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DomainKing review: 9 features that will make you love domainking.NG

Domainking is one of the 10 best web hosting companies for small and large businesses and the most reliable domain registrars in Nigeria. The company was founded by the Hannu corporations, they have more than 18,000 domains under their management. Today, we are going to share with you why DomainKing is a web hosting free and has powerful features that will make you love their hosting packages.

Domainking is a Nigerian based web hosting  company that is ranked amongst the top 5 web hosting companies in Nigeria in 2020.

It is an accredited .NG registry, they have more than 6000 staffs that includes bloggers, web designers, and webmasters, all providing a 24hours quality services to their customers at a cheap and affordable prices.

Some of their services include a Domain registration, managed wordpress hosting, reseller hosting, Linux web hosting and SSL certification.

Having been the Nigeria’s lead domain registration and web hosting company, Domainking now operates in about four other countries, providing their services in English language.

Although most of their services are domain registrations, website design and hosting of websites, there are also many several extra services they provide for free.

They have been in operation since 2008 and have over 10,000 customers.

To anyone who is looking for a web host, the price, speed, storage, bandwidth, customer care support and security are very important factors to consider.

Taking all of these factors into consideration brings Domainking into the circle, because it is the web hosting company that has all of these features and benefits. Here are some of them in details.

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Let us quickly drill down some point here before we continue.

It may sound funny searching for a web hosting free on the internet as there is no any certified and trusted web hosting companies that will offer you a free web hosting and expect them to deliver the best services for you.

In fact, it’s not advisable to start your website or blog on a free web hosting platform if you really mean business.

Why? Because it has a big negative effect on your website or business blog when considering the bandwidth, speed, space, customer support, uptime, free migration, free daily backup, security and flexibility of use.

launching a business website online without having all the following features (mentioned above) with 99% to 100% reliability is like building a 5 story building and setting it on fire by yourself.

oh! So funny right?!

As far as I’m concern, searching for a web hosting free on the internet is the most funniest thing one could do on the planet.

It’s a nightmare, expecting an organization or company to invest thousands of dollars just to offer free web hosting for you with 100% reliability.

I’m also hungry to come across these type of foundations or non-profit organization that will power my website for free.

However, DomainKing could be said “A SECOND TO FREE” and I’m going to prove that to you in this my DomainKing review.

Just hover around to see DomainKing powerful features plus their cheapest packages that you can get at a very low price!


DomainKing web hosting features and advantages for you


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1. Uptime: Domainking has very strong servers with a very low downtime and any other performance issues. Which has therefore been reviewed to have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a reliable result for any website in Nigeria.

2. Speed: the speed and website loading time of most websites usually depends on the we host. Domainking was tested and have opened a page with size of 1.5mb in 1.48seconds load time.

This is even above the average standard of most webhost companies in Nigeria. Also their SSD accelerated and litespeed servers makes them twice faster than normal servers.

They also have an inbuilt page caching, which is a tool that automatically reduce page load time.

3. Customer support: Domainking also provide the most fastest customer support services in Nigeria, due to the rate at which they respond to their customers, faster than any other webhosting company.

They provide these services through emails tickets and live chat. Through there email and tickets, they reply to there users enquiries in maximum of 15 minutes while there live chat support gives you a direct and real time answers to your enquiries and support.

They also have a link to some frequently asked questions (FAQ)s in case you need heads up.

4. Price: without any doubts, Domainking is the web hosting that will offer you the most cheapest price for domain names in Nigeria. You can buy web hosting and get domain name free as low as #300 per month.

The cheapest plan on Domainking is the soldier plan, which cost #3600 per year. Although the storage is limited to 2GB only, it have an unlimited bandwidth.

One interesting thing about their plans is that you will get a free domain and an SSL certificate for the first year.

There is also the minister plan. It is the middle class plan with price of (#9600/year). It’s features is similar to that of the soldier plan but with more website traffic.

Then the king plan (#19,200/year), which is the master plan. This plan is the highest plan in their shared web hosting. It is a plan mostly for e-commerce websites.

All of the plans have their own unique features, the higher the plan the more extra features you get on your website.

5. Flexibility and ease of use: Domainking have designed their platform in such a way that it is user-friendly and self explanatory that users can install and understand how the account management system works, even if they are not familiar with technology very well.

6. Free daily backup: Domainking provides you with a free daily backup of your website. This is a feature that restores all your website activities in case something might go wrong.

Domainking is the only website in Nigeria that offers this for free.

7. Free migration: In Domainking, a user can migrate from his initial provider to another one along with the installation for free, with the help of their support team.

8. 30 day money back guarantee: Domainking refunds your money within the first month of your subscription if you are not satisfied with there services and wish to cancel.

As such, trust is built between them and their customers.

9. Security: The website security in Domainking is quite interesting, as it has a malware detection software, that mitigate and remove any treats that might attack your web.

And it is done for free of cost. Again, Domainking is one of the few web hosts that provide this service for free.

Reserve your web hosting plus free domain name using our affiliate link to enjoy DomainKing exclusive discount.

Domainking is another complete definition of killing two birds with one stone. First, their services are very cheap and affordable. And secondly, their services are unique and outstanding with quality and Security. With the above features, results and services, we recommend you to use Domainking to purchase your domain name, web design and web hosting.

Ahmed Haruna Tanko

A social entrepreneur and a potential Engineer who is passionate about making positive development to his community through solving problems in a creative and effective manner. Currently studying computer Engineering at Bayero University kano.

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