth, this statement has proven to be undoubtedly accurate this year 2020. Thus we saw the need to compile a list of the top 6 health blogs in Nigeria for daily health tips, where u can get access to credible health news, research, fitness and wellness advice from certified doctors and health practitioners.

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1. Nigeria health Watch:

Health watch is a blog set up with the aim of encouraging progress in the Nigerian health sector, and consequently to address the challenges facing the sector. Nigeria health watch uses informed advocacy and communication to influence health policies and seek access to superb healthcare in Nigeria.

The blog provides in-depth analysis and informed commentary on health issues. It is a blog that is accessible to both health practitioners and also the general public, as it provides information on healthy living tips.

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2. Health Save Blog:

Health save blog is an interesting blog as it provides quality health information. It covers areas such as cancer, diabetes, dental health, weight loss, women’s health and lots more interesting content.

Health save blog provides information about chemotherapy treatment, fitness and wellness advice, beauty tips and causes, symptoms, and treatment of diseases such as Cataracts, Eczema, and heart failure.

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3. Radiant Health:

Radiant health began as Nigeria’s first women’s health magazine and has grown globally. It is the healthy living guide for women across Africa today. Also, it’s Africa’s leading health magazine.

Its mission is to grant African women access to high quality, credible and practical health content to guide, equip and inspire them to live healthy, fit and happy lives.

It provides updated content on health and wellness, fitness, healthy eating, style and beauty. Radiant is a biannual print and digital magazine for the black woman.

4. Nigerian Health journal:

The Nigerian health journal was established in 2009, it offers well-documented and articulated reports, features and insightful interviews with health practitioners and policy makers to address contemporary health issues.

5. Health News Ng:

Healthnewsng is an information based site that provides analysis on health news, health tips, health information and technology, advanced medical research, emerging health technology, and gives elaborate opinions on health policies and laws in Nigeria. It provides content on physical health, clean diet and physical activity.

6. Medical World Nigeria:

Medical world Nigeria is a blog that offers paid training on first aid to medical professionals and also medical equipment that are available on order via the website.

It also offers the latest news on medical issues in Nigeria. The blog also has a section for job offerings for medical professionals.

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Are you a medical professional and you want to showcase your expertise with thousands of folks across the globe? If your answer is YES, then I suggest you should consider launching your medical or health blog today.

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Getting started as a health blogger in Nigeria

First of all, go down low. Let me quickly make some clarifications, there are a lot of micro niches to dive in as a health blogger and you can also decide to become a health freelancer whereby you get paid to craft health articles showing your in depth knowledge on the topic.

You can do this without even having your personal blog. With a platform like fiverr and upwork for expert freelancers you can stick to the platform while making some money for yourself.

Unfortunately, sometimes, we love to be our own boss in this case going for your personal health blog has much more advantage than relying on third party platforms.

Setting a long-term goals is necessary because health blogging is not a game for baby bloggers

Do you want to start a health blog or you prefer writing for big brands and businesses in your field?

If your answer is YES then check out the following role of thumbs before jumping into the game.

6 powerful ideas for health bloggers (newbies)

1. Choose a perfect niche for your health blog: There are more than hundreds of health niches to blog about. Deciding which niche or micro niche to venture into will determine your targeted audience.

2. Define your “WHY” as soon as possible: I always tell my blogging students that the reasons behind your failure is also the reason WHY you will succeed. Once you know WHY you’re doing something and set up your mind on it, surely, success is yours.

3. Having a marketing strategy is utmost important: I think now we are talking business. I have seen many bloggers blogging without having a marketing blueprint. I was in their shoes 4 years ago before I realized that blogging is not a freestyle. So I don’t want you to repeat the same mistake.

4. Focus on creating valuable contents: making money online is not an easy task especially if you have a millionaire mindset like me. But it’s quite sure possible to drive passive income from your health blog.

You seriously need to work hard by creating quality content that your audience will love to read. You must firstly bear in mind that you want to solve a problem or help people before you start thinking of money. It’s a warning or I should just watch you quit later which I don’t pray for.

Grow your audience like crazy: it’s one of the laws of digital marketing, in case you never heard before “no traffic no money” so abide by the law. Optimize your content for google ranking and also try sharing your contents on your social handles.

Save money to run Facebook ads if possible or focus on building your email list. I recommend using Getresponse as it’s one of the best email marketing tools.

Commitment and consistency also matters: Blogging is an investment. Therefore, you need to be consistent and committed in terms of doing the best of your ability, investing your time and finance. Eventually, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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