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Who is the founder of Stakecut? (Full Story)

Czar Nnamani founded Stakecut on 25th June, 2022

Based on my research, Mr. Czar Nnamani is the founder of Stakecut affiliate network in Nigeria and Mr. Joshua Mba is the co-founder of the fast-growing affiliate platform in Nigeria.

Czar Nnamani is a direct response marketer and copywriter with a track-record of success helping small business owners and companies to sell their products and services using powerful words that simply persuade prospects to take a specific action.

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According to Mr. Czar Nnamani, copywriting is the use of print to influence. So when you use written words to influence human decision, then you are a copywriter.

And yes, anyone can be a copywriter. Anyone at all. As long as you can write a letter, you can handle it. He said.

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The founder of Stakecut, Czar Nnamani, started his online business as an info products marketer.

In one of his interviews with KonnectAfrica, Mr. Czar Nnamani shared that he made his first N450k online from the Ad he placed to sell one of his info products.

In the same interview, Mr. Czar Nnamani shared that his Dad never believed he could make money off the internet but Mr. Czar Nnamani proved to his Dad by working hard to figure out how to make money online legitimately.

After he received the 450k alert, he quickly rushed to his Dad with excitement and said:

“Dad, that last alert you heard makes it 450k I have made today. This is not MTN sending me texts. Those are credit alerts”

The first 450k alert from selling an info product in the dating niche was like a “dream come true” to Mr. Czar Nnamani and the look on his Dad’s face was priceless.

He then scaled from N450k to making 7 figures in less than 48 hours selling digital courses in the football betting prediction niche.

I could remember the kind of joy on my face when I also made my first N1,000 in 2016 helping a friend to set up his free blogging platform on 1k ooo..hahaha!

I feel like going cr*zy but guess what?

The N1,000 opened my eyes to a bigger opportunity to make money online legitimately.

After a lot of trial and error in the blogging industry, I finally launched on 31th August, 2020. Which is now the only blog site that prints money for me on automation.

Back to the story of Czar Nnamani, the great guy, the big guy and of course, the founder of Stakecut.

Czar Nnamani photo

Czar Nnamani total net worth in 2022

It’s obvious that Stakecut founder has made millions of Naira selling info products and offering copywriting services online but as at the time of writing this blog post, I couldn’t genuinely estimate his total net worth in 2022.

Nevertheless, I will try my very best to find out directly from Czar Nnamani. But note that, this depends on whether he’s ready to announce his total net worth to the public.

But from the ongoing Stakecut project, surely, there’s big news coming soon about Czar Nnamani net worth. For now, let’s take a quick look at his educational background.

Mr. Czar Nnamani educational background

The Stakecut founder is an Igbo man and was born and brought up in south eastern Nigeria, Enugu, State.

Czar Nnamani is the first son and the first child of his parents. He has 5 lovely siblings (three boys and two girls) living together with their parents.

He attended an old boys secondary school in Enugu and college of immaculate conception within the same State. Mr. Czar Nnamani then moved to study microbiology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Czar is very passionate about making money online, growing a business and sharing the techniques that have worked for him over the years.

One of his best selling courses on Stakecut is Daily Info Products Sales System (DIPSS). You can CLICK HERE to check out for yourself. 

Why did Czar Nnamani founded the Stakecut platform?

If you have been in the online space for a while, you will understand that one of the biggest challenges digital marketers, coaches and course creators are facing in Nigeria is the ability to sell to a global market.

Eventually, Mr. Czar Nnamani and Mr. Joshua Mba stands in a position to launch a platform that could solve that particular problem.

Where course creators, coaches, digital marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs can happily sell their physical and digital products to local and foreign customers by simply copying and pasting one line of code into their website and sales page.

Message from Mr. Czar to Stakecut affiliates

Below is what Mr. Czar shared with all Stakecut affiliates on 6th September, 2022. In the Stakecut telegram channel.

Read to the end:

You will never succeed in a business you feel doubts or shame about.

Your success at it will be tied to the level of conviction you have that you are doing good.

This is why only two types of people EVER succeed in business.

Psychopaths. People who do not have a sense of good or bad and people who believe that what they are doing is good and helps to change the world in a certain way.

I will explain with practical example:

I Once met a Psychopath who is a millionaire, he uses people and dumps them – and feels ZERO guilt about it.

As a result he went harder than most, is very aggressive with his marketing tactics and doesn’t care whether the product works or not.

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What matters is the sale.

