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Do you want to accelerate your Stakecut affiliate Marketing? Here in this blog post, I’m going to show you top 5 free video training in the Stakecut university that will help you to get started quickly if you’re a newbie.

These video training are the fundamental force you need to stabilize your Stakecut affiliate business in order to stand firmly in a competitive market.

As you’re starting your journey in the Stakecut university today, it’s very paramount to level up your affiliate business.

Therefore, I will recommend you to join the Online Boss Academy where we teach Stakecut affiliate marketers how to cross their first $1,000 challenge within 30 days.

You will be provided with premium tools to set up your email automation and affiliate sales funnel to close sales fast.

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Without wasting too much of your time, let me quickly explain the top 5 free video training in the Stakecut university and their benefits.

VIDEO 01: How to set up your lead funnel

Have you ever heard that customers are the lifeblood of every business? 

In affiliate marketing, lead generation is a goldmine and a base for your affiliate marketing success.

Meanwhile, if you want to succeed with Stakecut affiliate business, you must discipline yourself to generate quality leads consistently.

So, the big question here is, how do you generate quality leads of potential buyers consistently? 

Well, they’re a lot of strategies that you can use to achieve your lead generation goal.

Among which are content marketing (AKA blogging and Vlogging), social media marketing (posting valuable content on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp status) and paid advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, etc.

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Most of these strategies were covered in the Stakecut university and you can simply login to your Stakecut dashboard, go to the sidebar, then click on “Stakecut university” to access the complete video training on how to set up your lead funnel. 

You can click here to download a free guide on how to turn your leads to customers using a proven affiliate sales system.

VIDEO 02: How to create a perfect lead magnet

The most common question I used to get from my affiliate students is “what’s a lead magnet?”

Lead magnet is something of a value you offer to your prospects in exchange of their details (email address, phone number, full name, location, date of birth, psychographics, etc) which enable you to study their avatar and follow up with a sales and marketing pitch that simply resonates with their interest.

Lead magnet is like bait placed on a hook or in a net to entice fish or other animals as prey.

We call this a special bonus or special offer In affiliate marketing.

Maybe the bonus is another product or piece of software that you have that complements the affiliate product.

Note that there are two different lead magnets you can offer to your prospects.

The first one came at the top of your funnel while the second came at the button of your funnel.

The first lead magnet is meant to filter your audience and focus on quality leads. The reason why is because not everybody is interested in your affiliate offer.

Therefore, the lead magnet at the top of the funnel should be a particular solution to a problem of your target audience that will lead them to purchase the end product.

While the lead magnet at the button of your funnel should be something that will trigger the purchase of the end product.

Maybe it’s a discount you work out with the owner of the product, one that provides incentive to purchase from you.

A coupon code or discount to another product you own or have ties to.

Or a PDF quick-start guide with instructions and best practices for that product, or access to a video explaining how they can access and use the product.

You’re adding value to the purchase, making your buyers feel comfortable, and helping get those on the fence from “I’m not sure if this is right for me” to “This is exactly what I need.”

Only a few affiliate marketers understand the benefits of offering a special bonus that can encourage your prospects to purchase your affiliate offer.

And that’s why a lot of them leave money on the table because of the lack of sales and closing skills. Thankfully, you grabbed this secret today!

VIDEO 03: How to write full promo copy

This is the third free training in the Stakecut university. Do you know what a good sales copy smells like?

Yes…You hear me right!

A powerful sales copy smells money ?…. Learning how to craft high converting affiliate sales copies will change your affiliate marketing game for you.

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In the Online Boss Academy, Mr. Franklin Emmanuel provides over +2,000 affiliate promo copies for O.B.A students that are tested and trusted to generate massive affiliate sales.

This is a done for you sales copies that Mr. Franklin has used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate sales.

When you become a student of the Online Boss Academy, you will have access to all these affiliate promo copies that might cost you $1,500 to hire a copywriter to write for you.

Although, you will learn how to write a full affiliate promo copy by yourself in the Stakecut university. 

But, the truth is that it would take you a lot of effort, energy and time to write, test and analyze the promo copies before you could achieve a certain result with it.

While you’re writing, testing and analysing, the students in the Online Boss Academy are milking and crushing sales with the done for you affiliate promo copies. So, think smart!

VIDEO 04: How to write affiliate promo swipes

This video training in the Stakecut university is basically for your email marketing campaign.

Your email list is an integral part of any affiliate marketing campaign and if you don’t have one, you need to get started building one today!

Email is extremely powerful for marketing, which is why so many people say, “The money is in the list.”

As with social media, I recommend indirectly promoting to your email list.

I don’t directly promote anything on my email list unless I have a crazy offer like the Online Boss Academy where I and my students learn and implement proven strategies to promote and sell our affiliate products.

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If there are any links in my emails they point back to other content, usually on my blog, such as epic posts and the like.

Email should be all about giving people as much high-value content as possible, not direct selling.

In fact, certain affiliate programs such as Amazon’s don’t even allow you to include affiliate links in emails. 

You need to take great care of your email list and not be too aggressive with it.

Indirect promotion is a much better way to go about things, especially if you’re focused on building trust with your audience. And you should be!

VIDEO 05: Complete Facebook Ads training

As someone who has been doing affiliate marketing since before the launch of Expertnaire and Stakecut, if you want to use “Ads to sales” strategy to promote your Stakecut affiliate products, then spend your time to watch the complete Facebook Ads training in the Stakecut university now.

Facebook advertising will help you to scale your affiliate business at escape velocity but make sure that you have some cool extra cash to spend on Ads comfortably.

Honestly, I don’t advise my students to start running Ads as a beginner especially if they don’t have extra cash which they can afford to lose.

Facebook and Instagram Ads are super effective but if you approach it in the wrong way, you will fall fat on your face. 

Thank God you already have a complete video guide in the Stakecut university.

When I started my affiliate business there were no such free resources available at my exposure.

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Would you like to join my personal support group where you will learn how to generate leads organically without paid advertising?


➡️ FIRST STEP: We’re going to pick hot products on Stakecut and apply the D-O-I-N-G-S strategy to promote the product.

➡️ SECOND STEP: We’re going to use Facebook platform (No paid Ads) as a channel to fish out your target audience and generate quality leads to your WhatsApp and market the product to them using the O.B.A sales system.

➡️ THIRD STEP: I’m going to give you my WhatsApp closing blueprint to nurture your prospects and close the sales without begging anyone to buy your affiliate product.

If you apply these 3 STEPS properly, you’re going to make your first 10 sales in less than 60 days.

This is a special mentorship I offer to only serious students who want to make money online as an affiliate.

Click here to join the Online Boss Academy and send your payment proof to claim your access to my personal support group now!

Offer expired within 24hours.

Affiliate disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a little commission (at no additional cost to you) when you make use of my link to sign up for the Online Boss Academy today.

Do you get value from this blog post?

Please, don’t forget to share via Facebook, Twitter and your WhatsApp status. Once you’re done, CLICK HERE to download your free gift now!

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