Top 10 News Blogs In Nigeria For Relaible Updates

News and gossip blogs in Nigeria for daily gist

Before you fall in love with our list of top 10 news blogs in Nigeria let us discuss why news is important and it’s great impact in our day-to-day activities.

The acronym for news is north, east, west and south which means everything that happens around the globe. According to Lord Northcliffe, British publisher 1865-1922:

News is anything that is interesting, that relates to what is happening in the world, what is happening in areas of culture that would be of interest to your audience

Information is very essential to existence for that without it man is lost. The relationship between man and his environment is an intimate one and as such there is a need for proper awareness about what happens around one’s vicinity at any given time.

Both far and near, getting first hand information about happenings is very important. With it you get to know when it is time to rest or time for run.

For easy access to this information, many news agencies and media outlets are in place to deal with both the job of gathering and dissemination.

We have the traditional and the online media but the digital platform seems to be the fast runner that has captured the minds of individuals these days, hence the introduction of blogs.

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The growth of news blogs in Nigeria has become a daily progress. It is no longer a doubt that many bloggers in Nigeria view it that blogging is a cool source of online income and a means of reaching out to million Nigerians.

With so many of it on the internet, it has become quite difficult to know which to follow and when it comes to news: Accuracy, timeliness, straightforwardness, prominence, validity, proximity etc are of utmost importance.

It is one thing to get news blogs and it is another to have one that is reliable. Remember, wrong information always ends up in a chaotic manner. Here is our top 10 news blogs in Nigeria that shares genuine and reliable contents.

With news blogs, there is nothing like guess work. That is why this article is written, to give and guide you on some of the news blogs you can get your perfect and trusted news from.

News paper

Be kind enough to help yourself with the list of top 10 news blogs in Nigeria below:


1. The punch blog

We decided to make this our number one news blog because of the quality content it can produce. Owned by the Nigerian punch newspaper, one known for its best which was established on the 18th of March, 1973 by Wale Aboderin and Sam Amuka.

The blog is gaining more popularity in Nigeria as fast as possible and specializes in politics, news, business, entertainment, nollywood, health, food, weddings and even beverage.

With this, one can say that the blog covers all aspects of life. Very exceptional indeed, what makes this blog different from others is that it is highly influential and very interactive. It is user friendly and very easy to navigate with highly qualitative design.


Known before as until 2008.The Nigerian digital media platform was founded in the year 2012 by Matthew Osman with its headquarter in Ikeja, Lagos. The blog launched an editorial hub in Abuja, may 2015.

The online media cover all trending and important topics in politics and other news of interest like business, entertainment etc. In order to yield better service delivery and people oriented content. started a local journalism project in March, 2017 thereby connecting the reporters representing the whole 36 states of the federation with FCT inclusive.

Also in the same period, the media website set up a missing person initiative which later helped Nigerians to find their loved ones. is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria as ranked by Alexa in the position amidst others.

Legit is a news blog that can be trusted as they produce up-to-date and high qualitative news. Just to make sure that the people never miss a thing, they go on in-depth research to gather and assemble news from the nook and crannies in the country and feed the people with it.

As of July 2015, has about or more than 13 million monthly readers and presently, the Facebook account is accommodating 4.3million members.

This reality has made the website to be ahead of Sahara reporters and other online news sites.

3. Linda Ikeji’s blog

This is one of the blogs that is known to be Jack of all trades. It is one of Nigeria’s leading online portals and well recognized in terms of currency and timeliness.

It was established by Linda Ikeji in 2006 with the main purpose of providing Nigeria with latest information on news, entertainment, beauty, upcoming events, fashion, lifestyle and sport.

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Popularly known as ‘LIB‘, the blog is focused on creating social change. Always on guard to serve untimely and accurate reporting.

Any hot rumor is mostly reported here first. The domain name is and it currently commands nothing less than millions of page views in a day or monthly.


Here is another e-newspaper blog for Nigerians founded by Chude Jidenwo and Adebola Williams. The online content publishing platform was launched in May 2010 attached columnists and various news sources.

The blog deals with the latest analysis and critical reviews on news, politics, sports, entertainment, business, technology and science etc.

The blog focuses on burning issues, matters arising and that which keeps the people informed about happenings in their environs and also brings up comic issues that spark up laughter.

Due to their high quality production and quick service delivery, many seem to be happy with their work and that has earned them several recognitions.

In July 2012, Ynaija was ranked among the 5 top blogs in Nigeria by CPAfrica. Also in February 2013, the two founders were named in the ‘30 under 30‘ featured on forbes: Africa’s best young entrepreneurs.

5. Campus portal

A non dependent news organization media and information resource center which provides Nigerian University students with latest news, comments on students’ issues.

The site is meant for Nigerian students with their academic pursuits, the lecturers and those who have interest in the educational sector.

The blog stands with the simple mission of empowering Nigerian students and helping promote education in Nigeria.

In this line, set out to build a database that is garnished with rich information on the dynamic state of education technology and how best they can be used.


A hot Nigerian news blog. An online news portal that goes out of their way to deliver those original information that are both interesting and entertaining.

News that borders around Nigeria and outside world. A news portal that is well equipped with committed crew that put in their best to post 30 news in a day.

For reliable and hotter news delivery, is the best blog to be visited.


This news blog helps to bring notable Nigerian news that matters to the table. The blog provides latest news, media info, various happenings in the world of science and technology, relevant articles and lots more. You can get 5 exciting different news a day.

8. Golden news

The media platform delivers latest Nigerian, the world of sport, political issues and analysis, entertainment gossips and world breaking news. It has the frequency of providing at least 10 news per day.


Do you want to read the previous news about Nigerian history? If yes, then this is the perfect blog to visit. This is an online platform dedicated to documenting the history and culture of Nigeria.

It was established in 2014 by Teslim Opemipo Omipidan who happens to be an award winning Nigerian writer, poet, blogger and a journalist.

The blogger further focused his experience as a journalist to refresh the brains of young Nigerians about their history and culture. With, everyday is a throwback.


Olufamous blog was established in 2013 by a journalist who later chose to be a blogger. Olu is the founder’s name and having that experience as a certified media man made his content a one to be trusted.

An expert who knows the importance of news chose to make his blog a purely news one. Because of this, the blog has attracted so many readers in Nigeria to the extent of, according to him, some of the largest traffic in the country.

In November 2013, was already one of the top visited sites in Nigeria and in January 2014, the blog had already ranked top 74/75.

Further, his blog provides videos and pictures of news and opinion gist on lifestyle, social issues and politics from the web.

Being a journalist, Olu has a nose for news, so he does good work to bring the best of the best. It is indeed a blog to pay homage to.

Here we end our list of top 10 news blogs in Nigeria that are really dancing to their unique tune.

Adama Ayuba

Potential communicator and up coming copywriter. I believe in using writings to correct social ills and inspire people into achieving their dreams. Studying mass communication at Bayero University Kano (BUK)

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