Then, on the other hand; when I launched DIPSS – there was this guy who did his first 1 Million naira selling the course as an affiliate.

He has never made more than 300,000 Naira selling his own course, but somehow my course broke the barrier.

When I asked him, his answer was simple. He believed in the course.

It is logical. When you are selling something you believe in – you will work harder, push yourself harder and then you succeed at it – because you believe you are doing good.

Which is exactly how I feel about Stakecut.

Every Monday we pay out Millions of naira to affiliates and vendors, and it feels my heart with pride.

Because we built something that puts all this money into the hands of hardworking young men and women who are determined to do legitimate business.

It is to you I write this for:

You are doing something good, you have to believe and know this – because it is the only way you can see how important what you are doing is.

A book & a course changed the trajectory of my life, without Rich dad Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and a course on how to make money online by Akin Alabi – I would have had a job I hate, getting peanuts.

A book and a course changed my life!!!

And as an affiliate marketer on Stakecut; 5 years from now people will say the same thing about you….because you put a course that changed their lives into their hands.

You are doing people a disservice if you know a course on Stakecut that can change their life, and you are not getting them to buy it.

It is through helping others you will be rich, and there is no help better than pointing them to information that will help them advance in life.

Get up and do good today! 

This is one of the awesome advice I came across since I started my internet hustle. I personally thank Mr. Czar for his great efforts and impact. Let’s look at the Stakecut grand launch below:

When was the Stakecut official grand launch?

Stakecut was launched officially on 25th June, 2022 and has recorded over +3,000 (still counting) affiliate partners from different African countries.

Stakecut Grant Launch

Can I make money on Stakecut without having a product?

Yes of course, you can earn in dollars helping small business owners, coaches and e-commerce entrepreneurs to sell their products as an affiliate.

Presently, Stakecut has over 51 available products for affiliate marketers to promote and sell to major African countries without hassle.

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Meanwhile, you don’t have to create your own products before you can make money on Stakecut.

What you need is to join an affiliate marketing program where you will gain the right mentorship and have access to training materials and marketing tools that will help you to promote Stakecut affiliate products and make sales in a competitive market.

What is the difference between Stakecut and Expertnaire?

Both platforms list digital products for sale but Stakecut has stepped up to give affiliates the opportunity to promote physical products and services on their platform.

  1. Affiliates have to pay N10,000 to have access to digital products on Expertnaire while membership on Stakecut is 100% free.
  2. Expertnaire accept only local payment option while Stakecut accept both Local and International payment options.
  3. Expertnaire affiliate training (72IG Program) is currently worth N62,500 while Stakecut affiliate training is 100% free.
  4. Stakecut payout is every Monday while Expertnaire payout is every Friday.
  5. On Stakecut, affiliates can have access to all training materials in the Stakecut university. But affiliates must sign up for 72IG Program before they can get access to Expertnaire training materials.

If you want to stand out in a competitive market, I highly recommend you should click here to join the Online Boss academy where you will learn top-level affiliate marketing strategies and get access to top-notched promotional materials that will help you to quickly get started on Stakecut and instantly make sales on the go!

List of top 3 affiliates on Stakecut

August was an exceptional month for Stakecut affiliates. Here is a list of the top 3 affiliates on Stakecut in the month of August who have made massive sales on the platform.

Top 3 Stakecut affiliates

  1. Joseph Adeyemo: Student of the Online Boss Academy
  2. Abubakar Abba Yusuf: I don’t really know about this young guy but I will find out and update you as soon as possible.
  3. Franklin Emmanuel: Top YouTuber with over 100k+ subscribers. Also, Franklin is the coach and founder of the Online Boss Academy.

Will your name appear here at the end of September? Challenge yourself today!


In a country where young Nigerians are struggling to make a decent income online, Mr. Czar Nnamani is effortlessly changing and leading the lives of Nigerians with his new, amazing and super powerful software.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models that made many internet hustlers in Nigeria like Caleb Nwanneka, Ruth, Joy and Jackto Precious travel around the world and relocate to different countries of their choice.

If you’re not yet on either Expertnaire or Stakecut, I bet you, you’re seriously leaving a lot of money on the table.

Affiliate marketers like Joseph Adeyemo have crossed their first $1,000 challenge on Stakecut and thousands of other affiliates are making money in dollars selling Stakecut affiliate products to a global market.

$1,000 challenge on Stakecut

If you’re a total newbie, you can quickly download my free guide here which will help you to have more clarity on affiliate marketing and also learn some of my marketing strategies for free.

Go and make money for yourself.

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